Rawi Nanakul


Rawi Nanakul ran in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election for Senate as an Independent and lost. His experience included being the student coordinator of the ARC Martial Arts Program (job description here).

Rawi filed an ASUCD Court case about the missing Student Bill of Rights.


My name is Rawi Nanakul and I'm running for ASUCD Senate. Many of you know me as just an aerobics instructor or martial arts intructor. However, now I am running for ASUCD Senate as an Independent.

Where you've seen me before:
ARC Aerobics instructor
ARC Sanshou Head Coach
ARC MA Student Coordinator

I may not have experience in ASUCD yet but I am very familiar with running a campus unit. I helped research, design, create and maintain the ARC Martial Arts Program.

Yes! Here's my official platform. Check it out and if you wanna add or aruge something feel free to message me

Hi, my name is Rawi Nanakul and I am a 4th year Music and Psychology double major. The theme of my platform is community. In light of rising student fees and the slowly shrinking ASUCD budget, I think we should look to connecting with the entire campus as a source of growth. Instead of creating new ASUCD units to fulfill student needs (i.e. spending money), we should tap into existing resources and increase the efficiency of current programs. My plan is to work with academic units, campus resources, and other campus related resources in order to continue the expansion student services of ASUCD. Why should we spend more money to have entertainers or musicians to come in, when there are many students on campus who are just as good? Creating a connected campus community will not only increase services provided by ASUCD but also bring together the campus as a whole. Only as whole will we have a strong voice to fight budget cuts, financial aid cuts, and rising student fees.

Big on Safety

Big on Responsibility

Big on Representation



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