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Looking to buy a place? Learn about Davis real estate including neighborhoods and subdivisions, growth directions, financing, realtors who can hold your hand and more. In case you hadn't yet realized it, Davis is a college town and as such suffers the typical town-gown conflicts, be they issues between student and homeowners or issues of university growth and its impact on the surrounding city. We'll try not to turn this into a debate page, but more of a useful tool for orienting yourself to Davis' real estate options. To learn more about the many politics coursing through our fair city, we encourage you to take a look at our City of Davis pages. And if you want a little snapshot of history, you can find an early mural map of Davis at the Post Office.

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Neighborhoods & Communities

house_1.jpg [WWW]This photo tour of Davis neighborhoods is helpful to get a feel for the architecture, style, and age of the various Davis neighborhoods. See also Neighborhood Associations.

Real Estate Markets

see Rental Housing Guide for a discussion of related issues and links to resources for renters


house_3.jpg The Davis housing market, generally in keeping with the Central Valley market, experienced rapid price gains during and immediately following the tech boom of the early millennium [2000-2005]. Yet as recently as of October 2006, median home prices in Davis have fallen below their mark a year ago and further declines are expected. Interested buyers may want to research how the [WWW]City of Davis has managed home prices over the years and take a look at additional market information published by realtors such as [WWW]Whitcombe & Co..


see also NIMBY

Realtors & Real Estate Companies

Mortgage Brokers

Listing Services

Once you've found a little piece of land on which you're willing to plunk down some pocket change, you may find that your dream home is what is fondly referred to as "a fixer upper." Scan through some of our other pages to find some folks and information to get your new purchase in ship shape.

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