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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wheelworkslast modified 10 minutes ago
Comment added. Nokomis
SunFire Equestrian Traininglast modified 1 hour 32 minutes ago
Comment added. SarahSchale
Comment added. JuliaErsan
Comment added. EmilyAllyn
Davis Shoe Shop & Pedorthiclast modified 2 hours 31 minutes ago
(No comment) JudithTruman
bolding group name within intro paragraph, revising content. JudithTruman
Comment added. JuliaErsan
Davis Friends Meetinglast modified 2 hours 44 minutes ago
crosslinking JudithTruman
Davis Area Sacred Harplast modified 2 hours 52 minutes ago
bolding group name within paragraph JudithTruman
(No comment) GordonRees
Events Boardlast modified 3 hours 22 minutes ago
Event 'Geist & The Sacred Ensemble, San Kazakgascar, Vasas' posted. ToddKaiser
Event 'Global Confucius Institute Day & Davis Chinese Film Festival Opening Ceremony' posted. ToddKaiser
Event 'Wise Ones' posted. JordanPower
University Wirelesslast modified 3 hours 38 minutes ago
I don't think that the exclamation! points! added to this DougWalter
(No comment) UniversityWireless
Ali Babalast modified 3 hours 52 minutes ago
Comment added. JuliaErsan
Taxi Serviceslast modified 4 hours 45 minutes ago
(No comment) bhagwantsingh
(No comment) bhagwantsingh
Bk Shuttlelast modified 4 hours 52 minutes ago
(No comment) bhagwantsingh
Music Scenelast modified 5 hours 16 minutes ago
Added Davis Area Sacred Harp GordonRees
Sacramento Sacred Harplast modified 5 hours 21 minutes ago
Former regulars tell me group is inactive, I linked to new Davis Sac Harp page. GordonRees
Singing Groupslast modified 5 hours 49 minutes ago
(No comment) GordonRees
Lily's Day Carelast modified 6 hours 15 minutes ago
Comment added. AnthonySamson
Mason Thomaslast modified 6 hours 24 minutes ago
(No comment) LindsayHarrington
Davis Smoglast modified 6 hours 26 minutes ago
Comment added. GeraldAndrews
FARM Davislast modified 6 hours 30 minutes ago
(No comment) RobynW
iPhone Repairlast modified 7 hours 3 minutes ago
(No comment) UniversityWireless
(No comment) UniversityWireless
Mobile Phoneslast modified 7 hours 10 minutes ago
(No comment) UniversityWireless
Davis Kids Klublast modified 9 hours 3 minutes ago
(No comment) JabberWokky
Comment added. TeresaKing
Roommates Wantedlast modified 9 hours 17 minutes ago
(No comment) GregGraham
The Willows Apartmentslast modified 10 hours 23 minutes ago
(No comment) StephanieArreola
Car Washlast modified 10 hours 32 minutes ago
Rough pricing for planet wash. ToddKaiser
Rough pricing on Planet Wash. ToddKaiser
Stacey Epsteinlast modified 10 hours 41 minutes ago
(No comment) JabberWokky
(No comment) JabberWokky
Law Offices of Stephen A. Masonlast modified 10 hours 41 minutes ago
(No comment) JabberWokky
Jeffrey T Stromberg Attorney at Lawlast modified 10 hours 42 minutes ago
(No comment) JabberWokky

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Law Offices of Stephen A. Masonlast modified 21 hours 58 minutes ago
When you do interwiki links with your specialties, craft pages 1st, links 2nd. JudithTruman
(No comment) LindsayHarrington
(No comment) LindsayHarrington
(No comment) LindsayHarrington
changed POV and copypasta from corporate website. Welcome to the Wiki! JudithTruman
American Red Cross Club at UC Davislast modified 22 hours 39 minutes ago
(No comment) AlexiaLenney
(No comment) AlexiaLenney
Renamed from "UC Davis Red Cross Club" AlexiaLenney
Tech Hublast modified 22 hours 59 minutes ago
Comment added. DougWalter
Repair operation is open, despite misinformation from staff DougWalter
Link to link for privacy policy, not even a 404 message DougWalter
Incredibly sketchy for a "business" - hope new info available soon! DougWalter
Repair operation on hiatus or possibly closed forever DougWalter
Junk Maillast modified at 03:51 PM
save the trees MeggoWaffle
(No comment) jbelenis
Davis Urban Gaming Grouplast modified at 02:38 PM
(No comment) AMagee
(No comment) AMagee
(No comment) AMagee
(No comment) AMagee
Roommates Wantedlast modified at 02:36 PM
(quick edit) TomKeown
AYSOlast modified at 11:48 AM
(No comment) JonFenske
Alpha Philast modified at 11:34 AM
(No comment) DanielleJohnson
Events Boardlast modified at 11:19 AM
Event 'A Magical Delight for Children of all ages' posted. CharlesHardy
Event 'A Time of Prayer' posted. CharlesHardy
Event 'GARDENING VOLUNTEERS NEEDED' posted. putahcreek
Event 'GARDENING VOLUNTEERS NEEDED' posted. putahcreek
UC Davis Red Cross Clublast modified at 10:54 AM
Renamed to "American Red Cross Club at UC Davis" AlexiaLenney
(No comment) AlexiaLenney
(No comment) AlexiaLenney
FARM Davislast modified at 10:28 AM
(No comment) RobynW
Upload of image Farm.jpg. RobynW
The Grove at Davislast modified at 09:24 AM
(No comment) AndrewWWong
Aggie Hostslast modified at 09:21 AM
(No comment) JabberWokky
(No comment) JabberWokky
fixed a link tlee2545
Updated information, fixed a link tlee2545
Users/Metallikatolast modified at 09:19 AM
(No comment) Metallikato
Legal Services/Talklast modified at 09:19 AM
(No comment) JabberWokky
(No comment) JabberWokky
The categories are utter chaos on this page. JudithTruman
Legal Serviceslast modified at 09:14 AM
Info on linked entry JabberWokky
Campus Safety Escort Servicelast modified at 03:34 AM
Updated information about summer service and inclusion of a table for aesthetics tlee2545

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