Regan Residence Halls



Regan Hall is part of the Segundo residence hall area, and consists of seven dormitories and the area's commons building. The hall was named after Susan F. and William M. Regan, the latter a UC Davis faculty member and expert in dairy cattle. Regan Hall was built in 1965.

Regan's Dormitories

The Commons Building

Regan Area Renovations

In June 2006, Student Housing began an estimated $9 million renovation of the Regan area. Work began with contractor Perryman Mechanical of West Sacramento surveying and digging up utility lines. While living in a construction site was sometimes inconvenient for 2005-06 residents, workers were courteous and noisy work (such as jackhammering) was put on hold during finals week. Because the residence halls will be needed in the fall, renovations will only take place during the summer months. Currently, Student Housing anticipates it will take 2 or 3 summers to complete renovations as follows (though time and budget may necessitate otherwise):

(note: this information was provided by the Regan area maintenance worker)

There are also some [WWW] from Student Housing.

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