Repro Graphics

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repro.jpgOne of their many Vans on campus (2005)

Main office   On campus Location
3820 Chiles Road 176 Hoagland Hall
Hours Hours
8-12, 1-5 M-F (office hours) 8-12, 1-5 M-F
6AM-6PM M-F (production hours)
Phone Phone
(530) 752-COPY (530)752-7078

Repro Graphics does a myriad of services including graphics, copy work, web design, etc. If you turn over your course reader, more than likely you will see their fat logo on there. You can spot their white vans zipping around campus.

The Business Center at the ARC now carries Repro Graphics copier cards; offering students, faculty, and patrons of the ARC access to both black and white and color printing with the use of Repro Graphics cards. Students can use their ID cards to pay for prints or they can purchase a Repro Graphics card. The Repro Graphics cards are available at the vending machine at the ARC Lobby. These cards come in printing values or $1, $2, and $5.


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