Research Park Drive


Research Park Drive is a street located in South Davis. Research Park Drive a few blocks north of Cowell Boulevard becomes Chiles Road. (Cowell Boulevard becomes Richards Boulevard at the beginning of the Richards Boulevard [I-80] Freeway overcrossing.)

It's very unusual for there to be three streets with the same name. There are none like that in Davis except Research Park Drive. (There are streets which are identical except that they have different endings like "street" or "lane"). A tenth of a mile north of Cowell Boulevard there is a side fork off the main Research Park Drive toward I-80 which ends at Cowell Boulevard. Between the start of the fork and Cowell Boulevard there's a third street which runs between the other two streets. O'Reilly Auto Parts occupies the north side of that street and Del Taco occupies the south side.

Research Park Drive houses a wide range of UC Davis offices, include the Department of Neuroscience.

From the UCD website:

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