AliBabas2.jpgInside Ali Baba — one of Davis' many fine and unique restaurants.

  1. American (U.S.)
    1. Traditional
    2. BBQ
    3. California / Fusion
    4. Sandwiches / Delis
  2. Asian
    1. Chinese
    2. Indian/Nepalese
    3. Persian
    4. Japanese
    5. Korean
    6. Thai
    7. Vietnamese
  3. European
    1. British
    2. Czech
    3. German/Austrian
    4. Irish
    5. Italian
    6. Pizza
  4. Latin American/Tex-Mex/Caribbean
    1. Caribbean
    2. Mexican
    3. Southwestern/Tex-Mex
  5. Mediterranean
    1. Greek
    2. Middle-Eastern
    3. Seafood
  6. Fast Food
    1. Burgers
    2. Chicken
    3. Chinese
    4. Hawaiian
    5. Mexican
    6. Sandwiches
  7. Fine Dining
  8. Dessert
  9. Coffee / Cafes
  10. Mobile
  11. Restaurants by Neighborhood

Also see Bars, Breakfast (includes list of extra-early options), Buffets, Cheap Food, Delivery, Discounts and Freebies, Farmer's Market, Fast Food, Food, the Healthy Restaurant Eating guide, Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Lunch Specials, Outdoor Seating, Sacramento Restaurants, Solo Dining, Upscale Restaurants, and Vegetarian Options. For late-night options see Night Time. There's also a list of known Restaurants with water carafes for the very thirsty. If you want to do it yourself, see Supermarkets & Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and Ethnic Markets. For past restaurants, see Departed Businesses.

There are many ways to eat and drink in the city of Davis, and there are many merchants out there who are willing to take your money and help you to do so. Before you hop in to one of these yummy food repositories, you might consider taking a look at our Consumer Guide to watch out for possible scams commonly seen around town. Here is a list of restaurants that accept University Purchase Orders as a form of payment. You can also order food online.

You might want to consult the Restaurant Guide or, if you're looking for some very specific type of food (likely located outside of Davis), try asking in Where Can I .... If you are feeding a large party you might want to choose from Restaurants Without Automatic Gratuity.

The Random Restaurant Picker recommends you eat at Davis Oshio Cafe (Korean/Japanese food).

if you don't trust the "Random Restaurant Picker", at least five wikians have pages solely dedicated to the restaurants they've been to in Davis. MattHh and JoAnnaRich rank all the restaurants they've tried on a numerical scale, SteveDavison tried and rated every all-you-can-eat(stand) buffet and created the Buffets page, AlvinTsao and CovertProfessor provide a list of restaurants they like, in order of preference (with brief reviews, too), and CraigBrozinsky provides a list of tasty things to order at each restaurant, but does not attempt to rank them.

Restaurants in Davis follow an interesting seasonal pattern in conjunction with the UCD calendar. In the summer, when many of the students are gone, most restaurants are fairly quiet, and since it's hot, the overall pace is slow and relaxed. In the fall, restaurants are pleased to have their student patronage increase, but many struggle with the combination of a sudden increase in business with new, untrained staff. So, in the fall, you should expect some erratic service until the staff gets a handle on things. As the year goes on, service tends to improve. Then summer arrives, many of the staff/students take off, and the cycle begins again.

Most Davis restaurant experiences are pleasant, but if you discover health code violations, please share your experience with the Yolo County [WWW]Health Department at (530) 666-8646. Also see Health Inspection for county inspection results.

If you find yourself outside of Davis, there are options in [sacramento]Sacramento, West Sacramento, [woodland]Woodland, Dixon, [vacaville]Vacaville and [winters]Winters as well.

American (U.S.)



California / Fusion

Sandwiches / Delis

Also see Sandwiches and Delis.



Also see Chinese Food, Dim Sum.



Also see Japanese food, sushi. Beware of fake sushi (restaurants substituting low-end fish for high-end fish), as reported by [WWW]KCRA3 Sacramento in 2008.



Also see Thai Restaurants.









Also see Pizza.

Latin American/Tex-Mex/Caribbean

Also see Latin American Restaurant Guide.



Also see Burritos.






Fast Food


Also see Hamburgers.






Fine Dining


Also see Candy, Chocolate and Cookies, Pastries, and Baked Goods.

Coffee / Cafes

Also see Doughnuts, Cafes.


Restaurants by Neighborhood

see Navigating Davis Neighborhoods

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