Return of Nila

Davis, anywhere
<nila AT returnofnila DOT com>
(530) 220-5381
Return of Nila is a photography service founded on experimentation, innovation, and collaboration with clients. Nila's aim is to find that elusive mix of tradition, play, and truth in her portraiture.
Rather than work in a studio, she prefers to shoot in locations that are personal to her clients or naturally beautiful. Nila specializes in 'art directed portraiture' of individuals, couples, families, groups, etc., but is happy to shoot weddings and other events.
Nila has been a Davis resident for the last 20 years.

A list of my favorite places to shoot, in no particular order:

The Putah Creek Riparian Reserve for being less landscaped and oftentimes more lush than the Arboretum
The BMX Hills near the intersection of Russell Boulevard and Patwin Road


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2010-06-21 23:30:54   Nila is fantastic! She took pictures of us for a friend's fashion show. They turned out beautifully and really captured the mood. Also Nila was so nice about incorporating our feedback and ideas into the process. Yay Nila!! —IrinaChakraborty

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