Rik Keller Photography


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Location Davis and beyond
Hours By appointment
Phone (916) 212-2190
Website [WWW]http://www.RikKeller.com
Facebook [WWW]http://www.facebook.com/RikKellerPhotography
Email photo[at]RikKeller[dot]com
Owner(s) Rik Keller
Payment Method(s) Check, Cash, Paypal, CC (orders through the website)

[WWW]Rik Keller Photography is based in Davis.

Specializes in:

Rik Keller is available by appointment for projects & assignments. Prints are available for purchase directly through his [WWW]website. Viewing photos is free and requires no login or password. While images are watermarked, he is happy to allow people to link to images on blogs, forums, wikis, Facebook, and other social media.

He provides frequent updates on his [WWW]Facebook page.

Davis-related photo galleries include:

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