Robert Crumb


Robert Crumb, AKA R. Crumb, known as "the man credited with founding the underground comics movement" (2006-03-30 SN&R page 3) used to be a resident of Winters. He was immortalized by Terry Zwigoff's documentary [WWW]"Crumb" (1994), not to be confused with an earlier film [WWW]"The Confessions of Robert Crumb" (1987) which Robert did of himself. In part of his book [WWW]My Troubles With Women he goes to the Blue Mango and visits some other people in Davis.

Robert had a band, "The Cheap Suit Serenaders," in which he played the banjo. He performed regularly at the Blue Mango and the Antique Bizzare. Robert and his wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb (also an underground comics artist) now live in France.

He was a co-founder of the Davis newspaper The Flatlander. Before that he was co-founder of Winds of Change, also in Davis. Original R. Crumb artwork hung in their office hallway and was used as the masthead for the publication.

A new comic art contribution by Robert Crumb to the cause of AIDS education is also on [WWW]The AIDS Trap Brochure.


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