Robotics Club

Physics Trailer 1
Faculty Advisor
Prof. Harry H. Cheng

The [WWW]Robotics Club at UC Davis was rebooted in 2010 after a long hiatus. The club is now actively participating in robotics competitions, welcoming new members, new ventures, and new leaders. There are currently over 100 members from a wide variety of majors, engineering and non-engineering alike. The club uses one of the portable building located behind the Physics building and is equipped with work-spaces and tools.

Contact the webmaster to receive club communications and updates, or go to our Facebook homepage leave a message.

If you have heard of a robotics competition that you would love to participate in, or just want to build a really cool robot, the robotics club will get the word out and support you with the funds, project space, and parts you need.

Please go to our Facebook homepage listed above to contact current officers.

During the summer(2014), we have general meetings on 5:30 pm every Monday and Thursday on Physics Trailer 1.

Current Projects

The 2015 MATE underwater robotics competitions. Link: [WWW]

Past Efforts

The 2012 [WWW]Robogames: For which we have built two autonomous sumo robots (3kg weight class).

The club has been working to design an autonomous quadrotor (essentially a helicopter with four propellers) to communicate with a ground-based robot called [WWW]iMobot being developed in the [WWW]Integration Engineering Lab, by club adviser Prof. Harry Cheng. There are several possible competitions in 2012 for our UAV.


FirstRoboMeeting.jpgPast-President Eric Ranstrom talking at the first general meeting in 2011

RoboticsProjectRoom.pngClub member using the project room's blackboard

UAVDesign.pngPossible design for the UAV, visualized in a CAD program

RoboticsRoomSoldering.pngClub member working on the sumo electronics


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