robotmedia194.jpgShowcase X, from the 194 Chem projection booth.

Usually in 194 Chem
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Established in Davis
October 16, 2002 by UCD student Joe Conte
Current Contact
As of Showcase XX (18) AndrewCholerton is maintaining the show


Robotmedia is a national student film collective with chapters in Davis, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin and Berkeley. As of November 2006, the Davis branch of Robotmedia became the only active branch. During the school year, each chapter has a showcase once per quarter where they show the films from last quarter as well as decide on next quarter's themes. Even if you're not into film making, the showcases are the place to be. Davis showcases are typically shown in 194 Chemistry but have been in 2205 Haring as well. Attendance is typically in the hundreds.

Robotmedia is unique in that it's a film showcase without the same pretentious air that many associate with student films. Anyone, absolutely anyone, can submit absolutely anything1. This has led Robotmedia to be the point of some controversy. Some people were offended by a film poking fun at CalPIRG, others were offended by [WWW]different movies. For the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election, they showed a Senate-campaign music video about campus politics called "F.U.C.K. the Senate", links to which can be found on the Friends Urging Campus Kindness page. Regardless, Robotmedia has and always will be a place for anyone to show a movie. You might see some films you don't like, but you're also sure to see a few that kick ass.

The idea is for people to make movies based on one or both of the showcase themes, but fewer than half of the entries in any given showcase have anything to do with the themes. Themes for the next showcase are decided by the audience by a democratic process that involves yelling and cheering. Lenny VanBoven is often suggested as a theme.

Submissions must be five minutes in length or less, and accompanied by a release form which can be downloaded from the official web site. Questions regarding submissions should be directed to Adam Burgett AndrewCholerton.

Robotmedia Davis was started by UCD student Joe Conte and the first showcase was on October 16, 2002.

Youtube promos:
[WWW]Robotmedia XXI ad

[WWW]Robotmedia Documentary part 1

[WWW]Robotmedia Documentary part 2

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Make something (anything) under five minutes and give it to us! We prefer you to turn in your videos on MiniDV tape. Email <davisrobotmedia AT gmail DOT com> to borrow a camera, or to submit your film.


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2010-06-29 14:47:21   Is the club still around for 2010? I'd love to join! —ToddKaiser

2012-02-02 00:13:30   I checked both the website and facebook link and they go nowhere useful. Perhaps the club is gone. —SimonFung

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