Room 1337


With hundreds of buildings on campus, each using various room-numbering schemes, I posit that there exists a finite subset of n > 1 for rooms marked [wikipedia]1337.

Who will join me in this Eleet Quest?

Here's some I found:

leet_Haring.jpgHaring Hall

leet_meyer.jpgMeyer Hall

leet_bainer.jpgBainer Hall

leet_surge3.jpgSurge III

leet_hart.jpgHart Hall


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2008-07-10 16:25:38   N=6 for values of N that are based on exact room name. N=10 for rooms that start with 1337 with the addition of 1337A-D. N of course is subject to change as new buildings are built. —JasonAller

2008-10-12 08:58:53   The key question is what is IN each of these rooms, to determine if there is any confluence of territorial integrity. —DonShor

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