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Some people have small furry roommates go missing, but when a larger, rent paying roommate is needed, you can't just hit a pet store or animal shelter. Luckily, the Wiki is here to help. If you're looking for a roommate, tell the world here. Just try to update your notice every now and then, or it will may be deleted to keep the number of active entries down.... and if you find somebody, please take down your notice and congrats!

For other places to find or look for a roomie, check out the Roommate Guide. To the home challenged, here are some people who might have the place you'll next call home:

Please remove posts once a roommate has been found to keep it as up to date as possible and, potentially, to stop people from contacting you about unavailable rooms. To remove a post, hit the Edit button on the top, scroll down to your post, and delete it. Please delete it by highlighting it, clicking backspace on your keyboard, and then clicking Save Changes. Please do not click the Delete option between Check Spelling and Rename because it will delete the whole page. Thanks!

Please add your request in the appropriate section! If you aren't sure how to edit the wiki, click here and put your request in the comment box; someone else will probably be by shortly to help you sort it out :). Thanks!

Roommate Wanted!

We are looking for a 3rd housemate for the 2013-2014 school year at Allegre Apartments (South Davis). I am a PhD student in aerospace engineering and the other housemate is studying civil engineering. Both of us are pretty serious about studies and so we're looking for someone who is both quiet and clean around the house. We're also pretty sociable and easy to get along with.



Hi all! I'm an incoming Electrical Engineering PhD student from Hong Kong. I'm looking for a single room that is close to the campus for the 2013-2014 school year. The budget is 600-650/month. My plan is to arrive at 10-11 of September, and would like to look for a studious and quiet environment. I'm friendly and enjoy talking to others (when it's not the working time :P). I would like to live with other graduate students, but that's definitely not a requirement, anyone who's open-minded will do~ Drop me an email if you're interested.

P.S. I'm a male, but have no preference with the gender.



Hi I'm Meghan and I am looking for a female roommate to find a 2 BR apartment/small house with for the next year. I just graduated from UCD and will be working at a doctor's office for the year. I am looking for somebody chill and clean. I don't smoke but drink socially downtown or sometimes have a couple people over. I'm easy-going and love meeting new people.

I currently live in North Davis and would like to stay in the area. I am allergic to cats but love dogs and am open to having one.

Message me if you're interested, I'd love to meet up and talk!


Hello! My name is Jazzmin :)

My housemates and I are looking for a final girl to fill the downstairs bedroom of our 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom Avalon Townhouse! There are five of us at the moment and we want two girls in each room. The room that is available is 11 x 11 sq ft and has a bathroom directly across the hall. The girl you would be sharing with is a pharmaceutical chemistry major and is a transfer student (her whole family has attended UCD!). The townhouse is beautiful on the outside, it looks like a little house! it is extremely spacious on the inside and it also comes with a washer and dryer.

It is right across the street from Safeway, Dos Coyotes, Teabo Cafe, Office Max, Starbucks, House of Change, Round Table, etc.

The bus stop is literally a minute walk, also across the street, and services the M/W line.

Rent is $296 per girl in the small downstairs bedroom (utilities not included).

We are all very clean, respectful, easy-going, and social people looking for someone with similar values :)

Please contact me at if you are interested!!!!

Hello everyone!
Looking for:
- Roommate to live in own room with large private bath (sorry not attached)
- Must be cat and dog friendly (they are very friendly and lovable)
- No drugs/ No parties/ no heavy drinking
- Non Smoking (the complex is smoke free)
Rent: $455/month (must be paid by the 1st)
- Includes: water, PG&E, Netflix (sorry no cable at this time), Internet
- Located in East Davis off Pole Line
- Complex amenities: Laundry room, garden plots, swimming pool
About us:
- We are a married couple (28 & 27) just moved back to Davis to finish up school.
- We both work full time in the veterinary field so we love animals.
- Laid back, enjoy cooking. . .eating, watching movies
- Keep a clean and tidy home
- There are washer/dryer hook ups but currently we don't have any. . .looking into getting some soon.
Please contact us if you have any questions at we would love to meet you.


Hi everyone! My name is Jeser and I am a 20 year old transfer student who is looking for roommates for the 2013-2014 year. I'd like to find a close and comfy place near UCD and my price range is between 500-600. I'm not a party animal so no drugs and drinks for me.
Send me an email at and ill reply promptly. Thanks!


Hi! My name is Glenn and I live at Hanover Place Apartments. I'm looking for someone to share a room with to make rent cheaper. I live in a 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath unit. The other tenant has is own room. The rent would $325, not including water, utilities and internet (which has been under $25/person in the past). We have a free parking spot, a key to the pool, and great management who has fixed all of our problems. There are many bus lines and a shopping center just next to the complex. It's definitely a bike-able distance from school! I'm looking for someone clean and respectful who does not smoke, host parties, have pets, or consider drugs as part of their lifestyle. Please email me at or text me at 916-910-3919 if you're interested.


Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am a junior transfer student who is looking for a place to stay for the 2013-2014 year. I do not smoke, party, have any pets, and am generally clean. I am also quiet and keep mostly to myself. My maximum price range is about $330. Close proximity to grocery stores and bus stops are highly preferred. I would also like to live with a female. If you are interested in having me as a roommate, please contact me at


I'm looking for a room for coming 13-14 academic year.
I would like to share the house or apartment with college students.

I'm Japanese girl who currently study in Japan, and will be studying at UCD from this September for about 1 year.
I will arrive at Davis around September 10-13, maybe.
Price range is about 500-650.
I'm responsible, studious, respectful, but also like to have fun.
I don't smoke, drink too much, and have a pet. Of course no drug.

I would like to meet a lot of people, and spend great time at Davis!

If you have any questions, or interest, feel free to contact me at


I'm looking for an apartment or people who need roommates!

My name is Eden and I am a transferring to Davis in the fall from San Diego. I have a cat so I am looking to find the master bedroom so I can keep her cat box in my own bathroom. Other than that I am not very picky, I am open to sharing a house with men or women anywhere in Davis. I would like to spend less then $800 if possible. I am a Sociology/English double major (for now) so I study quite a bit but I'm still very social :) This apartment search is nerve racking since I live more than 8 hours away still, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Email me at



I'm a 22 year old male senior at UCD and I'm looking for housing for the 2013-2014 school year. I would love to find 2 roommates, maybe 3, who would like to go in on a place together. The ideal situation would be to find a HOUSE, rather than an apartment, but I'm open to apartments too. My upper limit for rent is about $650, but it'd be great to find a place where we all pay somewhere around $500. I'm quiet and clean, and serious about school, so not that into partying. But I'm also fun and easygoing. I'm liberal and progressive and interested in stuff and would like to find like-minded people. I do have 2 cats, so that could potentially be an issue, but one of them is super friendly and the other one is scared of everything and usually stays in my room.

So yeah, looking for:
-2 to 3 roommates
-3 to 4 bedroom house/apartment (house preferred)
-for upcoming school year

Let me know if interested and tell me about yourself!
My email is


Arlington Farm Apartment Room Available for the Summer

$290 per month for July and August 2013 (entire room)

-High Speed Comcast internet and utilities included
-A POOL TABLE is present in the LIVING ROOM
-1.1 mile bike ride from UC Davis campus
-Will prorate for month of July

The largest of the three rooms is available for $290 per month with utilities and high speed Comcast internet included. A full sized bed is also available upon request at no extra cost provided no significant damage is present by the end of August. It is a three bedroom one bathroom apartment. The other two rooms are occupied by a single tenant each; both are male college students. The apartment is furnished and a pool table is located in the living room.

contact at (530)845-4683



I am a graduate student in the mechanical and aerospace engineering department. I am in search of either other graduate students or mature undergrads to share a townhouse in south Davis. More information can be found in the craigslist link below.


For more information, please respond to



Hi. My name is Henrique. Male, 20 years old. I'm looking for room/roommate(s).
I'm going to Davis by the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program, as an undergrad student. My field of study is Mechanical Engeneering/Materials Science.

I'll be starting in this Fall so I'll be needing a room starting mid-sept. I guess I'm flying to the U.S. on 12nd September. But it's just a guess I can arrive in Davis earlier.
Price Range: $500 or less. No gender preference. I don't mind sharing a room.

I'd like to meet global students because it's my first time in the US, then I'd like to learn about any other cultures. I hope make many friends. :D

I'm a open-minded guy, clean, pretty quiet, studious but funny and easy going. I really like to spend my spare time with friends watching movies or just talking. Then, I'm not looking for somebody who just needs a shelter or plans to live always hidden in his/her room.

I don't smoke, I wont bringing pets and I don't have a car

Please: No drugs and heavy drinking.



Roommate Wanted!

We are looking for a 3rd housemate for the 2013-2014 school year at Allegre Apartments (South Davis). Rent is $550 (not including utilities) for your own room and private bathroom. Both of us are pretty serious about studying so we're looking for someone who is both quiet and clean.




I have a beautiful bedroom with private bath and big closet available now. (But you can rent for Aug. or Sept with a deposit). It has a private entrance through the backyard.
You will be sharing the rest of the house with me and my Black Lab.

$700 + 1/2 util. for the big bedroom with a private bath adjacent to the bedroom
$500 + 1/2 utilities for the smaller bedroom with a private bath in the hall.

Let me know.

Sharon Stahl

We are currently looking for a housemate (no gender preference) for the 2013-14 school year WHO CAN STAY IN OUR LIVING ROOM at our 4 bedroom apt townhouse at Allegre Apts (1659 Drew Circle)
We prefer to have someone who is quiet, clean, and studious. No drugs, smoking, and heavy drinking!
Oh, and no party type people please : ) Or at the very least, someone who won't bring it into the house.
The rent is about $340-360 ( will discuss more when we choose a housemate) and no deposit is required.
The rent covers water, sewer, and garbage disposal.
PG&E and internet are separate, unfortunately.
Washing machine and dryer are included in the unit!
Bus lines M and W are just around the corner! (one of the bus lines comes every 15 mins)
Biking also takes 10-15 mins.
Within walking distance to Safeway.
The leasing contract is September-August.
We are all incoming transfer students and so you will have to buy your own furniture =/
Floor plan is below.
allegre apt floorplan.jpg If interested, please email at


We're looking for a FEMALE ROOMMATE for the 2013-2014 school year!!! The rental fee is exactly $313.75 per person for a two bed one bath, the housing application fee is $25, and the security deposit is $125. The only utilities are for PG&E, which is usually around $10 and less. There's free wifi, central heat/ac, laundry room, pool and many more! The apartment is located on the corner of 8th St. and D St.-called the Viking Apartments. You will be sharing the room with one other girl, a quiet and studious compsci major, in a 11 by 14 ft room, and the house with two (generally) quiet biosci major girls. We're looking specifically for a responsible and punctual individual with a tolerance for anime and Doctor Who. Pets will not be allowed, unfortunately.

The apartment website is: [WWW] if you want to see the general layout and the complete list of amenities.

If you're interested in living with us next year,
please contact Amy at for more information and details!


Hola! Incoming English PhD student here. I'm looking for a room for the 2013-14 school year. I plan to arrive at the beginning of September, and would love to find a quiet private room in a house or apartment. I'm clean, organized, courteous, and have spent the last few years cohabiting peacefully in a series of very tiny rooms, so I think I'd make an excellent flatmate/housemate! Other graduate students preferred, but not a requirement; I'm just looking for chill people who are trying to get that work done too. Friendly to all sorts of folks. Hoping to find a place relatively close to campus. Shoot me an email if you're interested!

Best, Jenny


Hey there my name is Will and I am a 20 year old male looking for a room to myself for 9/1/13-8/31/13. I am majoring in Economics and transferring from Sierra College. I am a really chill, laid back guy and can mesh with just about any personality type. I enjoy reading, playing chess, socializing, playing guitar, learning about financial markets, and longboarding. I have no pets, do not smoke, and do not leave a mess whatsoever. I will however require a space to park my car.

I am looking for a quiet place to study and hopefully meet some awesome people. I have no gender preference for roommates.

The place cannot have a cat though, otherwise I will swell up like Hitch. =)

Email me at to get in touch with me and I will respond promptly.

Thanks guys

29 June 2013

Roommate(s) wanted!

Hey there. I'll be living in a 4x4 at Solstice, West Village's newest apartment complex, for this coming academic year. The lease starts September 1st, and I'd like to get to know some potential roommates for next year before that. The leasing office offers roommate matching, but I thought I'd seek out roommates on my own, as well. I have no gender preference, but I'm nineteen and I'd like my roommates to be between the ages of 18 & 25 (roughly).

Please see my ad here for more details: [WWW]



Hi my name is Andrew and I'm looking for a room/roommate(s). I'm a 21 year old male transferring to Davis from DVC. I will be starting in the Fall so I'll probably be needing a room starting mid-september.

I am in the price range of $300-$400 and sharing a room is fine with me. I don't smoke, will not be bringing pets, am fine with male or female roommates, will not have a car, and don't require amenities. I'm clean, I buy and cook food (pancakes and eggs are my main guns), in my spare time I play games (board, card, video), and I'm pretty quiet and easy going.

Shoot me an email at if you're interested in having me as a roommate.






Looking for roommate to occupy Single Room in a 3bdrm/1bath apartment.
Located in West Davis, Arlington Farm Apartments


• Direct TV Cable & AT&T Internet (bundle)—included
• PG&E split between 2 other female roommates—included
• Closet with mirror sliding doors
• Additional storage available
• Microwave oven
• Central Heat & Air

Arlington Farm has a Clubhouse with social area (has additional study room)
• Spacious park, basketball courts, tennis courts & great running trails
• Pool & Spa
• 24-hr Laundry & small Gym

• Convenient UCD bus stops D & K
• Close to Westlake Plaza/shopping
• Quick Westlake Market grocery runs (5-10 min walking distance)

• On bike path-one mile to UCD Campus

If interested, contact Nancy by phone/text:

714) 425-7209 &/or e-mail:


Hello, my El Macero Village Apartments Sublease Available starting 8/1/13. I am moving out of the city and need to sublease the entire apartment or by room. You will have an option to renew the lease when it is up again in July 8, 2014.

Apartment is a downstairs 3bedroom/2 bathroom, 1100 sq ft.
Master bedroom has walk in closet.
Large bedroom has door into the bathroom.
Small bedroom shares a bathroom with the large bedroom and has large patio door onto large patio.
$200 deposit is required to reserve your room/space prior to move in. Deposit will be applied to your first month's rent.
No additional deposit required for all options on move in. The deposit has already been paid to the apartment staff.
Deposit may be required if you have a dog/cat, breed restrictions apply.

Rent Fees:
Sublease entire apartment: $1550/month fee, water paid. PGE and Gas utilities and Cable paid by sublease tenant.
Sublease master bedroom: $550/month fee, water paid, PGE/Gas utilities split, Cable paid by current tenant.
Sublease large bedroom: $450/month fee, PGE/Gas utilities split, Cable paid by current tenant.
Sublease small bedroom: $350/month fee, PGE/Gas utilities split, Cable paid by current tenant.

Large storage on patio.
Microwave oven
Fabulous Central Heat & Air

Has pool, jacuzzi, gym, lounge, right across from nugget, restaurants, fast food, a park with off leash dog area, so much more. Both unitrans and Yolo transportation to UCD is avialable.

Apartment staff is the most cordial and friendly around! You will need to apply at the office to be added to the lease for all options.

Please contact Vickie by phone at 530-601-1802 or send email to Thanks!


Hello! I am graduating this summer and am currently looking for someone to sublease my room for the month of July and August. The room has a full closet with two mirrored doors and your own bathroom! The housemates are all girls but we don't mind if a guy moves in. The apartment is in University Village and it has many great amenities such as: fitness center, pool, study lounge, volleyball court, etc. We are right next to the bus stop and it's less than a 10 minute drive to campus.
The rent will be $500 per month. If you are interested please email me:


Hi my name is Tatiana Hurtado. I am look for a subleaser for the month of August. I live at the Drake Apartments, it is a great location right across the street from Savemart and Safeway is walking distance away. It is a two bedroom, one and a half bath townhouse. The complex includes a gym and study lounge and is only about a ten minute bike ride from campus. You would share the room with one other girl that is attending summer session 2. Rent is $380.25 a month including water, but no other utilities however rent is highly negotiable. If you are interested please email me at

HI, this is Ryota. I am 19 years old Global Study Program Student from Japan, looking for a room and roommate(s) . I currently study at Waseda Univ. in Japan. I am planning to study environmental economics in UC Davis. Male and female, both would be fine for me but JAPANESE STUDENTS ARE NOT WELCOME for me.
(but I could teach you Japanese and Japanse learning students are totally fine!!) This is because I would like to live in a different environment from here in Japan.
I am not a vegetarian.
I like listeninng to any kinds of music( Hip-hop, rock etc...) and play the guitar. I think I am easy going. I love the outdoors, and baseball.
I will be in UC DAVIS From this September. But I can contact you in advance via skype, facebook, twitter, you name it.
Contact me at

6/22/2013 - Hi, my name is Ema. I am a 22 year old preschool teacher/waitress looking for someone to find a place with. I work a lot but when I'm home I like a relaxed environment where I can just chill out with TV or internet or socialize with friends. I would prefer to live with a male because it is easier for me however I am open to females as well. Just want to find someone calm and fun, respectful and clean but not neurotically so. Email me if you are interested in meeting. I am looking to pay around $500 in rent and have my own room. Contact me at or text me anytime at 530-771-7149

6/22/2013 - Hi, my name is Kyle! I am an incoming grad student in Environmental Engineering. I'm looking for a roommate for next year at Davis. I would like to pay $600 or less for my own room. I love the outdoors - hiking, camping, snowboarding - and I like good beer and good food. I am looking for a roommate who wants to keep the common areas of the house/apartment clean. I am down to have people over to hang out on the weekends, but I would like keep it quiet during the week. Contact me! Email:

6/21/2013 Find roommate - female preferable
Is there anybody who is interested in an apartment in Russell Park? This on-campus apartment seems to be a perfect choice to live in, just look at the remarks on daviswiki. I'm looking forward to someone who is quiet, reasonably clean, self-collected and easygoing to share a two bedroom 1 bathroom apartment with me. The monthly rent is $1225 in total. So it should be about 600 or so, if we could find another person to take the living room, then it will be approximately $500 or less for the room, and $320 for the living room.
If you are finding a room on campus, please contact me without hesitation.



Hello! Currently looking for a roommate to rent out the second bedroom at J Street Apartments 2013-2014. The room is 10'3"x 10'10" with a large closet and available for move-in Aug 1st. There is a tennis court, pool and spa, small fitness area, and free wifi and printing in clubhouse. I have two cats and the apartment is fully furnished aside from your room. I'm quiet, clean, and very courteous. No smoking or drugs preferred. If necessary, the cats can easily be confined to my bedroom. The rent would be about 480 or so not including electric, minimal gas, and internet. Pictures of the apartment location/layout available upon request.

Please let me know if you are interested. Look forward to meeting you!

Remodeled Kitchen.jpg Remodeled Shower.jpg



We are three friends (2 girls and 1 guy) looking to fill the last bedroom in our spacious 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment. We're 23 and 24 years old—one UC Davis law student, one UC Davis senior, and one Sac State teaching credential student. We're laid back and like to keep the common areas clean. We can be studious during the week when we're busy with classes, but on weekends we like to have fun and either go out downtown or throw the occasional party.

We're located at Allegre in South Davis. It's only a quick 10 minute bike ride to campus along the bike path and a 15 minute walk to downtown (and the bars). The W and M bus lines stop one block from the apartment, running regularly to the UC Davis Silo and MU. We also have a 24-hour Safeway and several restaurants and shops located one block away. The apartment complex comes with a free parking spot for each tenant, swimming pool and hot tub, computer room, gym, and lots of grassy areas. Our apartment unit comes with washer/dryer included (for free!) and has been recently renovated with upgraded bathrooms and granite counter tops.

Monthly rent and utilities (PG&E + Comcast for internet and tv) come to a little over $600/person. The last bedroom to fill is the Master Bedroom (12'6" x 10'10"), which comes with its own balcony and a private vanity. Lease runs from 9/1/2013 to 8/31/2014.

For more information, email



Hello, I'm a recent graduate from UCD looking for someone to take up my apartment for the remainder of summer. Male or female, it doesn't matter. Rent is $487.50 for your own room in a two bedroom apartment in central Davis, or you can share with someone and split the rent (you'd have to find this person on your own though). Utilities are never over $20, and are often much less than that per month and include PG&E and internet. The apartment is SUPER close to campus, about five minutes on a bike or ten minutes on foot. It's also really close to downtown, U-Mall, Central Park, Community Park, The Dollar Store/Grocery Outlet area, The Co-Op...pretty much everything and everywhere you'd want to go in Davis. The person living in the other room is a male who is a senior at UCD. He's really friendly, studious, and vegetarian (though I'm not, and it's never been a problem).

Call/text for details, and if you call and I don't pick up, please leave a voicemail! My number is (209) 675-5432
You can also reach me through email:


Looking for a female roommate.

Hello, I am an incoming freshman to UC Davis for the 2013-2014 year, I am looking for an individual who preferably doesn't smoke cigarettes in the house,respectful, will clean up after themselves, and that's about it. Not to picky, it is a Two bedroom one bath, and i need someone to share the master bedroom with because I am also rooming with a guy who is a very nice, introverted person. The apartment is located approximately a mile from campus, the rent will be about $400 and a $200 deposit. It has utilities paid for, there is in the masters a walk in closet to which could be shared or whatever, kitchen, living room. The apartment is called PineCrest.

It would be amazing to find a female roommate, age doesn't matter but preferably 18-21. If your interested you can contact me at, or call me at 408-838-1472


Searching for the Perfect Roommate

BASICS: I am a 25 year old female and would prefer not to live with anyone under 22. I would also strongly prefer to live with other females or gay men, but I am open to having a male roommate under the right circumstances. My price range is up to $850 for my own bedroom and private bathroom. For a shared bathroom, my upper limit is $600 and I would prefer to only share with one other person (more than one roommate is okay though). I have not found a room or apartment to rent yet, but I am looking to put a deposit down on June 29th. I am open to finding an apartment together or moving into a previously occupied space.

MORE ABOUT ME: I have a boyfriend that lives in LA, so he won't be visiting that often, but he will stay over for one weekend every once in a while. I don't mind if your boyfriend visits or stays over also, as long as he doesn't eat my food. I'm allergic to cats, but I am okay with dogs. I do not eat meat, but I am okay with people that do. I smoke (outside) and drink occasionally, so I would prefer not to live with anyone too uptight. I do not smoke pot, but I don't mind if you want to smoke outdoors. I don't mind having people over sometimes, but I am a light sleeper, so I'd prefer if it was only during the day, on weekends, or on nights that we both don't have to be up early. I'm looking for someone relaxed and not at all a Type A personality. I generally like to keep household chores separate, as in you clean up your mess and I will clean up mine, but of course I am opening to trading off or doing some things together. If you are also a vegetarian, I am open to sharing groceries as well.

You can contact me at if you are interested in chatting more, looking for apartments together the weekend of the 29th, or you have an available room.

ROOMMATE WANTED - an independent room in demand
I am currently a junior CS exchanging student attending UCD for next school year, looking for a room to accommodate from mid September 2013 to mid June 2014 - if it is one-year lease, it should be eligible to be subleased for the extra couple of months. I am a quiet, studious, courteous, amiable female. A convenient and secure location (at most 15 min from the campus by bike) is the top priority. And I hope the monthly rent should not be over $550. If you have a spare room to share, please let me know ASAP!
*Please let me know that you come across this message from daviswiki and attach brief description about the facilities (with photos better), name of the community, and other roommates. THX

18th June 2013

Fellow DavisWiki users,

I am looking for a housemate (male or female) to share my 2Br 1Ba apartment from Sept 2013 to Aug 2014.

The room is 12x11 with a great deal of privacy. The apartment itself is 924 square feet with its own washer/dryer unit, complete kitchen, dishwasher, picture of William Shatner, etc. Rent is $650 a month, plus internet (about $20) and PG&E (about $20-$30). The property (Greystone) has a dedicate shuttle to UCD that runs hourly on weekdays, 24 hour clubhouse, 24 hour computer lab, grass areas with dog waste bag dispensers and receptacles. Unitrans lines A and O have a dedicated stop right outside of the apartment. Pictures can be found here: [WWW]

I'm a 24 year old (male) and recent graduate of UCD, currently working in neuroscience research. I'm clean, laidback, courteous, and I'm not a party type. I've had good experiences with both male and female roommates, so I don't have a preference either way. All I ask for is maturity and responsibility. I also have a friendly 40lb Beagle mix named after my favorite Firefly character, River.

Don't hesitate to email me any questions, complaints, images of cats, etc.

Michael Pearce


Hello, I am an incoming Law Student looking for housing with fellow grad school students. Male/26 yrs.

I would prefer 1 housemate but I am open to having up to 3, although I need a room to myself regardless. Any age/gender is fine but prefer mature and studious flatmates.

Close to campus/downtown is best.

Looking to move in mid-August, but willing to secure a spot at start of August.

I'm clean but not OCD. I'm big on keeping the kitchen clean (ie. dishes, tables etc.) What you do with your room is your own business but let's work together to keep public spaces decent please! Check out my facebook page for more info.

Ian Zurzolo

24th June 2013


I'm a biology PhD student from the UK and I'm going to be studying at UC Davis from the 1st of August 2013 to the 31st of July 2014 (exact dates TBC). I'm looking for a fully furnished room in a shared house (but not shared room), somewhere within 15 mins walk of campus, for about $500pm.

I'm 29, I'm fairly quiet and tidy and therefore would like to live somewhere quiet and tidy! I like socialising and hanging out but not continuously - I do like some alone time too. I prefer to share with other grad students.

If you have a suitable room available from around the first of August, or if you are coming to Davis at a similar time to me and would like to look for a place together, please contact me.



The complex comes with a Business Center with Internet access, clubhouse, fitness center, 24-hour laundry, freeway access, spa and swimming pool. It's near the park and it's 15 min. bike ride to campus. Male or female welcome so long as your respectful and reasonable clean.

If you're interested to find out more e-mail me at

Want to share a huge master bedroom/bathroom for about $400 a month? I am a Mechanical Engineering major looking for a mature, considerate, female roommate to share a master bedroom and bathroom in La Salle apartment complex. The lease starts September 1st and is for a year. The apartment has three bedrooms and will be shared with two other girls. La Salle is across the street from a mini mart. It is on the G/J bus line – the bus stop is super close to the apartment and comes by about every half hour. It is a 12 minute bike ride from campus. We don’t want any (crazy) parties or overnight visitors (without first consulting roommates). Please contact me if you are interested!
My email is

Hey guys,
I am Sabine, 24 years old and I study Psychology in the Master Program in Germany. From 07/31/2013 until 10/31/2013 I will come to UC Davis as exchange-visitor. I try to find a small and cheap (upper limit 400/month) to stay.I would love to live together with other students or guys in my age. It would be fine with me to share a room with another female. I like spending my freetime with friends or doing sports. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I am neet, social and cheerful.

I look forward to your answers = )

Warmly from Germany,

Looking For a Roommate


I'm Greg. I'm currently in the process of going back to UC Davis. I am looking for a room to rent and here is what I'm looking for:

Price Range:$550 or less (Not Including Utilities)
No Loud Partying, Heavy Drinking, Drugs, etc.
Pet Friendly (If Possible)- I have a small dog.
Close to Campus or Near Bus lines.

And here's my contact info



Summer (now

Aug 30)

Temescal Apartments

I pay 500$/month but only asking for 250$ monthly

Text or call (661)477-8361



Looking for roommate to occupy Single Room in a 3bdrm/1bath apartment.
Located in West Davis, Arlington Farm Apartments


• Direct TV Cable & AT&T Internet (bundle)—included
• PG&E split between 2 other female roommates—included
• Closet with mirror sliding doors
• Additional storage available
• Microwave oven
• Central Heat & Air

Arlington Farm has a Clubhouse with social area (has additional study room)
• Spacious park, basketball courts, tennis courts & great running trails
• Pool & Spa
• 24-hr Laundry & small Gym

• Convenient UCD bus stops D & K
• Close to Westlake Plaza/shopping
• Quick Westlake Market grocery runs (5-10 min walking distance)

• On bike path-one mile to UCD Campus


Hello, I am looking for one person to fill a room in my house by July 1st. which will have 4 other people (5 people total). It is 320$/month for your own room. No gender preference. Month to month lease. No limit to how long you can stay (longer is preferred!) It is near 5th and L st and close to A, L, and Q bus lines. Safeway and Grocery Outlet are nearby. There are no pets allowed. Again, the room must be filled by July 1st. Please email me at if interested.


I am looking for two roommates to share a townhouse in South Davis. Your share of the rent would be $650 a month plus utilities with a an approximate security deposit of $900 (steep, but if you see the place it is worth it). The place is walking distance to Safeway. It W and M lines go to campus, 10-15 min bike to campus, and covered parking is provided. The common areas are mostly furnished. Dogs OK with extra deposit. I have a gas grill on the back patio. For more information, see link: [WWW] .

I am currently an graduate student in the MAE department. I am looking for other graduate students, or at least mature undergraduates. No gender preference is given. If you are interested, contact me by email.



Hey! Looking for someone attending UC Davis to fill in for my summer lease from whenever possible through August. Preferably male. Roommates (3) will be third years next year and the rent for a single bedroom is $500 a month. You can opt for being on the group food bill or get your own food. Located at Aspen Village Apartments in West Davis across 113, about two miles from campus by bike and easily accessible by bus. E-mail me for more details! If you want in during June, I'll happily negotiate a fair price for the rest of the month.


Hey! I am an incoming transfer student (junior) looking for an affordable room for fall 2013-2014. I am a bio major who is planning on moving to Davis in late August. It would be awesome to find a group of 3-4 people male or female and we can work together to find an affordable living space. Or if you're looking for just one roommate, that's me! I am very organized and chill. I am not a drinker or smoker. Parties are cool, just not my thing. I don't mind those who do as long as they don't interfere with my studies I'm pretty easy-going, so if you need a roommate email me!!!




Hi! I'm a Bio major student looking for a room for the next 2013-2014 school year. I'm really quiet and clean never have people over and don't stay in Davis on the weekends! It would be great to have private room and I'm a guy. and if I can have a place to park my car would be great!
If there's any room out there it will be great!!
Thanks again
Dev Roy

text me at 510 862 6445
or Email at


Hi! I'm a Pre-Med student looking for a room/roommates. I'm very quiet, clean, and respectful. I'll be moving up to UC Davis in August and would like to live with either other Pre-Med or science students. Not a requirement, just thought it would be nice to live with people who understand how stressful science finals are. :) My only two housing requirements are that 1) I want a private room/private bath, and 2) I want to live somewhere that has its own washer/dryer. Hauling laundry up flights of stairs is a nightmare and wastes precious study time. I'm looking to pay between $500-$700. If you are a like-minded student and have an available room, or an incoming student who will need a roommate, email me!


Summer Sublease (Late June to August 30th)

Subleasing room for late June to August 30th. The apartment itself is very clean and neat and comes with a full sized washer and dryer. The room is very spacious and comfortable; if one needs it to be furnished we can work something out. The Apartment complex has its own pool, gym and clubhouse. The bus stop is right in front of the complex and the W line take you to and from campus. The internet and water bill will be paid for and the common areas will come furnished to a certain extent. If there are any questions or if one would like to see the room prior to making a decision, feel free to message me and we can arrange something. The original price for this room monthly is $625 but I've lowered it to $450. (

Location: Renaissance Park (3000 Lillard Dr)
Time Period: Later June to August 30th
Price: $450/month for July and August
Gender: No Preference

6/1/2013 Female Roommate Wanted 2013-2014 school year

-Viking Apartments (D & 8th st)
-2 bedroom 1 bath apt
-renting out one room shared with one female UC Davis student
-$306 per month, in addition to utilities
-second floor, pool/laundry room available
-desk included if needed
-approx 10 min bike ride from UC Davis campus

contact Marcy:

or by phone 5308454683

31 May
Hi all- I have a room available in a 2 bed/ 2 bath unit of a 4-plex in South Davis, perfect for grad students/ post-docs/ etc... You'd have your own bathroom too. The house has a dishwasher, W/D, central heating/ AC, big yard, plenty of garage space storage. Easy access to I-80, walking distance to the S Davis Nugget, ~15 min bike to campus. I'm a 4th- year PhD student, kayaker, skier, and so on. I also have a 4-year old border collie mix who is an incredibly entertaining dog. Rent would be $550/ month and half utilities (PGE and internet, not usually that expensive) and a $500 deposit.
The room is available now, lease runs through July of 2014. send me an email for pictures or more info!



Renting my part of the room from June 15-Sep 15 at the Drakes Apartment. it is a townhouse with two bedrooms and 1.5 bath. The room will be shared with one or two people. It comes with a bunk bed and mattress so all you need is your belongings and beddings (covers,blanket,pillow, clothes, etc). The rent will be $300/ month which includes utilities. The apartment is fully furnished. It is across the street from SaveMart and Safeway. Free parking. Close to the bus stop which are J,G,B,P,Q. 15 min bike to campus or 10-15 bus ride. If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me at <mksaechao AT davis DOT edu>

Looking for roommate for double at Allegre Apartments - $400

My name is Jonathan and I'm looking for a roommate to share the master bedroom with me in a two bedroom two bath townhouse at Allegre Apartments in South Davis. You would be living with me along with two other housemates, one other guy and one girl. Some info about the place:

-$400 for rent, PG&E and internet will be calculated and divided at the end of the year
-room is about 10.5'x14'
-convenient bike path to campus (about 1 mile) and close to both M and W lines
-washer and dryer included in unit
-fully furnished with own closet including furniture (dresser, desk, bookshelf and bed frame) if desired
Email, text or call me if you're interested or want more info. Thanks!
(650) 303-1401



Hello there! My name is Melissa and I am Math Major transfer student looking for a roommate to rent out the second bedroom in a newly remodeled 2BD 1BTH apartment with a private patio at the Cambridge House Apartments from Aug. 2013-Aug2014. My partner and I will be sharing the Bedroom connected to the bathroom. We are both very easygoing, clean and love to cook. We will have the common areas furnished including 50" flat screen in the living room. I have a small bull dog and cat that will be there too, so being a pet lover is a must :)
The room is spacious with sm. walk-in closet. Rent would be $630/mo for private room and full access to kitchen and living room and includes: Washer/Dryer in unit, internet, basic cable and parking.

Apartment Community Features:

Bicycle to UC Davis Campus
Unitrans Bus Lines P,Q,M & A
NEW Dog Park
24-Hour Fitness Center
24-Hour Internet Lounge
24-Hour Game Room
Pool Table
Air Hockey
Ping Pong Table
Resort-Style Pool
BBQ Grilling Areas
2 On-Site Laundry Facilities
Electronic Rent Payment Option
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
Professionally Landscaped Grounds

Check out the website, our unit will be identical to the 2bd 1bth model.

Feel free to contact me any time @(951)3589608

6/11/13 - I am a male Electrical Engineering graduate student starting class at UC Davis this Fall Quarter. I do not smoke or drink and am studious. Not much of a party-goer or thrower. I am looking for someone who has ALREADY signed a lease at West Village's new Solstice Apartments from 2013-2014. It might work if you haven't yet signed a lease, however I was told they are almost at full capacity and might not be accepting new people into the roommate program.

- UC Davis Graduate Student (Engineering Graduate Student is a plus)
- Non-smoker, no pets
- Courteous, clean, and studious
- Sharing apartment but with our own individual rooms

Please let me know if you would be interested in sharing an apartment. (

Looking for someone to fill the master bedroom in our townhouse for 2013-2014. See here for details! ([WWW]

-LOOKING FOR ROOMATE (2013-2014)—————————————————
-Hi, my name is Midori and I'm a transfer student looking for a female roomate to share a room with in a two bed, two bath apartment in El Macero Village. The rent is $290 per person, not including utilities (only electricity is extra). You'd be living with myself and my roomates Brandon and AJ. We're all really nice, friendly bio majors who are open minded to all sorts of folks! Please contact me at


West davis, Glacier Point: rent around 319$ excluding utilities and etc

Hi, my name is Kenny
Looking for a roommate for 2013-2014. Will be a shared room with me, super nice guy, along with 2 other guys in another room. Its at glacier point in west Davis, so if your looking for a quiet and good place to study, this place would be great. Rent is about 319$ each person, not including in other extras like utilities or internet and what not.
Personal bio: I'm a econ major, going to be a senior next year. I love sports and working out. Me and other guys are also a fan of Netflix, if not studying, we usually watch great series like arrested development and breaking bad. I'm currently in a long distance relationship, so no need to worry about any crazy girls over.

Send me an email at my Davis email: if interested


My name is Tanner and I'm looking for a male roommate to share a room with in a three bedroom house. We are searching for a house most likely within a mile of campus and rent will be between 250 and 350. Three girls will be occupying the other rooms and everyone is very agreeable and 420 friendly:) Txt, Call, or E-Mail me if you are interested.

Roommate Wanted For Single Room In The Colleges at La Rue - $600
We are two females looking for a third female roommate (or third and fourth roommate, if you wish to share with a friend) to occupy a single room in our 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in The Colleges at La Rue, a complex conveniently located on the UC Davis campus. We are friendly, social girls and are hoping to find someone who is similar or at least comfortable living with others who are.

About the space:
This convenient location is on-campus, found between the Student Health & Wellness Center and the Recreation Pool and across the street from the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC)
University Mall (Trader Joe's, Forever 21, Rite Aid) is a five minute bike ride away
The bedroom is spacious, 10'-4" x 15'-0"
The corresponding bathroom is considered to be the "guest" one, but is otherwise yours to use
Parking space included
The Colleges are on inbound Unitrans J, C, and D bus lines. It is also only a short walk to The Silo, where you can catch several other bus lines
Internet included (UC Davis's moobilenet)
Shared living area/kitchen is already furnished
BBQ located outside with two grassy areas nearby to lounge in

The space is available starting September 1st, so we hope to hear from you soon!

Contact us at:


Are you still looking for a roomie?
If you are, text me at (916) 215-7178 or email at


I am living in a sweet 3 bedroom townhouse in Arlington Farm next year. We have an open room that we need filled. Its easily big enough to share, has a huge walk in closet and its own bathroom. Its $830($415 if you share).
Hit me up if you are interested:

Hello! My name is Emily and I am looking for a roomate! There are currently two other girls whom I (and hopefully you) will be housing with. I am looking for a roomate to share a bedroom in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment at Sharps and Flats.
The room that we will be living in is going to be bigger than the other room allowing us to easily fit two beds and two desks.
My major is: biology 😊
Preferably: undergrad, non smoker, clean, no pets, not too rowdy. We are very clean and are willing to supply most furniture for the apartment! We like to socialize but are also studious! We are looking to move into either summer or fall semester! My roomates are Danielle and Jamie. I hope you can be my future roomate! Feel free to contact me!

I am looking for a female roommate to share a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. The apartment is on the first floor, has a patio, an in-house washer and dryer, microwave and dishwasher. The apartment complex has a clubhouse that is open for 24-hours and includes free Wi-Fi, a computer center with free printing and a 24 hour fitness center. The apartment complex also has a junior Olympic pool with a water-volleyball net, Jacuzzi, basketball court, and BBQ pits. The apartment is near downtown Davis and is 7 minutes away from UC Davis. The apartment complex provides a shuttle service that will take students to and from campus for free and is right next to Unitrans A line. The apartment also comes with one assigned parking space and I don’t drive so my roommate is welcome to take the parking spot.

The apartment complex is Greystone Apartments and is located on 2505 Fifth Street is Davis, CA 95616. The link to the website is [WWW] so you are welcome to check it out for yourself.
If you are interested please contact me at Thanks



We have a room available immediately through the end of August 2013. It's a shared room, with rent only $300/month.
Our house is located at East 8th and B Street, just a couple blocks from the Davis Food Co-op, and few blocks from campus and downtown.
Email for more info!


- $415 MAY Immediate CHEAP Move-In (Davis)
How about having your own room at a cheap price in a house?

1 bedroom (11ftx12ft)
Immediate move-in NOW-SEPT. 1ST,2013
Cheap montly $415.00 rent

Live with 5 other sweet girl, friendly housemates in a townhouse. (Please note that you must be okay not noticing them everyday. They are busy bees. And 2 of them graduated already)
North Davis (a 5 minute walk from the market place. 24 hour Safeway,24 hour Cvs, Jamba Juice, Dos Coyotes, Big 5,Pet Co, Peets, Ect.)
Close to bus lines (B,Q,P)

Please contact me at text/phone 503-799-2996 or email asap for more information and open-house arrangements.
This is a great deal.
CALL MAI JER AT 916.284.2409 now for immediate move in.
Please note: This is for (NOW-September 1st,2013 only)

Hello! Myself and two other ladies are living at The Ramble Apartments [West Village] and there is one standard sized room left that we are looking to fill with an awesome, like-minded girl.
We're all science majors, and very studious but also very fun and silly girls. We appreciate keeping the environment clean and conducive to studying but are not anal about it.
We like to go out, but also love to stay in. We have a big screen TV and netflix, which we enjoy watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother On.
Two of us will be Sophomores and I will be a Senior.
We are all liberal, 420 friendly, and down to earth.
We also are both super healthy and into exercise and keep a lot of healthy food in the apartment. If you haven't taken a look at the Ramble as a living option for next year, you should! It's a 5 minute or less bike ride to campus, bus lines right outside the door, a 24 hour study lounge, 24 hour gym, free coffee/ mochas/espresso from 10-5 in the center, a game room and there's always activities going on near the pool. Rent is leased by the room but I believe the room is around 745$/month with all utilities and everything included. It actually comes out to a really great price with all the perks the management gives you.
Also they just put in a little cafe/restaurant/market right next to the complex center which is really nice.

Sooooo yeah! You should live with us. If you're awesome. Because we're awesome too.
If you're interested/ want to meet us and hang out, email

Stay classy.


Female Roommate Needed for House on RUSSELL!!!!!! (2013-2014)

We need one female to share a huge 20x20 room with two other girls. We are both neat and studious but also a lot of fun. The house is at an amazing location: right across the street from campus (in walking distance)!! The house also has a big driveway so there is room for parking. You will be sharing the 3 bedroom, 2 bath with four other girls.

We would prefer someone friendly and chill.

Contact me by
or phone: (760)828-5822


PET FRIENDLY 2 rooms of a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom DUPLEX available for Sublet

- Did I mention PET FRIENDLY?
- Washer & Dryer on site
- Artificial turf in backyard!!
- Growing spaces in front and back yard
- Yards are fully fenced
- Full amenities: fridge, dishwasher, electric stove, garbage disposal, On site washer & dryer, Wood burning fireplace
- You pay only PG&E, currently only ~$20 each.
- landlord pays Water and trash (most duplex landlords don't pay this)
- additional coat closet in common space
- large open floor plan in common areas, with a living room, separate dining area, and full kitchen
- quiet neighborhood street
- neighborhood park 1 block down the street
- Field right around the corner for off leash dog play/hiking
- 10 minute bike ride to downtown Davis

Rent is $2160 total for the 4 rooms.
Bedroom size breakdown:

The Giant and Large bedroom have subletters interested in moving in May 1, and taking the lease over for the next year. 2 tenants moving in are adults, professionals, male, each with a friendly dog, and you can meet them/have dogs play to make sure everyone gets along okay before signing the lease.

The 2 smaller rooms are available for sublet June 1st - August 31, for $410 and $430 per month.

Thanks so much!


Looking for a place to live? Man do I have the place for you!! The ramble apartments is it's name. Taking over my lease is the game. I'm setting you up with your own room, your own bathroom, your own washer and dryer, two amazing housemates, and prime location near the pool and clubhouse!! Guys or girls are welcome. Let me know that you're interested you wont want to miss out!-310-310-0978



Hi! I will be at UC Davis starting this coming June. If you're looking for additional roommates/housemates in your apartment/house, please contact me at this email address:
Please provide details including rates, parking, and your in house policies. Thanks! :)


I need a roommate, guy or girl, to live with us at ALMONDWOOD apartments. Address is 1212 Alvarado Avenue. Its a two bedroom townhouse. Right now we have two guys and two girls living there and if you join, rent will only be 272 plus PG&E and Comcast will total about 290 per person. Let me know if you are interested.
Note that we need a roommate right away, starting today, April 1st, until the remaining of the school year. Thanks. :)

03-19-2013 Hello,

I would like to give you or someone you know the possibility to take over my lease at the College Square Apartments from April 2013 until August 2013 (and longer if you want to!). The exact Address ist 927 J Street, Apartment #56. They have a webiste and you can check out their amenities like pools, laundry romms, study rooms, Fitness Center, Emergency maintenance, Air Conditioning, parking spots etc. Check it out on [WWW]

When taking over my lease you'll get access to all the amenities and my apartment comes with AC and FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN, which includes oven, stove, large refrigerator & freezer, Microwave and dishwasher. My room has a queen sized bed with sheets & blankets, a desk with a chair and a very large closet. Also, we have fast WiFi Internet Access, so you don't need to worry about anything! The Apartment is in walking distance to Downtown and grocery stores like "Grocery Outlet" and "Davis Food Co-op". The next Bus station is a 2 minute walk away on J St. and 8th.

It is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment and my roommate is an American girl who is quiet and friendly. The rent is $550 per month, tax included, but this is for everything including Internet, current, waste, maintenance, water. You don't pay any extra fee, only the $550.

If interested, please contact me under (530)304-3219 or

03-17-2013 I am subleasing my half of a room in a 2-bedroom apartment.
Location: The Willows Apartments 1959 lake blvd Davis, Ca 95616
Price: $309, utilities and Internet not included
Available: June 17th, 2013-August 31st, 2013
Near: Starbucks, Safeway, West LakeMarket, Subway, Jamba Juice, Noah's Bagels & Circle K
Bus Lines: P & Q
Amenities: laundry room, pool, club house, and in unity A/C

To be shared with a female roommate and a female housemate. —Leticia


Considering living somewhere else with a friend and wanted to look into getting someone to take over my lease either right now or for the summer.
It's a 2 bed/2 bath apartment in Adobe at Evergreen apts, pretty nice kitchen, etc, nice roommates, i'm not leaving because of drama but rather
because i'd rather live with my close friends at a location right across the street from campus. All of the roommates are UCD students.
The lease runs through August 31st and you would be living with a roommate, the cost is $400 a month. It's one of the newest apartment complexes
in Davis so everything is pretty nice and new. Let me know if you're interested at !

03-12-13 LIVE AT THE MULTIFAITH LIVING COMMUNITY for the 2013-2014 year!
Calling all those who are interested in social justice, sustainable living, and inter-religious dialogue!
Single rooms are still available! Find out more at or e-mail at

03-11-2013 Looking for two females for Brisa Duplex, South Davis, for 2013-2014 school year ;)

I am currently looking for housemates!
Location: Brisa Villas Apartments
Time Period: 2013-2014 School Year ( Sept 2013 -End of August 2014)
Price: $316 PER PERSON plus utilities $632 for a single plus utilities
Gender Preference: Female
Roommates: We currently have 4 girls are are looking for 2 more!
It is a 10x13 room in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, single story duplex at Brisa Apartments. It is a super big flat with a living room, dining room, fireplace and a backyard! We just ask that there is no smoking and drinking in the house. Other than that, feel free to do whatever. Please contact meeee if you are interested! We won't bite :3 —SayyidaAli

Looking for a housemate at Le Tournesol for Fall 2013-2014. Your own room for $698/mo + utilities + internet. Call if interested 530-417-3009.
Lovely complex, 10min bike ride from campus on bike trail.

02-25-13 FURNISHED APARTMENT. MASTER BEDROOM AND ATTACHED BATH AVAILABLE. I have leased a 2br/2ba apartment. The kitchen, family room, and dining room is fully furnished by myself. You would only have to furnish your room. The room has a nice size closet and a beautiful view. The unit is on the second floor with vaulted ceilings and beautiful view of trees outdoors. The counter tops, carpet, and paint were re-done just last year. The unit looks brand new!! I am quiet, clean, and studious. Looking for a studious roommate (preferably a grad student like myself). Rent is $705/mo + 1/2 shared utilities (utilities are about 50 bucks per person/month and include tv, high speed internet, and pg&e). email me if interested or would like to see pictures of the place. tasha.nanda@yahoo.comTashaNanda


Hey girls!

My roommate and I (two girls, seniors as of Fall 2013) are looking for another girl who would like to move in with us into an apartment on 3rd and B St.

This location is wonderful, and it is right in between downtown and campus.
It is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, going for $2015 a month.

My current roommate and I will be sharing a room and are hoping to find one more person to move into the extra room.
The rent will be $840 a month, not including gas, electricity, and internet. This includes garbage, sewage, water, and rent.
Upon move in, the security deposit is one full month's rent, first month, and last month. So this 3rd person will owe a total of $2352 upon move in.
The lease will be September 1st 2013- August 31st 2014.

The apartment has a beautiful balcony that looks over the park, and the entire apartment was remodeled in 2005.
There is one parking space for our unit, but residents can buy an X pass for $30 a year and park on the streets downtown.

We are looking for someone who enjoys going out, and is easy to get along with, as we are just that.
Please let us know if you are interested, or have any more questions!

My e-mail is:


+++ CHEAP Move-In with Free stuff+++ (Guy or Girl)

still in need of someone!!! for MAY-sept.


Hi, I am a former UC Davis student looking for someone to take over my lease.
I am in desperate need to move out!

-1 bedroom (11ftx12ft)
-Immediate move-in between March 2012 or April 2012 or in between
-Cheap montly $415.00 rent
-$50 for move-in deposit
-$25.00? dollar registration fee to sign on to be a tenant on the housing lease
-Less than $50.00 per month for internet/pg&e (varies)

-Live with 5 other sweet girl, friendly housemates in a townhouse
-North Davis (a 5 minute walk from the market place. 24 hour Safeway,24 hour Cvs, Jamba Juice, Dos Coyotes, Big 5,Pet Co, Peets, Ect.)
-Close to bus lines (B,Q,P)
-Free items when you already move in: Furnish with a tall black bookshelf with 5 shelves, a black 3 drawer chest , and less than 3 month-old, newly bought queen size bed (and maybe a few other things that I will leave behind). What you do with them is up to you. I will leave it there. You may sell them to make profit...ect.

Please contact me at text/phone 503.799.2996 or email asap for more information and open-house arrangements.
This is a great deal.
March/April-September 1st,2013.
A "College-aged" woman preferred but a man is ok too!

Please respond if interested,


Hello! Me and my roommate live in a four-bedroom apartment at The Ramble Apartments [West Village], and two of our roommates are moving out next year because they'd like to live downtown. We, however, love it here and have decided to extend our lease another year. We are looking for two like-minded, awesome girls to live with us.
We're both science majors (clinical nutrition and biotech), we both are very studious but also very fun and silly girls. We appreciate keeping the environment clean and conducive to studying as one of us will be studying for the MCAT next year.
We like to go out, but also love to stay in. We have a big screen TV and netflix, which we enjoy watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother On.
We are both currently Juniors. So we'd like upperclassmen if possible, at least Sophomores.
We also are both super healthy and into exercise and keep a lot of healthy food in the apartment. If you haven't taken a look at the Ramble as a living option for next year, you should! It's a 5 minute or less bike ride to campus, bus lines right outside the door, a 24 hour study lounge, 24 hour gym, free coffee/ mochas/espresso from 10-5 in the center, a game room and there's always activities going on near the pool.

Sooooo yeah! You should live with us. If you're awesome. Because we're awesome too.
If you're interested/ want to meet us and hang out, email

Stay classy.

02-18-2013 MARCH FREE! $635 a month (including utilities) for the master bedroom in a four bedroom unit at University Village. Private bedroom and bathroom available for move in on 3/3. March will be paid for including rent, utilities, parking, and internet. I need to move to Sacramento ASAP. My loss is your gain. Lease ends on 8/31. Get six months for the price of 5!!! Minutes from downtown!

Email me at for more details and to come see the place! Great location, great deal for privacy! —TaylorTyler


Rent is done by square footage (it's the fairest way).
(11 x 11) small room is around $458 (TAKEN)
(12 x 15 + 8x8) biggest room around $450 per girl (2 girls)/ if 3 girls share its $300 each
(12 x 14) medium room around $411 per girl (2 girls)

The unit is located in South Davis at Avalon Apartments, which is run under the same management as Sorrento. It is a 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom townhouse and very spacious! There is one bedroom downstairs (smallest) and one bathroom. The other two bedrooms (medium and biggest) are upstairs with the 2.5 bathroom (two full bathrooms, another toilet). Rent would be calculated by square footage (it's the fairest :)).

The apartment complex is located VERY close to the bus stop (3 min walk or less) that has both the M and W bus lines that go to the MU and the Silo. Across the street is Safeway, Officemax, Riteaid, Dos Coyotes, Teabo, Mr. Pickles, etc.!

I'm looking for fun, friendly girls who are CLEAN (about shared spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms), and know when to have fun and when to study! I am mostly studious during the week, or I am at work, but I love to go out and have a good time.

Email me if interested!!!!!! Avalon is really popular so this opportunity may go by fast!!!!

Looking for 2-3 People to fill 2 rooms in a 3 bd/1.5 bth townhouse in North Davis.
You will share a vanity/sink area, we will all share the upstairs bathroom.
$565 per room

Casitas Apartment off of Anderson and Alvarado.
3 Mins Walking to the G and J lines.
15 Min Bike Ride to Campus.

Pool, Spa, Rec Room
No Animals

A little about me, I am 23 yr old female Psychology Student at UC Davis, soon to be a senior. I plan on graduating March 2014 or June 2014.
I am easy going, drama-free, and am looking for people who are able to have mature conversations. No passive agressive, behind the back, clique-iness.
I am gone most weekends visiting my boyfriend in SF.
I dont party much, I would like to keep the house a calm serene place, but small kickbacks are cool. I love meeting new people.
If you smoke, please keep it to your room or outside.
Overall, I am looking for people who are responsible, clean up after themselves (although some household stuff we will inevitably split), and who are willing to communicate with respect and tact when necessary.
Men or Women, no preference.

Inquire at
Thank you

Floor Plan.jpg


LUXURY APARTMENT for $400/mo. Female Roommate Needed to fill bedroom in 2bd/ 2bath apartment-

$200 monthly rent reduction as incentive +February already paid! ( the rent is actually $600 but I am paying out of pocket in an effort to get this rented)

-The apartment is very spacious and very nicely furnished (other than the bedroom)
-Large bedroom with bright natural light and a nice view
-Very large closet (you could almost sleep in it!)
-Very large bathroom with wood floors, linen closet, bathtub and shower
-You would be sharing the apartment with a roommate who is tidy, friendly, easy to get along with, and most importantly DRAMA FREE!
-Granite counter tops and wood floors in kitchen and dining room
-Patio with nice view ( don't worry, the apartment is NOT on the ground floor)
-Lots of parking (no permit required)
-Pet Friendly
-Convenient location to bus stops (literally across the street), multiple super markets, and the freeway
-Helpful and friendly management





email me for more information or photos:


My roommate and I (both males) have a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse available at Sycamore Lane Garden Apartments. It's extremely close to campus (right behind U Mall) and super competitive to get!

Rent would be $675 for a single or $445 per person for a double (since we're not splitting it by room unless we get four people.) Male or female is fine.

My roommate and I are both relatively quiet but fun and would expect the same. We would also expect no smoking or large parties in the apartment.

Email me at if you're interested or have any questions.



$617/mo – ROOM FOR RENT in 3 Bed 2 Bath Townhome ($1850/mo for the Townhome)

We are looking for three people to take over the lease for the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom townhome. The lease ends August 31.

There is also a roommate matching program, so even if you are just one person looking for housing, give us a call!

- front doors for each of the bedrooms (one leading upstairs, for the upstairs bedroom, one directly into a bedroom, and the front door for the master bedroom)
- one FREE BED FRAME when you move in!
- deck with a stairwell
- Rent is $1850/mo + gas/electric (water, sewage, and garbage are already included) making it approximately $617/mo per person
- 3 miles from UC Davis
- laundry facilities
- heated pool/spa
- oven, stove, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher in the kitchen
- lots of storage space
- fitness center
- property clubhouse with study area and WiFi
- vaulted ceiling and loft
- fireplace
- central heating and air
- reserved/covered parking

Located at:
1420 Lake Blvd
Davis, CA 95616

email or call (530) 758-5253 and say you are interested in taking over the lease for Apartment 36.


Room in house available now!

Hey! We're looking for one final person to live in our 4 bedroom house in North Davis (Alvarado Ave). One student (girl) and two people who graduated from UCD and are working in the area (guy and girl). We're laid back and like to have fun, will be having kickbacks, drankin, etc. But also like to keep a reasonably clean place with no drama. 486 for the room available upstairs, and/or the master is available for 589. Preferably a dude so we have an even amount, but we're open.

02-03-2013 Move in Now! Very large, private bedroom with sliding glass door to the backyard in 4/2 house on 8th St in central Davis; plenty of room for two to share. House has fireplace and large yard, huge amount of storage. Take over 1/3rd of the lease which runs through August. Move-in for $1800; after that, $640 per month plus 1/3rd pge and cable. No pets. Share home with two male college students. Musician friendly. Available now.

01-30-2013 Hi! I'm Alice! I'm currently going to school at SCC and hoping to transfer by my sophmore year (I'm a freshman). Me and my roommate (Physics major, post-graduate) Are looking for another girl to room with. We live at Sundance apartments, and we only have one bedroom, but I will live in the living room so it's basically just a two-person bedroom. It has one bathroom, one kitchen, and one really big living room. It's already basically furnished so no need to bring anything (unless you want to of course :). ) There is also a full-sized mattress if you are in need of one! The apartment is roughly 10 minutes walk away from UCD.

The apartment itself split three ways would be $326, and the utilities would be between 20-30 dollars, depending on how much AC / Heater we use. we have High-speed (High for AT&T I suppose) internet. There are also a plethora of gaming consoles in the apartment :).

If anyone is interested (ASAP), please shoot me a message at

Thanks :D!!! —AliceZhang


I have a place at Allegre Apts. (1659 Drew Circle) in South Davis about 2 miles away from campus. The W/M line runs daily and is nearby the complex. The room currently has 4 girls, and an occassional boyfriend who visits. Its a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment. 2 girls are pre-nursing, 1 girl is in grad school getting her teaching credentials and 1 other girl is taking a break from school but is a communication major.

All pretty quiet during the day, some are night owls to study and such. The apt has wifi/comcast cable that runs $15-17/person and on-site washer and dryer for $8/month. PG&E is currently running free (or they haven't caught on for years now..). Free parking at the complex, Allegre also has a computer room, gym, and lounge area with a pool and hot tub.

The price is $333 for your own 10x10 room with a closet, and your own sink. The place is furnished in the kitchen and living room. I do need a $350 security deposit and the room is available NOW. You can see the place and if you have the $350 on hand, I'll turn over the key to you the same day.

Thank you,


Roommate(s) wanted for 2013-2014
Hey, my name is Katie and I am a sophomore at UC Davis this year. My roommate and I are looking for new roommates to live in the other room of our apartment (starting in Fall), as our current roommates are graduating in spring. We currently live in a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Adobe at Evergreen apartments in West Davis. We ideally would like two roommates to share the other room to balance out the apartment. We currently live with two 22 year-old guys, and preferably would like to continue living with guys to keep the atmosphere pretty similar, however we are not picky on age (however we would prefer undergrads). The rent per room is $795/month, so it would be around $400 each for two people sharing the room. The room is a good size with plenty of storage and your own bathroom. Utilities and internet split between the four of us tend to be around $20-30 per person, which isn't too bad. The living room and kitchen are pretty big and good for having plenty of people over to hang out. The Q and P bus lines stop right outside the apartment, and there is a bike path behind the apartment that takes 10-15 minutes to bike to school. CVS, Safeway, Panda Express and more are located a 5 minute walk down the street.

We are both pretty laid back girls who love hanging out on the weekends and having people over, but we also both go to school and work most of the time during the week and are often pretty busy. I am an environmental science major, and my other roommate Megan is a community and regional development major. We are both pretty outgoing and relaxed, we love watching sports and cooking, but we also can be kind of nerdy at times. We are pretty lenient concerning common ares, and right now as long as we all do our own dishes that's good enough for us. We do like throwing parties on some weekends (nothing too crazy), but please keep that in mind before deciding if this sounds like the right fit for you.

If you are interested or would like to talk more about the apartment, please contact me at


Roommate wanted for 2013-2014

My name is Ladan and I am a 3rd year PhD student and I'm looking for a female roommate for the next Fall or earlier. I live in the Univeristy Court and my home is a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom and we will be only two people living in it.

Bathroom and public areas are all shared, however, you will have a separate sink area. The house is fully furnished. You can have your room either furnished or not furnished depending on what you want. Parking space is available in the complex, However if you want one, you need to buy the permit from the office separately. Pets are not allowed in the complex.
The actual rent is 1330 for this house (768 sqft) and with estimates of sewer charges and water (30$) + pg&e (30$) + internet (30$), it usually will be around 1420. So each person's share will be around 710$ per month including all the utilities.

For more info and some photos see my ad on Craigslist : [WWW]

If you are interested, please reply back to me via Craigslist. Thanks.

2(+) preferably but not necessarily male roommates wanted to share a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment on East 8th and D street, Rent for a full room approximately the size of an entire dorm room is ~450 per month, (~1250/month for the whole place). Lease is from September 2013-September 2014. I hesitate to give an estimation of square footage on the place, but if I had to guess I’d say between the two stories it was approximately 1200-1400 square feet. All utilities besides PG&E and Internet included. The location is only a mile from campus, a half mile from Grocery Outlet and the Dollar store, is pet friendly, and has a small backyard with a couple trees and a future garden. Fridge and dishwasher are included, and there is a coin-operated laundry machine approximately 7 steps from the front door. I also have quite a few appliances, i.e. toaster, record player, toaster oven, etc.

I, the guy you could quite possibly be sharing this humble abode with, am Michael Sitkin. I’m currently a freshman doubling in sustainable agriculture and history. I work/intern on the Student Farm on campus, and in keeping with the farming thing, I tend to go to bed on the “earlier” side (10-12 PM) and wake up early (5-8 AM), though these are both obviously not without exception. I’m not much of a partier, but do go out every once in a while. I don’t smoke, but am okay with living with a smoker, as long as there is no smoking inside the house. I tend to keep the house fairly neat, if not anally so. I’m fine with guests, just try and let me know ahead of time so we can talk on an ad hoc basis. I like my privacy, but I’m not anti-social by any means. Fairly normal if anything really. Noise isn’t a huge issue to me, but I wouldn’t be particularly pleased if you were blasting bass at 2 in the morning on a school night.

If you’re interested, give me a call, or, preferably a text at 1-925-285-4350, or e-mail me at so we can hang out and see how it goes. Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi. I'm currently a senior at UC Davis and will be staying another year to finish up my degree. I live at University Court Apartments on Sycamore Lane. It's right across from the campus, Trader's Joe, freeway, and lots of other stores. The bus lines nearby are B, C, P, Q and a walking distance for J, G. This apartment is close to everything.

My current apartment lease needs to be renew by the end of this month (Jan 30) for the months starting at the end of August 2013 to August 2014 (12-month lease).
The apartment is 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. University Court has a nice swimming pool, study lounge with tv, pool table, lots of studying space, and free printing!

I'm looking for 2 or 3 roommates (female) for the next school year. If you want your own bedroom, it's $655 (not including pge/internet). But you can always split between another friend and share a room for $327.50 (not including pge/internet).

I'm a clean, responsible person. I won't be at the apartment a lot since I spend my time on campus studying most of the time. And there are days when I go back home on the weekend.

Both of my roommates will be leaving next year and I wanted to stay at my current apartment, so I want to renew the lease. Let me know if you're interested. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

As you already know, I have to renew by the end of January, so I hope you can make a firm decision on whether you will like sign the lease with me for the next school year starting in August.

I will check this posting everyday.



Hi I'm Chris, a chem major at UC davis, living alone in a 1 bedroom apartment in the Americana arms complex on F street in Davis. I am looking for a male roommate, preferably another UC davis student, but not required. As the price says, your half of the rent would be 435$, which includes all utilities and wireless internet.
The apartment itself is very spacious, it has 2 closets, one walk in, one not. It contains a kitchen fully equipped with everything needed to cook. The apartment also contains one bedroom, a bathroom, and a large living room.
The apartment complex itself has a pool, washer/dryers and bbq pits available to all residents. In addition the apartment is located directly in front of a bus stop. The complex has plentiful parking and is nicely located, being about 2 minutes(driving) to downtown and only 5 minutes(driving) to UC Davis.
For any additional information I can be reached at 707-980-3253 or

12-06-2012 Looking for one female roommate who is student :) I am 18 years old extension student. To share 1/2 room, 1/2 kitchen, 1/2 bathroom. The rent is $515, not including the fee of electricity and meal.

-electricity fee is half with me
-near the Save Mart, walking about 3 minutes
-arrive the campus by the bus about 10 minutes
-the apartment is named Anderson Place

If you want to connect with me, this is my e-mail:
Thanks for reading _

12-05-12 Looking for roommate (no gender preference) for winter quarter (and hopefully the rest of the year) this post is primarily for a living room spot, but i will be willing to share my room if you would prefer. shared bathroom. the place is at La Casa De Flores, situated inside the oxford circle. awesome place, since trader Joe's is 1 block away. the campus is a 5 minute bike/skate, and roughly 10 minutes walking. this is a great place to live in if you don't have a car! rent is $393 + $14.4 (each) super fast internet + pg&e (don't worry, it doesn't get too expensive). you will be living with 2 males, who really don't do much but hang out in their rooms. i am also a musician, so as a fair warning, music is played in the house, but i will accomodate to requested quiet hours. this post is for either a shared bedroom with me, or the living room. email me at for details. thanks!

12-03-2012 I am looking for a female student to take over my lease through the end (August 2013) ASAP because I am moving back home this month. The space available is in a good sized shared room, the girl you'd be rooming with is super nice and respectful of other's things. There are 3 other people in the house, 1 other girl and 2 guys, they are all very nice and laid back. It's a typical college house. Large backyard, large living room, 1 1/2 bathrooms. The rent is $375 per month plus another $20 or so for utilities. I need to find someone quickly so please email me if you're interested or want more information! nmruiz92@gmail.comNikiRuiz

12-02-2012 Second year civil engineering student looking for fellow female civil engineering students to room with next year. I am ok with any girls who can respect my need for occasional private times, won't smoke indoors and not a regular party-thrower. Likewise, I will respect my housemates. —nydiacaballero


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6/2/2013 Summer Sublet (July and August; late June is free)

Rent - $335/month ($670 for the summer). Utilities are separate, but you won't have to pay a room deposit.
Room - Single 12'x12' bedroom (it's private!)
Available: July 1- August 28
Amenities: Workout center, laundry room, pool, spa, tennis court, P/Q lines, and a bike/jogging path. 5 minute bike ride from The Marketplace! The neighborhood is actually gorgeous, and there is a park in front of the apartment complex. Your roommates are very polite and neat, and they're okay with having guests over. The floor plan is pretty spacious, both in your room and the rest of the living area.
Location: Saratoga West Apartments, 2121 Glacier Drive.
Contact: Michelle,

6/1/2013 Summer Sublet, Female Roommate Wanted (June, July, August)

-Viking Apartments (D & 8th st)
-2 bedroom 1 bath apt
-renting out one room shared with one female UC Davis student
-$306 per month utilities included, price negotiable
-apt furnished, second floor, pool/laundry room available
-full sized bed included if needed
-approx 10 min bike ride from UC Davis campus

contact Edith:

5/29/2013 "Summer Sublet"

Price: $575/month
Type: Your own room and bathroom in a 2BR/2 bath unit
Time of sublease: mid-June to mid-September

I have a bedroom available in a 2BR/2 bath apt in Davis available for sublease for the months of June-September. You will have your own bedroom and own bathroom. The apartment is located in South Davis at Renaissance Park Apartments. The apartment has Wi-fi internet set up and TV service. The W line bus stop is conveniently located right outside the apartment complex and the complex is close to Safeway.

The other person in the apartment is a recent PhD graduate from UC Davis and is currently working as a lecturer at the University. He is a friendly and respectful young professional. He will be teaching classes during both summer sessions.

Rent will be $575/month and you will also be responsible for internet/TV and utilities. Please email me if you are interested and want to come check out the room. Thank you!



5/29/2013 "Summer Sublet"

Price: $320/month (utilities included, and can be prorated if necessary)

type: shared and furnished room in apartment (Tanglewood apartments 1880 Cowell Blvd. Davis 95618)

time on lease: June-August 31st

miscellaneous: Males preferred, awesome pool with basketball and tennis court, part of 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath; Laundry and Drying Machines; furnished Living Room; Patio, table, and chairs

contact: if interested, contact me at,

5/26/2013 "Summer Apt Sublet"

Cranbrook Apts

$925 a month (utilities included, PG&E, wifi, water)

Move in after June 16th but you pay for just July and August. The apt would be all yours for the summer as I will be out of town.

Spacious 1 bedroom apt for July and August. Nice quiet complex, pool, laundry, fitness center, friendly/helpful/responsive staff, large family/bedroom, AC, and nice quiet neighbors. 8 min bike ride to campus, 3 min to Nugget Market, 3 min to Davis Community Park. Central location. Fits 2 people.

Email me at


5/25/2013 - Summer Room Sublet

Alvarado Sunset (North Davis) - 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom apartment.

$306/month (Utilities included, PG&E is shared) - sharing a room with a recent graduated student from UC Davis.

You are welcome to move-in after June 15, 2013 and won't have to pay for June month. You will be paying ONLY July and August.

Males only please! The apartment has two rooms (both 12 x 14) with a huge living room - great area to study! The room also comes with a huge closet. The apartment was remodeled in Fall 2012! You will be sharing a room with one guy, and two other housemates. There is F bus stop right in front of the complex, a block away from J and G buses - also very close to Savemart (Anderson Plaza). It only takes 7-10 minutes biking to campus! Email me at if you have questions regarding about the apartment.


$550 1 room | Sublet for the summer, Central Davis

FREE RENT for May if you move in now! The lease starts anytime to August 31. (I need some time to remove my stuff tho)
with the option to continue lease in the Fall

2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment.
-Location: University Common,
-extremely close to UC Davis (10mins walk, 5mins bike),
-Next to U mall (trade joes, Rite aid, old tea house)
-Bus lines : B,C, G, J ...
-1 shelf and desk included
-water is included
-Internet provided by the apartment

rent are negotiable.

email Yan @

The room is originally $386 plus about $30 in bills, but I will be covering the other expenses! I am looking for a female, and the room will be shared with another girl, and the second bedroom has another two roommates as well. The girl sharing the room is sweet and very busy with her internship so she won't be home all the time. We are located at the Anderson Court/ Drake apartments in a two story townhome. The bedrooms and full bath is upstairs, and kitchen, half bath, and livingroom are downstairs. It is located across the street from Savemart, sushi, pizza, Mc Donalds, and just a block from safeway, subway, and panda express. The mood of the apartment is very laid back and everyone is quiet and respectful. You will be able to move in as soon as June 13th, but I am only asking for rent for July and August, I will pay for June! If you are interested please email me at:



Looking for roommate to occupy Single Room in a 3bdrm/1bath apartment.
Located in West Davis, Arlington Farm Apartments


• Direct TV Cable & AT&T Internet (bundle) included
• PG&E split between 2 other female roommates
• Closet with mirror sliding doors
• Additional storage available
• Microwave oven
• Central Heat & Air

Arlington Farm has a Clubhouse with social area (has additional study room)
• Spacious park, basketball courts, tennis courts & great running trails
• Pool & Spa
• 24-hr Laundry & small Gym

• Convenient UCD bus stops D & K
• Close to Westlake Plaza/shopping
• Quick Westlake Market grocery runs (5-10 min walking distance)

• On bike path-one mile to UCD Campus

Looking for someone to sublease my bedroom from June to the end of August (Summer sessions 1&2) for $620/month. The apartment complex is Allegre apartments at 1659 Drew ct. I have two chill male roommates that are nice and quiet. It comes with a walk in closet and washer and dryer unit. It is near downtown, oakshade plaza (safeway and a few food places),and campus! It is also right across the street from the W and M bus lines.

Interested? Contact me at

4/8/2013 "College Square sublease for summer," i am subleasing only 1 of the 2 bedrooms apartment. If you want both rooms, let me know, i think my roommates won't be here as well.

I am trying to sub lease my apartment this summer. It is a very clean apartment, and currently having one PHD student and me as another engineering student taking good care of it. It is a two bed room, one bathroom apartment, right next to free gym, pool, free printing next door, free wifi. For the past couple quarters living here, i really enjoyed it, nearly have noise at all except the train passing by(it only happens couple times of the day, and you will probably be sleeping).
If you need more information, search College Square Apartment, it is close to campus, for me i bike about 15 mins, and my door is a few feet away from the bus stop.
I am looking for someone who can take care of the housing, responsible, organized, and CLEAN!!!!
1 person each room, and you will be taking care of only mine and some part of kitchen and living room.
Price: $400 (includes everything, unless you decide to use 1000 bulbs i won't charge you extra), i pay, $550-$570 each month. depends on PGE.

2013-04-03 18:25:26   I have a sublease available at The Ramble Apartments from May 17th-August. Rent is $600 ($300 less than what I pay) for a private bedroom/bathroom and personal parking space.

Email me at for more information! Have a happy spring quarter! —CelticsGirl

SUBLEASE-$400 Single Bedroom—June to August—North Davis

Location: Redwood Grove Townhouse (1311 Drake Drive, Davis CA 95616) (i.e. North Davis)
Sublease Period: June to September (may be modified depending on your needs)
Price: $400 (willing to negotiate)
Gender: Female preferred
Housemates: 2 other female tenants (who will most likely be out of town during sublease period)
CONTACT 408-660-7592

FREE Wi-Fi****

Single (upstairs) bedroom in a 3 bedroom townhouse; spacious closet space; shared bathroom; one window; locking door; access to kitchen amenities and laundry room
The location is quiet and landlord is very friendly and accommodating.
Furniture may be provided (if requested)

10 minutes away from campus
Conveniently located near the J (Silo), B and G (M.U.) bus line
Near the Marketplace (easy access to Safeway, CVS, restaurants etc.)
Friendly, safe residential environment

03-04-2013- I have rooms for sublease. 1300 block of Madrone. Lease goes till August with plans to extend
You will be living with a dog and two cats. The lease doesn't allow for more animals
$430 a month + utilities. Immediate move in. Contact me on the wiki Thanks SD

Posted 3/11/13
Location: Pinecrest Apartments
Time Period: July/August 2013 sublease.
Price: $803/month. Upstairs 1 bedroom apt. in quiet location. Lg living room, large bedroom - big enough for 2 people to share. Large walk-in closet with additional closet.

Message me if interested at


SUBLEASING LOFT CHEAP. Monthly $376 ( June 1/3 cost) from June 18th - August 31st. (could be longer if needed)

UC Davis student in need of someone to sublease loft for summer. (have summer research internship at Stanford)

A nice spacious loft (6'6" x 14'11") with a large window.
Furnishing provided if needed. Will have the loft to yourself.
Two housemates will also be living there over the summer. They are quiet and clean. (chores are divided up)
Internet is fast and cheap. $8
PG&E ( avg. $13/person)
Water and trash covered in rent.
Have washer and dryer in the apt complex.

Located in Allegre apts. in south Davis. Quiet neighborhood within walking distance to Safeway, RiteAid, among other stores.
Beautiful bike ride through arboretum into UC Davis campus. 10 minute relaxed ride.
Great Deal don't miss out. Email ( with any questions or for more details. Thank you

Sublease For July and August 2013 on B and 9th St
- Centrally located apartment available for sublease
- 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
- Very safe neighborhood
- Private parking spot
- Walking distance from downtown, university and co-op
- Washer and dryer available
- Motion sensing light outside the apartment
- Free high speed wireless internet exclusive to the apartment (not shared by the complex)
- New refrigerator
- Pets are allowed
- Rent is $975
- Please email me at

03-06-2013 Location: Adobe at Evergreen (by sutter memorial hospital)

Price: $765 for upstairs apartment with balcony, large kitchen, fireplace, large living room, large bedroom big enough for mutiple people, personal bathroom, personal mini fridge, rent includes xfinity high speed wireless internet, PG&E, and 24 hour access to on site gym and pool, parking

03-26-2013 Hello,

The Trees Apartment $350

Hello, I'd recently graduated and need a subleaser for summer. Your own room for $350. The original rent was $450. The Trees Apartments is a quiet and pet friendly complex. It takes around ten minutes to get to school by bike or bus (D and K line). If interested please contact me and I'll gladly provide you with more information!

Contact me at

2013-06-07 03:20:12   Subleasing one bedroom in a 4-bedroom-apartment
avaialable NOW!!! (June — end of August)

The apartment is on 620 Adams St #1 Davis, CA
The room is basically unfurnished. Only the bed frame is in the room.
Shared full bath. Living room and kithchen is spacious.
Rent is $350 a month plus $100 deposite
Total $800 for the period between June to August 31st
$800 Rent is due when move in.







Female or male doesn't matter
Prefer College-age
No pets
No children
No Smoking

My name is John. If you are interesting, please text me at (229)513-4120 or email me at for details

2013-06-07 10:17:08   Looking for a female to take over my part of a shared room in Fountain Circle Apts-North Davis for this summer. Move in anytime after June 15th and move out anytime before Sept 16. Rent is $370. Super spacious and really convenient to shopping centers, bus stops, nature paths and other apt complexes! Please email me if interested! :) sshamapant@ucdavis.eduSmritiShamapant

6-07-13 Hello there! My name is Melissa and I am Math Major transfer student looking for a roommate to rent out the second bedroom in a newly remodeled 2BD 1BTH apartment with a private patio at the Cambridge House Apartments from Aug. 2013-Aug2014. My partner and I will be sharing the Bedroom connected to the bathroom. We are both very easygoing, clean and love to cook. We will have the common areas furnished including 50" flat screen in the living room. I have a small bull dog and cat that will be there too, so being a pet lover is a must :) The room is spacious with sm. walk-in closet. Rent would be $630/mo for private room and full access to kitchen and living room and includes: Washer/Dryer in unit, internet and basic cable, parking.

Apartment Community Features:

Bicycle to UC Davis Campus
Unitrans Bus Lines P,Q,M & A
NEW Dog Park
24-Hour Fitness Center
24-Hour Internet Lounge
24-Hour Game Room
Pool Table
Air Hockey
Ping Pong Table
Resort-Style Pool
BBQ Grilling Areas
2 On-Site Laundry Facilities
Electronic Rent Payment Option
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
Professionally Landscaped Grounds

Check out the website, our unit will be identical to the 2bd 1bth model.

Feel free to contact me any time @(951)3589608

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