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Some people have small furry roommates go missing, but when a larger, rent paying roommate is needed, you can't just hit a pet store or animal shelter. Luckily, the Wiki is here to help. If you're looking for a roommate, tell the world here. Just try to update your notice every now and then, or it will may be deleted to keep the number of active entries down. If you find somebody or no longer are looking to fill the space, please take down your notice! Congrats on your new flatmate!

For other places to find or look for a roomie, check out the Roommate Guide. To the home challenged, here are some people who might have the place you'll next call home:
Please remove posts once a roommate has been found to keep it as up to date as possible and, potentially, to stop people from contacting you about unavailable rooms.  To remove a post, hit the Edit button on the top, scroll down to your post, and delete it.  Please delete it by highlighting it, clicking backspace on your keyboard, and then clicking Save Changes.  Please do not click the Delete option between Check Spelling and Rename because it will delete the whole page. Thanks!
Please avoid getting overly (copy/pasting) descriptive if you live in an apartment complex. A link to said complex will do just fine.

(Note: your advertisements and notices go BELOW the introductory paragraph. Thanks!


A room available in a 2-bedroom apartment at the Atriums Apartment (available mid-Jan 2015)

I have a room available in a spacious 2-bedroom apartment on campus. GREAT LOCATION – across the street from Trader Joe’s, Forever 21, Starbucks, etc., 3-minute walk to the ARC (UC Davis gym) and 3-minute bike to the Memorial Union. The room is available around mid-January, move-in date negotiable (with the possibility to renew for next year). The rent is $650 a month + $20 Internet + ½ PG&E.

You’ll share the living room, kitchen and bathroom with me, a third year female law student. I am friendly, clean, and studious. I am looking for a graduate student who is also clean, respectful, and quiet.

Please contact me at if you are interested. Pictures available upon request.

Looking for a housemate to rent one private bedroom in a 2bd/1bath duplex on Villanova Dr, between Anderson Rd and Oak Ave (5 minute bike ride to UCD and sits along bus routes). Shared bathroom and kitchen with plenty of storage for personal belongings. Features washer & dryer in garage, wood flooring, wall heating & A/C; additional storage possible. Pets negotiable. Ample street parking in front of the property and bike parking in the backyard. No smoking/drugs in house please.
Rent options:
1) $400 per month, plus $400 security deposit, plus 1/3 of utilities/internet (avg $30 monthly), plus split tp/papertowels/cleaning supplies, and shared deep cleaning once a month.
2) $600 per month, no security deposit, utilities/internet included, tp/papertowels/cleaning supplies/deep cleaning included (just clean-after-yourself in shared areas & your room).
Housemates consist of a couple (a 29 y.o. server and a 35 y.o. librarian/kung fu instructor/student), a 2.5 y.o. darling of a girl (who stays over on Tuesday & Friday nights, morning to evening on Monday & Wednesday, and half the day on Saturdays), as well as a sweet and elderly furball (the garage is her domain, but she may wander the house sometimes under her humans' supervision). We are relatively private and quiet, but laidback and friendly (the toddler can be comically social :)
Room is available as of January 1st, 2015, on a month-to-month basis (long-term welcome). If interested and have questions or would like to meet, please call/text Luna at (916)459-0670 or email at We look forward to meeting you :)

Looking for two female roommates! Hi, I will be a second-year next year and I am looking for two female roommates. I am thinking about moving into an apartment near downtown, or somewhere close to campus. I am really friendly, easygoing, and nice. I am not really much of a partier, but I do like to socialize and hang out with people. I am looking for two people that are friendly and not too messy. If interested, feel free to contact me at 650-784-1088.


Roommate Wanted

House Located at Cowell Blvd and Mace Blvd.
$500 for OWN room and shared bath in a 3bd / 2 bath house.

- Room is 144sq ft (12x12 room).
- Wood floors
- Kitchen,
backyard with fruit trees/garden,
Living room,
Studio/Family room.
- garage space
- Washer / Dryer
- Wifi Ready
- Yard Maintainace is taken care of
- Immediate Freeway access

House has refinished wood floors. the bedrooms are much larger than in most davis houses. There is a very separate living room at the entry and a family room / studio off the kitchen.
Current housemates are respectful, one male and a couple who are grad students. Non-smoking, You can smoke outside of course. We are friendly, social, and easy going people looking for similar traits in a housemate. Pets must be discussed with the landlord, currently there is 1 small dog that is in the couple's room most of the time. House is approx 1,596 sq ft with a fenced in backyard on a lot that is 9,583sq ft. Current housemates are relatively quite around the house.

Lease is a 3 month start term, then can be reviewed for a long term afterwards. Monthly cost of internet combined with utilities (waste and PGe) is on average $100/per room ($300 for whole house). This could be lower or higher depending on AC usage and if lights and computers are left on all the time. If interested email us. We look forward to meeting you and showing you the room. Email for pictures or for more information. or text 916-410-6292 Thanks!

Looking for a female roommate!
We are looking for someone to share a room with one of our housemates. We are 3 quiet and studious girls living in a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment. Our apartment is a short 10 – 15 minute walk from campus. There is also a bus stop conveniently located in front of the complex. The rent will be around $325 (tentative) per month plus utilities.
We prefer to have a roommate who:
- Is not a partier
- Non-smoker, non-alcoholic, and does not abuse drugs
- Respectful, considerate, and honest
- Fairly clean and organized
- Will help with the chores and cleaning in the apartment
If you have any questions or need specific details about the apartment, etc., feel free to email us at

Looking for someone to take over my half of a master bedroom in January, either through sublease or replacing me completely. The rent is $398, utilities average $20-30 and internet is $9.50 per person. The lease continues until August 2015, deposit is $300. There will be 2 cats left after I leave (they belong to the hall roommate). The complex is La Salle and is next to J/G bus lines, not too far from campus, and next to the Marketplace plaza. The master and living room are spacious and there is a separate closet and bathroom in the master room that you would be sharing with my current roommate. As for my roomie he is fairly quiet and is not home much.
If you have any questions, you can text me at 530 383 7348 or email

Available immediately!!! A large 14' x 14' bedroom with its own private bathroom in a spacious 4 bdrm townhouse. Rent is $680 a month, plus a $400 security deposit. Other roommates are mixed gender students. Located in Almondwold apartments next to Safeway and the J/G bus lines in north davis. Parking is free. Utilities (Internet and PGE) are about $20-30 a month. Looking for someone to take over my lease until the end of the term (August 2015). Valerie 650-255-7407 or

Looking for a female to sublease my apartment for winter, spring, and summer quarter!
It is a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a lovely kitchen. You would be sharing a room and bathroom with one other girl. There are also two other girls in the apartment. It comes furnished! It is walking distance from Safeway, Savemart and many other restaurants. The apartment is in the Chautauqua complex and is a short bus ride/bike ride from campus. There is a gym and pool readily available and it is right next to the Greenbelt! Rent is $477.75 which includes internet.
Email me at if you're interested!

Hello My name is Vishnupriya. I'm an Indian GSP student coming to UC Davis for the Winter quarter 2015. I'm really friendly and very flexible. I'm looking forward to a great quarter and I'm looking for housing. Shared/single room anything would do and I'd prefer furnished. I require it only from Jan 2015- March 2015(end). I'm willing to pay upto 600$ per month. If someone is looking for a room mate. Contact me. :)
My email ID:


Hi my name is Karen ! I live in University Village Apartment homes. I'm looking for a roommate ASAP !!! For January 1 2015 !! 3 rooms apartment, One room for rent $600 plus PG&E and deposit. Gym, pool, game room, laundry machine inside apartment!!! Contact me for more details thanks !!!! —Karenherrera

J street apartment room available. Subleasing from Jan 2015-Aug 2015 the master bedroom. Everything renovated. Living room furniture included and kitchen supplies included. Rent is $400 if sharing master room and $637.50 if single person. Total rent is $1275 so split in half or thirds. My friendly roommate live in room next door. Utilities included. For more information contact or 9167921665. Thanks.


LIVING ROOM AVAILABLE December 2014 - August 2015
Hi there! I am female student looking for someone to replace my part of the lease.
It is a 1 bed and 1 bath and you will have a place in the living room and your own closet for only $250 + pg&e & internet bills.
You must be someone who is somewhat organized with minimal belongings.
You'll be sharing the apartment with 2 other housemates and 2 cats.
And as stated before, this is a 420 friendly apartment so only consider if you are 420 friendly yourself.
Please contact me if you are interested.


I have to move out of my house and am looking for someone to fill my spot! I live on 5th and F street, which is a great location because it is downtown and very close to campus. Preferably looking for a girl to replace my spot, but am okay with a guy as well. Looking for someone who is chill, is pretty into school, but okay with some noise in the house. The house is very quaint and comfortable with wood floors, a washer and drier in the house, spacious kitchen and living room area, and a large bathroom. For your own room and water included, rent is $800. If you truly are interested but this is a little on the steep side financially, maybe I can cover some of the cost; just have to move out soon :)

Email me at for further information/pictures.

Hello, I am arriving to Davis on January 2015 and I am looking for some place to live and some roomies. I am a 24 male grad student from Mexico; I will do a research stay in UC Davis. I am friendly, kind, clean and relaxed person. Also I love partying on weekends. I am willing to pay max $650. If you have any questions or want to contact me, here is my email: and my facebook page:




I have a HUGE room in College Square apartments and my roommate will be moving out after fall quarter. The rent is $800 for the room, so it is $400 each a month. I am hoping to graduate and move out after Winter Quarter, so either you would have the room to yourself after that, or I would find someone to take my spot.
The apartment is really nice, it was just redone and has all new kitchen appliances and hardwood floors. The room is more than big enough for two people and has a ton of closet space.
The apartment also has a nice gym and 24 hour study center and is super close to campus and downtown.

Email me at if you are interested!

Elizabeth Cole


Looking for sublease

Hey there! I'm looking for a place to stay in January, continuing through Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters on 2015. I don't smoke or drink, and am quiet and like to keep to myself so I'm not barging in on anyone, but I'd be more than happy to get together and study if you're majoring in Animal Science! I'm not allergic to any animals, and am tolerant of noise in case you're the type of person who enjoys an active party-going habit. Preferably looking for rent that totals under 600$/month, including amenities.
Contact me at (415) 988-5689, or email

Happy early Halloween!
Jacky Tong


Roommate Wanted

Looking for a roommate. I am a 20 year old male living at Silverstone apartments. Rent is $550/month plus utilities (would end up being another $40-50). You get your own room, but we share a bathroom. Looking for a fellow UC Davis student. For questions or more info you can contact me at

I'm an Brazilian 17 year old girl looking for a place to stay on January. I'm going to study English for Science and Techlogy for 4 weeks.
I am looking for nice people to share an apartment or house with. I am looking forward to make new friends there. I enjoy going to the gym and taking a healthy life. I don't smoke, I like pets and I'm an outgoing and easygoing person. I like to go out, visit new places and go to parties on the weekends, so I won't be usually at home.
I hope you guys can help me.
You can contact me by email at or whatsapp 55 34 99443252
Best regards,
Mariana Ribeiro

Have you noticed why you may not be getting calls for your rental here? You 've provided an INCORRECT PHONE NUMBER.
You didn't provide an email either. Please change the phone number below to your number! Thanks.


Two-story 3 bedroom/1.5 bathroom townhouse located near Cowell/Mace Blvds with private patio is located South Davis near UCD, I-80, P/Q bus lines, grocery markets, restaurants, parks and schools (all within a short walk or bike ride). Full use of kitchen, including washer/dryer within complex, Wi-Fi, Cable TV, sparkling pool/large jacuzzi, clubhouse with fireplace. Quiet & excellent student living. Month to month agreement. (There are two other occupants.)

Bedroom #3 - Private furnished bedroom with a double bed, nightstand, lamp & dresser, monthly rent is $575.00, utilities included. Available NOW!! Non-smoker, Bilingual (Spanish/English) male preferred. $125.00 security deposit required. Rental fee is non-negotiable.

If you are interested in seeking additional information or an appointment to view the room, please feel free to contact Eva @ 530-400-5661


Hello! I live in the Ellington Apartments in a 2-story 4-bedroom apartment. I am looking for someone to move into my room (master bedroom), which is 175 sq. ft. and take over my portion of the lease (which runs through Aug 15, 2015). The room has two closets, its own sink, vanity, and storage space with a door to the bathroom, which is shared with one other person. My roommates are all awesome and super chill, but I am going to be teaching English abroad so I am going to be moving. They are looking for someone who is clean, quiet, courteous and friendly. They all typically hang out together/watch movies/ drink beer on the weekends. You are able to move in by the end of the month. Ideally, they are looking for another girl, but if you are a guy and are cool, then there can be an exception. The other roommates are 2 guys and 1 girl plus one cat. I am also willing to sell any of the furniture/room decor in my room (including tv) if you are interested. Rent is $498 a month plus bills, which are approximately $75 (which include PG&E, AUM, filtered water that is delivered biweekly, fast internet, and renter's insurance). The apartment complex has a laundry-mat, pool, hot tub, and work out room. Currently they are adding a computer/study room.

Please email me at:
or text me at 956-299-0965


SEEKING ROOMMATE FOR LARGE SHARED ROOM! The apartment is a two bed and one bath at college square apartments. Rent is 370$ plus utilities, you would be sharing a large master bedroom with one other person.

Call/ text : (925) 305-3115 or email for more info!


Hi! Renting a very large room (large enough for a queen bed, entertainment system, dresser, and desk) to clean, respectful housemate(s). The house is new, clean, quiet, 4bd/2.5 bath, has all the amenities, no pets, no smoking, and is 12 minutes from campus. It would be a perfect match for a grad student or professional!
$600/mo including ALL utilities and extra storage space.
Room is available Oct 1st.
Please email me with any questions. Thanks!


Roommate or housing wanted!

Hi I am a 25 year old Swedish student who will be studying at UC Davis from september until new years. I have not found a place to stay yet so I am hope that you guys can help me. I am an easygoing fun guy who really enjoys the roommate situation. I am used to travelling and living with others so that wont be a problem. I am intrested in every kind of housing since I can not afford to be picky. So if you want to spice up your living situation with a friendly Swede or just want to help me out please contact me.

Have an awesome day!
Martin Wiseen



Hi guys! My name is Rubén Martín, I am a 25 year old guy from Spain. Is anyone planning to arrive by the second week of september? I am looking for nice people to share an apartment with. No matter nationality, age and gender.

I am polite and chillout guy who tries to enjoy the life and meet new people. I'm going to study english in a 10 week program, but I will plan to come back after Christmas. I like to go out, visit new places and go to parties on the weekends, so I won't be usually at home.

Send me an email if you are interested. Best regards

Downtown Davis temporary sublease 9/1-10/14!! Directly across street from Farmers Market (2x/week), within walking distance of bars, food, and UC Davis campus. Very social surrounding environment, but quiet space to live.

**Important Details!

- seeking only GIRL subleaser (sorry boys..)
- Duplex is 2BR/1 Bath—*but only subleasing 1 room
- Price can vary depending on move in/out date
- My roommate who you would share space with is Vet student at Davis (great gal)
- Includes parking spot
- Washer/Dryer
- HUGE backyard with bonfire pit, table, lighting
- furnished, but can create space if you have belongings/furniture to store

Name : Amanda
Phone: 916-606-9477—call me and we will talk!
E-mail :

I am a male visiting scholar lives in Chesnutplace (1615 E.8th ST).
The apartment including 2 bedrooms,1 living room and kitchen. The facility include parking lot,laundry room,swimming pool.
I am looking for a roomie from September-December.
Rent price is $460/month.
If you are interested, please contact with me.
I am quite and open-mined.
Contact info:
Name: Fuzhi Zhang

Hey all! Im looking for someone to take over my lease at Greystone Apartments.

2505 5th. St. Davis,CA 95616

Room Stats:

-11x13 room in a 4 bedroom townhouse
-washer/drier in apartment
-24/7 gym and study lounge
-25 yard lap pool
-daily shuttle to campus
-Housemates: 3 male students
-Price: $578 per/month

Contact me if you're interested


Hey guys! My name is Hannah, I am a 27 year old female who will be starting in the Microbiology doctorate program in the fall. I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Woodland, which is about a 10-15 minute drive to UC Davis. I have two rooms for rent. I would also prefer a roommate who is also in a graduate program. I am friendly and respectful of personal space/belongings. I'm not interested in throwing crazy parties, but small get-togethers are fine. I do drink, so alcohol is fine, but nonsmokers, please. I do have a cat and I would not be opposed to adding another cat or small animal to the mix. No dogs, though.

The house itself is brand-new, located in a small subdivision. You would have your own bathroom and the possibility of garage parking. All new appliances, including a washer/dryer. The rent is $650/month, which includes all utilities, including cable/internet.

If you are interested, please contact me at 509-301-3047 or I can also send you some pictures of the house.

I am looking for a male grad. student.
Place: Atrium apartments/ 2 bed rooms/ Rental fee would be about 630 dollars without gas, electricity, and internet
Time Period: 2014-2015(lease starts on Sep. 1st)
Please call me 213 590 1016 or email me( for more details.

p.s. I will be a nice roommate!! please call me asap if you are interested :)

Thank you so much!!


Hey guys! I'm looking for two or three girls to move in with me into this awesome Davis townhouse for only $525/month! Check out my craigslist posting here:


~~~Shared room available~~
Time period: 2014-2015 school year
Location: Aspen village in west davis
Price: ~$350 for shared
Females only
Housemates: me and 2 other girls
Floor plan: 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment

Other details:
Parking is free
Runs on the D, K, P and Q lines
The apartment is fully furnished
You'd be sharing a room, bathroom and walk in closet with me

Feel free to message me at


Hiiii :) Myself and a roomate are looking for a room to rent for the following days: Aug 15ish-Sep 6. Our lease does not start until Sep. 6; thus, the strange dates. If you think you can accommodate for these days I would apreaciate it. You can email me at:

Best Regards,
Look forward to hearing from y'all


Place available: Fountain Circle in North Davis
Time: September 2014- August 2015
Location: ~1 mile away from campus in north Davis, right across the street from CVS and Safeway. There's a bike path that goes straight to campus and its about a 10 min bike ride.
Number of rooms available: 3
Price: Varies depending on if you want to double up in a room or not and the size of the room. If no doubles: 690$ , 660$, 620$. If double: 400$ each (doubled room), 620$, 550$.
Gender: Male
Quiet people preferred
Contact me for any questions!
Here is the floor plan that you would be living in [WWW]



Hello all,

I am currently looking for a roommate to share a flat with. I am a 25-year-old Finnish student coming to UC Davis for the fall quarter (mid September-December). I am majoring in Finance. This is my last year at the uni. If interested please contact me by sending an e-mail I would be looking for a single room with a rent around 500-800$ per month. Additionally, it would be great if the apartment was already equipped with all the necessities (furniture, kitchen, mattress etc.)

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail for further inquiries. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Location: close to campus
Time: 'Now - 8/30/14'
Price: 199/ Shared (I paid $300 before)
Gender preference: girls only
Housemates: 2 males, 1 female will share the large master room 16" x 11" with you.
Bus E line is in front our apartment, and bus L is very close too.
10 mins bike to MU
Furnished with bed, desk and chair.
Safeway, grocery outlet, and CVS are nearby.
study room, fitting room, swimming pool and laundry room are on site
and free print on office.

**********SEEKING ROOMMATES***********
Place: Sharps and Flats in South Davis
Time Period: September 2014-2015
Price: single $690 or if you choose to share with a friend or find a roommate it will only be $345 NOT INCLUDING UTILITIES
Gender Preference: Females
Please message me if you have any questions!


We are looking for one more member to complete a 4 bedroom apartment at Adobe apartments in West Davis. My 2 roommates and I need one more person to fill the 4 bedroom apartment for this upcoming school year. The lease begins on September 1, 2014 and runs 12 months. Each person has their own bedroom, and own bathroom. The rent is $700 per month and you would also need to contribute 1/4 toward utilities. We are all males who are friendly and love sports. We are easy to get along with. We are not super clean, but we are also not super messy. We do not smoke, so we would prefer a non smoker.

Having lived in a single room exactly like this last year at Adobe, I can say that the single room is actually very nice and spacious, and includes its own microwave and mini fridge. The room is furnished. Adobe is conveniently located very close to the on ramp to Highway 113 and a local Safeway. Biking to campus is about 1.5 miles or so.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in renting out our last room. You can contact me via a text or call/voicemail at 530-262-8370, or you can email me at


I'm looking for a room for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.
I'm a female, clean, friendly, and don't smoke.
Feel free to call or text me at 408-455-4051.
Thank you!



Hi, I'm a male 22 year old Davis student going into my senior year. I am very clean and organized. I will only need the bedroom for 6 weeks during summer session two so if you have a room you are looking to sublease during that time, please contact me. Thank you!

My number is 925-787-1477. Please feel free to call or text me.

Thanks again!


Hi I'm Eric a 22 Male UC Davis student looking for a room around $350-$450 a month if possible. I am clean and quiet and don't smoke or drink. I'm in need of a place to rent for summer session 2 and/or 2014-2015 school year.
Please Contact me at : emai@ucdavis edu
Thank you

Looking for a MALE roommate that doesnt drink, smoke or own pets to fill in empty bedroom unfurnished. You will have your own room but will have to share a bathroom. The apartment is located in the heart of central davis and just a mile away from campus and blocks away from downtown. Features a swimming pool, private laundry, plenty of parking, free wifi and a balcony. Rent is $ 540/mo + $250 security deposit. Available for school year 2013-2014.

7/21/2014 Hi my name is Ken, 21, and I am looking for a roommate to share a 2 bed 1 bath apartment. I haven't found a place yet but am willing to live pretty much anywhere except East Davis. I will be looking for apartments the whole week and will visit them on Friday.

If you want to join me contact me at

Hi, my name is Javier from Colombia. I'm a Ph.D. student and I'm looking for a bedroom for few days, from 9 to 23 september because I have a short stay in UC Davis. I'm quiet, not smoke, not drink, I very interested to get something near to UC Davis. If someone is interested please email me


Hi my name is Janae. I am a 27 year old art teacher. I found a great 2 bed 2 bath place within 10 minutes of UCDavis and I am looking for a roommate. Rent is about 670.00 depending on how we split things. The apartment has a pool, laundry inside, your own bathroom, game room, gym and more. i would love to meet up and see if we are compatible. I have not signed the lease yet because I want a roommate before I do so. I will be in Davis this Saturday to meet and we can go from there. I need to move in in August, but if you need to love in september we can figure something out. I work a lot and it is my top priority, so I need a clean home to come home to that is NOT a party house. I would like to live with another young professional that doesnt have more than one pet. give me a call 530 4403713

SUB-LEASE until August 31, 2014


I am transferring out of Davis and I am subleasing a room for the summer starting any day during month of July till -August 31 2014. Rent is $22 per day including all utilities and parking space. Room will contain your own bathroom and walk-in closet. Utilities: Electricity, Water, and Internet (14-Mbps) Furnished: Includes refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, Full-Size bed and frame, 4 large drawers, desk and chair, sofa and TV, washer and dryer inside the apartment!!! The apartment offers a study room with free printing and a large pool, a theater, BBQ area, full gym, and a video game center. Very close to campus, 5-minute bike ride. The apartment is in a good quality, and the front office is really nice. This has been a great apartment complex to live in, nice relaxed environment. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a private message.
Phone: 650-288-8515


Hi, my name is Mike and I am returning to school after 15 years. I’m looking for a private room to rent, starting in September, for the 2014-2015 school year around $550 a month. I am a very laid back, responsible person who doesn’t smoke or party. If you have a room please email me at

"Want place to live from Sep 2014 - Jan 2015"


My name's Peter, living in Hong Kong and going to be an exchange student in Economic from 10 Sep 2014 to 09 Jan 2015 at UC Davis. I'm looking for housing somewhere within biking distance of campus. I am clean and quiet. If you have an apartment to sub-lease or roommate to fill, please contact me! I am flexible on price, please email ( me ASAP.

Peter Au

Hello everyone, My name is Joe, 22 yrs old, I'm looking for a short term lease at least 6-months maybe longer depending. I'm looking for my own room preferably my own bathroom as well.

I don't drink or smoke. Willing to help around the house. I'm friendly and outgoing. I'm looking for a place asap!

Please contact me at-

Hi! My name is Henrique, male, 21yo and Mech Eng. major. I'm an International Student from Brazil. I'm looking for a room around $300 if shared and not over $500 if single just for Fall only (close to campus).
I drink but I don't smoke. I do like pets in general, but I prefer dogs. I'm also down to follow a sort of to do list for cleaning the house and stuff.
Outgoing housemates preferred :)

Every offer will be considered.



Hello! My name is Tristan, I am looking for someone who would be interested in sharing a room in the uc davis area for the 2014-2015 academic year! I have a few places lined up in 2x2 apts preferably in the woodland area, which is about a 10 minute commute to the central davis campus. I am male 21 smoke and drink will be ok, although no cigarettes inside! Don't care if you are male or female because we will not have to share a bathroom only living room and kitchen. I will be a very chill roommate, however I am a chem major so I will be studying a lot soo no major parties at least not 24/7 lol! rent is looking like it will be in the 500-600 range depending on a few details such as parking, master bedroom, and utilities, etc... I am in the Davis area until sunday 6/22 so if you are around call me asap! otherwise I live in so cal... Don't let that stop you though!! don't hesitate to call or text or email. I look forward to meeting you!! Cell is 805 980 88 one one or email me at tdubois at

Hello I am a 21 year old male student looking for a roommate and place to live. My current lease in Davis ends on August 15 and I'll only be needing a room through December. I am a fairly regular individual, no funny business.

Thanks, daniel olds


"Looking for a place to live in 2014-2015 school year starting Fall 2014"

My name's Dylan, and I'm going to be a master's student in Environmental Engineering starting Fall 2014 at UC Davis. I'm looking for housing somewhere within biking distance of campus, preferably a single room. I am clean, quiet, and I cook fairly often. If you need a roommate to fill an extra room in your house, please contact me! No gender preference on roommates. I am slightly allergic to cats. I am flexible on price, please email me ASAP

Dylan Cawthorne

Great deal for housing for 2014-15 School year!
Looking for two roommates to take over ONE of TWO bedrooms at Anderson and Drake! Beautifully remodeled townhouse with two stories, one and half bathrooms, huge kitchen and cozy living room. Pool area with hot tub, gym and study lounge included in this housing community. Will be sharing the townhouse with two other girls in one room, and another in your room is you so choose. You can either:
1) Share a room for 400 which included utilities, wifi and cable
2)have your own room for around 650 which includes utilities wifi and cable

Email me at for more info!

June 14, 2014

Living room within 5mins' walk to campus available for Sep, 2014-Aug, 2015, only $350/month

Hi all, we are 2 female grad students(CS+physics) looking for someone to occupy our living room at University Court, which is right next to University Mall with Trader Joe's, Forever 21, World market, Rite Aid and lots restaurants available within 2 mins' walk. Bus line is right downstairs. The apartment we signed is on the third floor, ideally quiet and no worry about the bugs. My roommates and me are very quiet, polite, studious and easy-going, most of the times we won't interfere you in the public area, sometimes we cook at weekends but we are willing to share with you if you want.

Feel free to contact me and ask more by wxn.chn at or iMessage 530-304-6205( no text receivable after Jun 20)

ALSO, don't forget to tell me that you read this on davis wiki. Thanks!

I'm a female Economics senior looking to sublease for the 2014 Fall quarter. I'm also willing to team up with others to look for a place. I don't smoke, I'm not loud, not a huge party person but I won't lock myself away and never hang out with you, and I don't have pets. I don't mind male or female roommates. Other things about me: I like writing, drawing, Netflix, and video games.

If at all interested, please contact me at (415) 290-3951. Hope to hear from you!

June 12,2014

Hi all-

My name is Stephen Yost and I'm looking for a graduate roommate for 2014-2015 in the Atriums graduate housing complex. I'm a male, 31 years old pursuing a master's in mechanical engineering. Rent is ~650. Please contact me for more details at 916-765-9817

- Stephen

June 9th 2014
Available June 13th:

I am looking to sublease my room in a 2 bedroom apartment until the beginning of Fall 2014 (Sept. 25-30 or any shorter period). There is one male occupant in the other room

Everything is clean and fully furnished; the place is located on 8th and D streets (10 minute walk from campus, on the path of bus line L)

I'm looking to get $400 a month for the room. Internet (25 mbps) is included in the price.

If interested, please text or call me at (nine four nine - two zero five - nine four seven seven)

Hi my name is Kristin, I am moving into the dorms mid June to study for the Mcat. I need two roommates to sublease my 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment until August my current rent is 1140, 912 sq ft. Large Walk-in-Closet. I have a washer and dryer onsite and this unit has a brand new dishwasher. It is really a nice unit on the fist floor located at Alhambra apts. I have pics. My apartment will also allow me to terminate my lease and allow someone else to sign a new year lease if that is your preference. please email me for more info. [WWW]

Thank you Kristin

My name is Jordan Griesa. I am transferring out of davis and I am subleasing my apartment for the summer starting June 1st 2014-August 31 2014. The apartment is on 801 J street college square apartments room 50. I have one roomate with her own room. She is kind and very clean, not really home a lot so you would have the place to yourself. The room is avaliable for 500$ huge room and the biggest closet I have ever had. The apartment is a 8 Minute bike ride to the campus.
There is free high speed comcast internet because I will continue to pay your share of it.
Email at or text at 530-845-4684

June 3 2014,
Hi my name is Karunya and I am a female 4th year undergrad at UC Davis. I am looking for a room to sublease for fall quarter only. Please contact me if you have a room available just for fall quarter.

June 1st, 2014

Hello, my name is Jérôme, I'm French, I'm 37 yr, I'm married and have 2 children.
I will work in Davis this August 2014 (8/8 => 8/28), and I search a roommate.
I'm looking for a furnished room.
I'm clean, easy to live, calme and would like to meet new people and improve my english.
I don't know the Davis city and I will work on the Mace Blvd.
If you have a room for rent and you want to meet me, contact me at

June 1, 2014

Summer housing at The Colleges available! Perfect location!

I am currently looking for one female to sublease from Mid June to August. The apt is in the perfect location...literally right across from campus, the ARC, and right next to the Rec pool. It's a short walk away from Trader Joe's, Forever 21, and Rite Aid. Parking is free, wifi is free! The room is shared but you two would be the only ones in the apt. Please email if interested! :)

You will have 2 female apartment-mate. Either male or female is okay. During Summer there will be only one apartment-mate. The rent is $690. The price is negotiable. The room is currently furnished. I can sell you the furniture at low price or remove the furniture before you move in.

Please Feel free to contact me for more details or to ask any questions!
Also see:

Great Affordable room for rent near UCD campus $450 (sublease)
has a build in desk, drawers, and shelves perfect for the studious student
available June
Please view the craigslist add and let me know if you are interested.



Subleasing 1 bedroom (male or female) from June 14-August 31 2014.
Apartment is a 3 bedroom with 1 other male and 1 other female roommate.

Aspen Village Apartments
Address: 2323 shasta dr. (5 min from campus)

Price: $530/month (June is free)

Please contact for more info.

location: Anderson Court
Price: 400 shared or 600 single
Gender preference: Girls only
Housemates: 2 girls
beautiful 2 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse very close to campus
multiple bus lines stop there
market right across the street
2 pools and Jacuzzi
laundry and fitness center
contact: for more info :)


My name is Jordan Griesa. I am transferring out of davis and I am subleasing my apartment for the summer starting June 1st 2014-August 31 2014. The apartment is on 801 J street college square apartments room 50. I have one roomate with her own room. She is kind and very clean, not really home a lot so you would have the place to yourself. The room is avaliable for 515$ huge room and the biggest closet I have ever had. The apartment is a 8 Minute bike ride to the campus.
There is free high speed comcast internet because I will continue to pay your share of it.

If you are interested my email is and my phone number is (530) 845-4684 call or text me whenever.

$500/month LARGE BEDROOM AVAILABLE JUNE 15-AUGUST 31 at Alhambra Apartments for summer sublease (Exact date is negotiable)
***REDUCED RENT (previously $550)!!***


-Own bathroom
-Walk in closet
-WSG paid
-W/D in unit
-Dogs/cats welcome (though there will not be any here when you move in)
-One friendly housemate
-PG&E is about $22/month each for two people
-Internet is $25/month each for two people
-No gender preference, you can share (which would make bills less)

Your own large bedroom with walk in closet and large bathroom at only $500 month. Lease is up August 31, but you are more than welcome to renew. I am graduating and need to move out of Davis for the summer. This has been a great apartment complex to live in, nice relaxed environment. You will have your own very large bathroom and a walk in closet. Water/sewage/trash included in the rent, however pg&e and internet are separate, but usually is only $30-$40 dollars a month together. Give me a shout out if interested, call or text me at (949) 456-2479, or shoot me an e-mail at

You can also visit the apartments website at ([WWW]


May 27th 2014
I am looking for the male apartment mate for coming year (14-15) and summer 14. We are located at Russell Park which is right beside the school campus. As of now, I and another person will be staying and we have a room vacant.
Its an apartment with 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The price is $500 for a month plus utilities fees.
If interested, please contact me at


My name is Natalie, and I’m trying to sublease my apartment for the summer, June July and August through the 31st in the Alhambra Apartment Complex in East Davis. It is a three bedroom apartment, which will be empty for the summer. The apartment will be furnished, the bedroom will not be. The rent is $520 a month, plus cable and PG&E which are typically around $20 a month each. The parking is really easy, no permits or designated spots and they are all very close to the apartments. It is pet friendly and includes a washer/dryer unit. Please let me know if you are still interested or want more information!
Thank you,
Natalie Farrell


Hey everyone!

My name is Kayla and I am moving up to Davis from southern California. I'm looking to live with one or two people in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom/ or 3 bedroom apartment (if there are more people). I am really easy going, non-smoker, and tidy person. I enjoy hanging out with people, love to hike, and am very passionate about traveling. I am a young professional now, but plan on getting my Master's degree in the next year or two.

I prefer to have my own room and bathroom and pay between $500 and $650. If it is lower in price, great! I am really excited to move to the area and am hoping to meet new people!

Please contact me at if you are looking for a roommate.
I plan on moving up there in the month of June or July.



Hello! My name is Kaela and I am a female incoming PhD student looking for a place to live with other graduate students for the 2014-2015 school year. I am a neat, non-smoker and allergic to dogs (but love cats). I am friendly, very laid-back, studious, and will need a quiet environment at night to keep up with coursework.

Preferences: My own room, rent under $700, and I have a car and would need someplace to park it. Looking for a lease that starts in September. Not picky about whether it is a house, townhouse, or apartment.

Contact me: kaelasvogel(at)gmail(dot)com

Hi my name is Kristin, I am moving into the dorms mid June to study for the Mcat. I need two roommates to sublease my 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment until August my current rent is 1140. I have a washer and dryer onsite and this unit has a brand new dishwasher. It is really a nice unit on the fist floor located at Alhambra apts. I have pics. My apartment will also allow me to terminate my lease and allow someone else to sign a new year lease if that is your preference. please email me for more info. [WWW]

Thank you Kristin


Seeking female roommate for 1 bedroom 1 loft Russell Park Apts from 8/2014 - 9/2015.

- The loft is all yours. I have my own bedroom.
- Right on campus
- The loft is 13’ * 14’ with a big window and two wardrobes
- Spacious living room
- Shared bathroom
- Air conditioner
- Free parking
- Long/short terms rent are both okay but long term rent preferred.
- Rent is $540 + utility/2 (around $20+ per person)
- Can moving in between Aug and Sept, 2014

I’m quite easy going, quiet, and neat.

See floor plan here (The loft of 1*1 w/loft Davis Apt)

Please contact me at if interested :)

Looking for a roommate. I am living in a duplex. One $700 large room and private bathroom available. ~$40 utilities per month.
My name is Lauren, I'm a female art grad. I would prefer living with a female, maybe 22, but I am flexible!
-link to my craigslist ad!!


Very large room with private bathroom and sliding glass door, available starting July 1st ($590). Can be shared between two people if you want to have a roommate.
-10 minute walk downtown
-Month to month lease
-Short bike ride to campus
-Near A,L,P/Q bus lines.
-Close to grocery stores.
-Large backyard with garden space
-Washer/dryer on site.
If interested, please contact me at casagerdahl(at)


I am an incoming transfer student (graduate '16). I am 25 years old and have already transferred once as an art major (photo and graphic design). This time I will be a statistics/econ major. I am looking for a roommate for the 2014/2015 school year. I am a gay male and would like to find an LGBT roommate if possible (or somebody very comfortable with this). I am looking for a single room, and tend to be on the quieter side (i like a place conducive to work and sleep). I am totally open to a fun, friendly living environment though. im not too serious, just not big on huge parties at home.

Im looking for a single room but otherwise open to various accommodations.


Just signed the lease to our apartment! We (me and 2 other girls) are still looking for one more roommate!
Where: Sharps and Flats Apt
When: 2014-2015 school year
Around 340 per month for a shared room and 15$ for utilities!
The apt complex is super nice!!!
Email me at

Roommate wanted for 2014-2015 school year

I have a room in a 2Bd 1Bth at Cambridge House Apartments that will be available September (Female, single occupancy only). The room is spacious, will be fully furnished(Queen bed & desk, if you'd prefer your own that can be arranged but same price reguardless) and has a small walk-in closet. The apartment is a remodeled unit and is also fully furnished, all you would need is your own cookware, dishes and silverware. We also have our very own washer and dryer so no need to use the laundry facility.

I am a fourth year math major and my Gf is a Biochem Major, we will be shareing one of the rooms. We are both very mature, clean, tidy and respectful. We both are fulltime students and we also work part-time. I have two dogs, a toy mix and an english bulldog. They are well trained and kept in the kitchen when we are not home. We keep our apartment very clean, it is a place to relax and study (No Parties Nor Loud Music, and Limited Company Only).

Ideally we are looking for a responsible roomate who would fit right in with that.

Rent would be $665 flat this includes;
all utilities (water,trash, pg&e),
cable and internet (we have our own wifi set up)
Parking pass, if you wanted a reserved space it is an additional $25.

Also full access to the apartment amenities:
■24-Hour Fitness Center
■24-Hour Internet/Study Lounge
■24-Hour Game Room
■Pool Table
■Air Hockey
■Ping Pong Table
■Resort-Style Pool
■BBQ Grilling Areas
■24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
■Professionally Landscaped Grounds

You can choose to;
Drive 7-10 min depending on lights.
■Bicycle to UC Davis Campus (about 15 min)
■Unitrans Bus Lines P,Q,M & A

Feel free to browse the apartment website for pictures of the complex.
We are close to Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Dollar Store.

If you are interested, contact me, Melissa @(951)358-9608 or Alex @ (951)259-1186

Looking for a private room for the 1st of July 2014 and hopfully til 30th of June 2015, around $400/mo with utilites. I'm a Male and would be coming from Costa Rica on the 1st of July, so having a place to crash the same day would be nice. Since I'm coming from out of the country, I would be looking for a place that has a washing a drying maching, fridge, kitchen and maybe a bed, because I can't take any of these things on the plane. An apartment close to campus and supermarkets will help significantly until I can get a bike since I would be walking most of the time.

I'm very calm, don't smoke and rarely drink, and usually just play video games on my computer on my free time.

Anyone interested please contact me at: alddo.cj (a)

ROOMMATE SEARCHING!!! Need a female roommate ASAP!!!:) College Square Apartments. Free fitness room, study room, printing, and parking. The price is $482.50 every month. Contact me for more information at 2092755679 or

Two (Single!) rooms available starting June and July.
We are seeking two people to fill two different rooms. One becomes available June 1st at $320/month and the other on July 1st at $294/month. You would be sharing the house with 3 other college-age people (4 people total) who are working and attending school most of the time, so the house is usually fairly quiet. Both rooms have closet space. The July room is small, but fits my bed and furniture in it comfortably. Features private sliding glass door access to the backyard! The June room is slightly bigger.
-Rent: only $295 or $320/month!
-Tenants pay water/sewer/garbage fees. Usually comes to about $30/month per person.
-PG&E, Internet, and cable come to about $48/month per person.
-Month to month lease (meaning you can move out any time)
-House will be shared with 3 other people.
-Bathroom will be shared with two people.
-No cats/dogs. Small pets can be discussed with landlord.
-Must be able to move in by June 1st or July 1st depending which room you take. Will be charged first/last month's rent and deposit.
Cool features:
-Backyard access in room one of the rooms.
-Backyard is large, features covered patio and a garden area.
-Close to A, L, Q/P bus lines.
-10 Minute walk to downtown Davis.
-Short bike ride to campus.
-Close to Safeway and Grocery Outlet stores.

Please email me at casagerdahl(at)
In your email, please confirm that you are a real person by referencing one of the "details" or "cool features" listed. Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you!

Hi everyone! I'm an incoming grad student (24 year old girl) in Animal Behavior at UCD and I'm looking for one or more other grad students to share an apartment or house with for the 2014-15 school year. I'm fine living with either girls or guys. I'm friendly, easy-going, clean, and very studious, but I do like to have some fun on the weekends. I'd like to live relatively close to campus (within 1.5 miles) and ideally the rent would be $700 or less per person. I also have a very social and playful cat named Twiggy so I need to live in a pet-friendly apt/house. My cat gets along really well with other cats/dogs, so I'd love to live with other pets too! Call or email me if you're also looking for a roommate. (231)632-7185 or

Looking for a room to sublease for Fall quarter 2014 only. I am male engineering student who is clean and organized.

Hi! I will be a first-year graduate student in Environmental Engineering at UC Davis starting in Fall 2014. I'm looking for a room (preferably a single one) available starting September 1st. I'm a male and I'd prefer to live in an apartment or house with other guys to keep rent down (preferably around or below $600). I have a car but I would prefer to bike to campus. I'm clean, quiet, and studious. So if you need a housemate for this fall hit me up at my email and we can figure something out!

Need 1 roommate $580! More info, click on links below. Prefer UC Davis students plz. Good luck hunting! - ST


4/14/14 Hi, all! I'm a kind, clean, studious girl from China and will be a graduate student in UC Davis from FALL 2014. So I'm looking for a room (either a shared one or a single one) available from Sept, with a washer and a dryer in the unit, free wifi. Rent below $500/mo including utilities. If you have that kind of room, plz contact ASAP!

Female Roommate needed A.S.A.P or we can discuss when you need housing

You will be sharing the apartment with two other female roommates.The room you will be renting will be a master bedroom that has it's own bathroom inside for only $633.21 plus 15$ pg&e. The apartment is well furnished so you don't need to buy anything except for your room. However I will be selling my bedroom room furniture for a reasonable price if you are interested . Aside from that, the apartment has three bus lines 2 minute away that will bring you to campus in a few minutes or it's a 10 minute bike ride to campus , there's a supermarket , dollar store and places to eat five minute walk away. Behind our complex there's also a nice trail where you can either run,walk or bike around. If interested or have any other. Questions please don't be afraid to contact me . Email:
Phone : 7863567794
Apt website:[WWW]


Location: Arlington Farms
Time period: Sept 2014 - Sept 2015
Pricing: $2270
Rooms: Shared room with two walk-in closets (about $900, or 450 shared)
Single room with walk in closet ( about 580)
Single room with walk in closet and bathroom (about 700)
Housing includes water, sewage, and garbage.
Location is very convenient to D and K bus stops and a bike path that leads straight to campus.
Amenities include a study lounge, kitchen, and a swimming pool and hot tub.


4/06/14 =======Looking for a private room within 10mins' bike distance from the campus==========

Hi all, I will be a first year female graduate student from 2014 fall quarter. Currently looking for an independent room near the campus. I don't have a car so that distance is a big consideration for me. I'm studious, quiet, polite and easy-going. My major is computer science, so sometimes I may stay up quite late into night. Private room will be most suitable for me, or living room in 1b/1r. Better not go over $600/m. If you have a room to fill out please contact me ASAP with or text 530-304-6205. Thanks.

Option of having a shared room ($387) or single room ($774). The Colleges. Please text or call me at (426) 632-89488 if you are interested or know anyone who might be. Need to be filled immediately. Please help me out :((((((((

Roommate wanted to summer!
Room downtown awesome roommates located on B street, awesome place to be for summer as it is right next to campus and everything downtown! Two other roommates that will be in and out all summer. Big house, lots of living space, washer dryer, fully furnished. Lots of parking and storage space. Great area. Rent 450 a month
Please email


Renting two very large rooms (large enough for a queen bed, entertainment system, dresser, and desk) to clean, respectful housemates. The house is new, clean, quiet, 4bd/2.5 bath, has all the amenities, no pets, no smoking, and is 12 minutes from campus. Rooms are available April 1st. Please email me with any questions. Thanks!


One (possibly two) single rooms available for $550/month for September 2014 – September 2015 AND a shared Master Bedroom available for SUB LEASE fall quarter 2014 for $370/month at La Salle Apartments on Anderson Ave. Walking distance from Safeway and Sushi Unlimited. Serviced by J and G bus lines which come about every 20 minutes. Great club study room, fitness center, hot tub/swimming pool. Apartment has lots of closet space, dishwasher, full kitchen, heater, air.
My roommate and I share the master bedroom. There are two single rooms (which share a bathroom) and one is definitely available. I won’t know till April about the second one. I will be abroad fall 2014 and want to sub lease my half of the master bedroom for the quarter. We are super easy to get along with and only require: no parties, help keep the common areas clean (especially the kitchen). We are science and engineering majors and like to make the apartment a decompression space and study area during the week. No pets. No smoking.


Hey all-

I recently was accepted for an internship in Florida for the Fall Quarter 2014. I am looking for a roommate to take my room for ONLY THE FALL QUARTER 2014. September-December.

- One room in a 4Br. 2Ba. apartment at University Village, Davis. About 10 minutes from campus on bike and conveniently located near A and L lines.
- ~ $450/month (3 months). September through December. I'm returning after winter break.
- Water, gas, sewage included but electricity will be split five ways.
- 5 total people in the apartment: three girls and one guy (and you!).

Looking for a clean, non-smoking, happy roommate who is studious and organized. All roommates are academically-focused and a lot of fun!

Contact me ASAP if you would like the room for Fall 2014. (805) 320-2318.

More information on the (VERY nice) apartment complex: [WWW]

Thanks :)

Roommate needed for 2014-2015 school year
$375 per month, not including PG & E and wifi
beautiful townhouse in the Drake and Anderson complex in North Davis; newly remodeled
two bedrooms, one and half baths. Lots of storage and huge kitchen
one mile from UC Davis campus; Unitarians stop right outside the apartment
we are looking for a female undergrad student
would share a room and house with three other girls
we are all very sweet and outgoing, if you are interested please email :)

Beautiful Old Apartment in Downtown Davis—$600 per month

I am a female graduate student, and I have a gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment available to me ASAP.

It features:
-wood floors
-huge, old-fashioned windows
-giant old trees all around it
-a cheery kitchen that looks down on a courtyard with flowers and a lemon tree
-AND it's a 5 minute walk to campus!

The rent is also month-to-month, so you have a lot of flexibility; and I am gone all summer and lots during the year, so you also get a lot of privacy!

Please email me only if you are able to move by June 1st. Let me know, and we can have tea and check out the place! Thanks,


MALE ROOMMATE NEEDED FOR 2014-2015 LEASE YEAR (starting September 2014)

Looking for male roommate to share the 12.6x12.2 spacious master bedroom (with walk-in closet) with one other person at the Greystone Apartments. Rent is set to $425 (includes water, waste, etc.). Apartment Dimensions are 1250 square feet, 3 bed 2 bath w/ loft. Roommate will only be sharing double vanity bathroom with one other person. Apartment will consist of 4 people total.

Apartment highlights:
-Quiet roommates
-Complementary Personal Shuttle Service to campus
-Right next to A & O Unitrans lines
-Washer and Dryer in apartment
-Near Shopping Centers
-Covered Parking
-Free Printing at 24 hour clubhouse with free wifi
-PG&E averages $12 a month/person
Additional Apartment Features (see link): [WWW]

Please respond ASAP.
Contact Information:

22 Year Old Male Senior at UCD looking for a room to live in for the 2014-2015 Year

I'm a 22 year old male going into my senior year at Davis in the Fall of 2014 and all my friends seem to be graduating so I'm looking for a room to live in for the upcoming school year. I'd preferably want male roommates who are pretty serious about school but still go out on the weekends and have fun. A house with a backyard would be ideal but I'm open to weighing out other options.

My email is and please feel free to ask me any questions.



We are two 21 females are looking for a third female roommate ASAP who is a non-smokers, no drugs and cleanly person for the 2014-2015 school year. The place we are looking at is in North Davis, its a beautiful place and rent is $625, and it does not include PG&E or WIFI. Please contact me at (949) 702-3152 for further information.

2/10/14 Share a 2BD/1BA @ Cambridge House Apartments.

Current roommate will be leaving at the end our current lease.

the room is spacious and has a small walk-in closet

The apartment is remodeled and common areas are fully furnished, with very warm and inviting decor. There is a 50" flatscreen TV set up in the living room,open to light use. I set up our own wifi and basic cable is included throughout.
The apartment has its own full size washer and dryer. If you have a car parking is also included.

I am looking for a responsible, clean and respectful roommate. I do have pets,(An english bulldog and a toy dog) so being a pet lover is a must. They are well behaved, friendly and kept in the kitchen when left home alone.

Complex amenities includes:
Unitrans Bus Lines P,Q,M & A
NEW Dog Park
24-Hour Fitness Center
24-Hour Internet Lounge ( with free Printing)
24-Hour Game Room
Pool Table
Air Hockey
Ping Pong Table
Resort-Style Pool
BBQ Grilling Areas
2 On-Site Laundry Facilities ( no need to use because we have our own)
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
Professionally Landscaped Grounds

You can check out their website, the particular apartment we have is the claremont and it has all of the upgrades and perks.

If you are interested in viewing the apartment and/ or would like more information feel free to contact me at
(951)358-9608 or


Hello all

My name is Ann, grad student from Malaysia and I will be doing my research attachment at UC Davis (CADMS) from August till January 2015 (tentatively), so I will be in Davis for about 6 months tops. I need a room preferably close to campus (looking into buying a bike as well to get around so anywhere would be fine as long as it is within cycling distance). Female roommates only. I don't smoke and drink, so preferably no smokers (alcohol is fine though). Not a party animal but I can safely say I am quite fun to be with (and no, I am not your typical Malaysian). Prefer rent < $400. Quite a clean freak but I can tolerate occasional exam-related mess. I am quite an outdoorsy person, I play sports during my free time. A night owl. Hoping to get a private room + bathroom but I can share as long as it is comfortable for both me and the roommate.

For more details, email me at or whatsapp +60137141225. Thanks!


Renting one bed, one bath in a 2x2 apartment in Willow Apartment complex.
*Couples are more than welcome to share the room, or 2 friends, or just one person.
*$697 a month for an upgraded apartment, $637 without upgrade
*We're 2 undergrad students looking to fill the lease
*If you contact us before February 10, the deposit is half off (normally $550).
Please contact us at

Date posted: November 17, 2014 Looking for a share room in an apartment or house with Vietnamese
Start: 1/2014 - 1/2015
I am Vietnamese and will be a postdoc in UC Davis from 1/2014. I am going to UC Davis with my wife. Now we are looking for a shared room in a house or apartment near UC Davis (1 bed room with shared bath or kitchen, less than 15 min by bike). We are 30 year olds, no pet, do not smoke, no drugs. if any room is available from 1/2014, please contact me or
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much for reading.


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I am subleasing my 2 BHK apt at Greystone apts in Davis. Rent is $1350 and is available from June 1st. The apt number is 114. Feel free to contact me at if you are interested.


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