Rosa Parks Townhouses

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1205 Fifth Street
(Central Davis, northeast corner of 5th & K Streets))
Manager's Office at Windmere Apartments

Rosa Parks Townhouses is a rental housing community developed and managed by Community Housing Opportunities Corporation [CHOC] for very low, low and moderate income households. Rosa Parks also provides a resident services program which provides residents with professional staff to assist them in enhancing the quality of life within their residential communities and achieving individual personal goals.

This ten-unit complex located in the core area of Davis was purchase and renovated by CHOC in June 1990. Each of the two-bedroom/one bath townhouse units offers affordable housing to families whose incomes are between 50% and 60% of Yolo County’s median income.

See our Rental Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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