SCHA Meeting Agenda


Welcome the Solar Community Housing Association Board of Directors Meeting Agenda. The meeting agendas are officially kept as word documents on our yahoo site. To help make these documents transparent and easier to update, access and revise we're trying out posting it here on the Wiki. If this feels like a good idea, an inappropriate use of the wiki or you have any other feedback, please leave a comment! This tries to reproduce our standard format as much as possible.


Mon 15th of March 2010, Board of Directors Meeting • 8 p.m. @ Sunwise

We encourage and create community and respect for environment through affordable, cooperative housing.

  1. Check-ins (5 mins – 8:10)

  2. Announcements (5 mins – 8:15)

  3. Agenda Review (5 mins – 8:20)

  4. (Minutes approval by consent)

  5. OpCo (20 minutes – 8:40)

    1. updates + next steps

    2. financing

    3. outreach and fundraising

    4. affordability covenant committee

  6. Committee reports (30 min – 9:10)

    1. DBC

    2. Finance: new budgets, tracking maintenance

    3. Maintenance Committee

    4. Bylaws Committee

  7. Check-outs

  8. Thank-yous and Acknowledgements

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