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Sacramento is California's state capitol, a bustling city just 15 miles east of Davis and a stone's throw across the Sacramento River from West Sacramento. It's in Sacramento County.

Sacramento suffers many nicknames, including Sac-Town, Sac-a-cement-o, Sack-a-tomatoes, Sack Toe, Excremento, Sock Town, Suckramento, Suck Pimento, Nut-Sacramento, The Big Tomato, and The River City.

Geographically, the city anchors the greater Sacramento region, which includes the counties of [sacramento]Sacramento , Placer, El Dorado, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba. The city also provides a meeting point for the Sacramento and American Rivers, with the former defining the city's western periphery; these and other major rivers drain into the Sacramento Valley.

Flooding is the area's most significant natural hazard (see Yolo Bypass) and simultaneously gives Sacramento great control over state water issues. Air Pollution is another result of the city's low-lying orientation.

UC Davis is a state land grant college and the UC campus in closest proximity to our state capitol. A significant percentage of its student body hails from the Sacramento region, with 10% claiming Sacramento and 4% claiming Yolo as their home counties ([WWW]source). UC Davis has a Sacramento campus a short distance south-east of downtown which is home to the UC Davis Medical Center.

For entertainment-starved college students, Sacramento is seen as a nearby watering hole, with many excellent restaurants and [sacramento]bars and nightclubs in abundance. It also provides a wealth of diversity not found within either the City of Davis or UCD campus.

Many ethnically diverse products and services can be found in Sacramento that are either far more expensive in Davis or simply unavailable.

Sacramento also provides places of worship for those who do not adhere to major European religions.

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Getting there

Once there, these [WWW]bike maps might make getting around a little easier.


Like most cities, Sacramento has residential and business [WWW]areas commonly referred to by locals and which share features such as architectural style, business styles, etc. Especially for those visiting from Davis, it can be helpful to have a sense of geographical boundaries for those typically referenced within this wiki.

Central Area

Northern Area

Southern Area





Gay Sacramento

Sacramento has a diverse gay community anchored by the Lambda Center.

Places to Stay

If you want to attend any late-night events, you'll have to stay overnight since there aren't any buses which run late. :(


Further information


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