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I think that that is probably one of the most considerate things I've ever heard considering the Courtesy Clerks who work at Safeway. I think it's too often comes the day that the angry customer who's had a bad day takes out their anger at someone who works there doing absolutely nothing wrong. I think it's also offensive when customers come in and demand respect or are condescending simply because they think people who work at a grocery store are beneath them. Honestly, people just need to get over it. --["Users/HD"]


North Davis Location (store #1205) South Davis Location (store #1561)
Address 1431 W. Covell Blvd.
(Covell Blvd. and Sycamore Lane, in The Marketplace)
2121 Cowell Blvd.
(Cowell Blvd. and Pole Line Road, in Oakshade Town Center)
Phone (530)757-4540 (530)792-8500
Hours Daily, 24-hours Daily, 24-hours
Website [WWW] [WWW]
Store Map northsafeway.pdf (unofficial organizer)

safeway1.jpgBehind Safeway in case you feel like Dumpster Diving.

Safeway is the only 24-hour supermarket in Davis. Sometimes people invent exciting games to play in aisles past 3AM. Some of these games can get you permanently banned from Safeway. But don't worry — they just ban you one location at a time.

The South Davis store is larger than the North Davis store, and has a wider selection of prepared foods (e.g., roast chicken, sandwiches) available 24/7.

Safeway's policy is that if you ask how something tastes, they will offer you a sample. This includes fresh cakes which they will cut you a small slice and then throw the whole cake away. While it's free food, it shouldn't be abused. If you're not into samples or public appearances, you can also order online and have food delivered for a small charge.

According to the [WWW]USPS website, the North Davis Safeway sells stamps, as does the South Davis location. Both locations have a Coinstar-type machine(no gift cards and it charges a fee), a Wells Fargo branch and a Starbucks. It is Safeway policy for employees to not accept tips. You do not have to tip the Starbucks baristas in a Safeway or grocery delivery people.

If you have to get to the stores by public transportation, you can take the 42 Yolobus line to the North Davis Safeway, and also the G, P, or Q Unitrans bus lines. For the South Davis location, take the W or M Unitrans line.

It is also part of store policy to offer you either a [wikipedia]raincheck or a different brand of the same product to any discounted item. For example: Safeway brand brownie mix is ten for ten dollars, but they happen to be out of the mix. You can either ask the cashier for a raincheck (and wait until another shipment has arrived) or bring a box of Betty Crocker brownie mix of equal weight and ask them to charge you for the price of the Safeway brand.

Safeway usually has paper and plastic bags at the checkout, although they do not always ask for your preference and usually just default to plastic. Their plastic bags are especially thin, which can be problematic if the store clerk doesn't double up the bags on heavy items. They have a plastic bag recycling bin at the front of the store. The paper bags are smaller in comparison to those at Save-Mart and Nugget and minus the handles. If you bring your own bags to the checkout (reused paper bags or canvas-type bags), they credit your bill at a rate of 3 cents per bag. You get the same discount if you use their bags or those from a competing store.


One of the former employees at the North Davis location is Lamar Heystek, a former ASUCD senator and current City Council guy. More than one wiki editor believes that Safeway isn't Safeway without Lamar.

The North Davis Safeway was originally built as two stores to circumvent a Davis Ordinance that limited the square footage of Grocery Stores. The South Side was smaller and housed the deli and liquor departments. Eventually the ordinance was lifted and the two stores combined. That is why the doors on the south side are a bit further out, and there is a set of doors permanently closed in the floral department.

Safeway has been in Davis for ages, but the company has an ongoing habit of closing one store and relocating to a different part of town each time a new development/shopping center opens. Former Safeway sites include the area that became State (Harvest) Market (now Cost Plus), the present location of the Co-Op, and the present location of the East Davis Nugget, to name a few.


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2005-04-03 05:41:21 isn't free? It has a $10 surcharge? —GeorgeLewis

2005-04-18 23:57:16   My roommate Julia used to work in North Davis Safeway until she quit! She still avoids shopping there, even though we live right across the street from there. —YawenChen

2005-06-29 22:46:11   South Davis's Safeway is MUCH better, and the workers are much nicer. —AnnieSirrah

2005-06-29 22:47:45   Actually I find the workers at North Safeway are pretty damn cool. Maybe cause I see them so often, but even at 2 or 4 or 6 in the morning they are pretty chill. But South Davis is newer and nicer, agreed. And they have a *lot* more of the salads near the deli, the North Davis one always runs out. —ES

2005-07-06 21:00:16   Although their bakery is not nearly as impressive as nugget's, Safeway sells large individual cake squares that are pretty damn good when your in the mood to indulge. —SiennaGrass

2005-09-28 17:16:41   Why is the South Davis Safeway SO MUCH BETTER than the one in North Davis? Also, my advice is to AVOID any Safeway Friday and Saturday nights after 9:30. The lines are always incredibly long as every undergrad in town is stocking up on Doritos and booze. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2005-11-12 01:04:39   The workers always seem miserable, especially poor overworked Lamar. This particular chain stopped carrying a rare item that I couldn't find anywhere else, and the baggers were always a bit ditzy. Going in after 11 at night always ensured us a thorough display of the stock clerks clowning around loudly to the local rap and hiphop station, usually attempting to catch some poor female's eye. At least the store was orderly. —TarynHornen

2005-12-13 19:39:56   shopping here is never a pleasant experience. pissed off workers, lousy selection, tons of frozen junk food. The Co-Op is SO much nicer —DudeNude

2005-12-16 04:41:56   Who cares? The South Davis location is convenient, fairly priced, and has a reasonable selection. That matters more than whether or not the employees have a good bedside manner during the 60 seconds you actually converse with them. And who shops at Safeway for anything BUT booze and munchies after 9 PM on weekends? —JohnNapier

2005-12-16 22:44:43   It's not the 60 seconds I'm in contact with them that bothers me, it's the fact that I don't like shopping at a place where the employees are disgruntled. If they're not being treated fairly by the management, why should I support the store? —DudeNude

2005-12-17 15:19:17   Get off your high Co-op horse. If you truly didn't want to shop where employees aren't treated fairly, you wouldn't shop at any retail location anywhere. Is it fair for Nordstrom to charge $200 for a pair of jeans and pay their workers $8.50 an hour? Or OfficeMax to sell thousands upon thousands daily while paying their employees as little as minimum wage in some markets? Or Staples, a Fortune 500 company whose starting salary is right above $7.15/hour in most markets? Retail is not fair, that's a fact. Safeway employees bring in a fortune compared to most retail stores (because of the union). —DomenicSantangelo

2005-12-17 19:53:58   umm, actually I don't shop at any of those stores you listed. I'm not judging other people for where they choose to shop, but I certainly have a choice where I spend my money. Happy shopping! —DudeNude

2006-01-26 17:06:27   you might not shop in retail stores, but you do go to a university where the employees aren't really given the world's greatest benefits —TimCoady

2006-04-13 16:20:30   In the fine print of their newspaper supplements they say "On Buy One Get One Free offers, customer must purchase the first item to receive the second item free." Darn! —SteveDavison

2006-07-24 17:19:59   Has anyone else been really annoyed by the North Davis remodel? If they are going to move the food, they could at least fix the signs so they reflect was is actually in that isle! I hate going through every isle in the store to find my food. —AllisonEriksen

2006-08-04 11:01:46   The remodeling is somewhat inconvenient, but on the other hand, they are remodeling it so it looks more like the South Davis Safeway. Which seems to be a main gripe here. However, I do hate it whenever any store shuffles around their merchandise. —MatthewTom

2006-08-30 19:24:12   I suppose that, due to my still-newbieness in Davis (entering sophomore year at this time of writing,) the North Davis Safeway is more or less a Godsend. I lived in Castilian South and I'll be moving into Alverado for sophomore year, and close proximity of the place, along with the 24-hour openness, means that it's really, really convenient to go for 2AM food runs. Not to mention there's no cars anywhere in the parking lot and the store is so quiet it's almost...surreal. —AlexanderHo

2006-09-25 00:24:03   Be warned the North Davis safeway can be so packed at times its hard to find parking, how do I know? I work there, and love it. —JoeRunnels

2006-10-20 16:00:28   SAFEWAY Deli sandwiches are awesome. IF YOU BUY 7 YOU get 1 sandwich FREE! —VietnameseStudentAssociation

2006-11-08 21:17:23   the north davis location barely had any fruit or vegetables left on its shelves the last time i went there. their selection seemed to have been raided. never seen a safeway location with so few vegies and fruits. —AnnThiNguyen

2007-07-17 13:48:06   Anyone ever see those twins that work in south Davis safeway? they totally freak me out i think they are aliens that invaded us on earth, they are cool i am playing cool girls they seem to know a lot and are helpful i think the older guy scott been there since the 70's is very very nice and helpful great people for the most part and i dare to mention the customer service morning lady is so beautiful the most prettiest smile in the world if you read this please if you think it is me say something i want to take you to dinner your are amazing and very sweet!! —dickjones

2007-08-03 12:56:02   I love Amanda the morning customer service women beautiful smile cashes my check twice a month she is awesome , ok the store is great been shoping there since birth love safeway —Brians

2007-08-12 21:08:37   while i do like safeway much better than albertsons, does anyone find it odd that the express lines are 20 items or less (shouldnt they have like at least one 10 item or less isle). Secondly the signs are like 10 feet in the air, hanging from the ceiling (ive seen many of short people in the express line mistakenly, me included). Usualy the signs at other grocery stores are just above eye level. In fact it would be impossible to see the sign at safeway if you were actually in the line since the sign would be right above you. Just thought that this design was a little odd. —MattHh

2007-08-28 21:51:29   Does it count as greeting the customer if you look up for half a second without making eye contact? The store is fine, but it has the overlong line problem that probably every supermarket has (though at least Savemart has a self checkout). —MisterProfessor

2007-09-09 23:26:23   The South Davis Safeway is reasonably clean. The employees are reasonably nice and the prices are decent.

The Starbucks stand tends to add a little extra syrup to drinks. Two pumps is fine for a tall, kids. I'm not trying to get any fatter, but thank you. :-) —Casey

2007-10-28 22:59:05   I do not recommend shopping here at all unless you are looking for something unique to safeway. The problem is that it is much more expensive than Winco or Grocery outlet, and you can spend a fortune here just getting a few items. They have a good selection of flowers, but flowers are usually cheaper at SaveMart (but not quite as nice). For food, make sure to get your money's worth and go to Woodland for Grocery Outlet. —AnnaF

2007-11-01 21:25:43   What the heck happened to the Safeway that used to be inside University Mall? —fordbw

2007-11-04 19:03:52   North Davis Safeway bike racks are littered with vegetation overgrowth, outdated, limited, and always crowded! I wish they would change this soon. This is being very picky but still. Oh and the bakery staff is friendly. —MischaGushiken

2007-11-15 22:30:04   I've encountered such bad service at both the stores in Davis, and prices are high compare to Savemart. I've completely stop shopping here completely b/c Savemart is so much better on my pocket book. Oh yeah, north davis safeway can't make sandwiches as good as south davis. Are they own by the same person? —kikao

2007-11-15 22:42:39   mmmmmmmmm sandwich............. —KenichiSan

2007-12-29 19:20:18   How late is the deli open? —gurglemeow

2008-01-10 14:12:34   The deli closes anytime from 7 PM to 8:30 PM, depending on how lazy/busy the employees are. —Strategiry

2008-02-01 15:11:09   i hate the north davis safeway. for some reason they are almost always out of tofu or don't stock it even though they have a huge section for it. it's one of the main reasons i go out for groceries so it's pretty aggravating for them to nearly consistently not have it when i go. —MiranPark

2008-02-01 16:17:30   I completely agree with you about the North Safeway. Never go past 5 pm, because they are out of all their ad items and when you ask an associate if they have any more, they simply reply, sorry, we're out. Who runs out of their ad items in the middle of the week? Do they not know how to order? I worked in grocery for 5 years, and we would have been fired had we treated customers this way. The unfortunate thing about big chain stores. —BrandonBarrette

2008-02-18 18:05:27   The North Davis Safeway is the devil. Whenever there are liquor sales advertised in their circular, by the time you go to the store they are ALWAYS either sold out or maybe have only one bottle left - even if it's the first day of the sale.

Also, when I asked for a Safeway card they actually wanted me to stand there in line filling out the lengthy application, despite the fact that there were 3 or 4 people behind me in line. At the old Albertson's they gave away discount cards like candy and would never inconvenience their customers like that. Save yourself a hassle and go to SaveMart or the Co-op. —AlexPerkins

2008-03-22 13:46:29   I LOVE this Safeway. Yes, there are days when it seems like they've been picked clean, often making me feel like a catastrophy is immenint and I'm the only one that didn't know about it. However, the staff is always helpful and pleasant. The guy and gal that run the sushi station are always willing to make a sushi tray to order. I think the best feature about this Safeway, is the starbucks. I love that no one corrects me when I order a LARGE drink. Every other starbucks makes me feel like an idiot when I don't use the appropriate lingo. —MamaLoebs

2008-03-28 15:36:17   I just discovered Safeway's "Signature Chicken Salad". You can find it in the deli and it is delicious! It's a perfect chicken salad and they don't drench it in too much sauce. It's the right amount. I just bought a pound of the stuff today. It's cheap and good. —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-02 11:01:36   I had the unfortunate experience of shopping at the north Safeway just last week. I am personally partial to the Nugget, since I worked there for several years before I got my “big kid” job, but I was open minded and had a few gift cards I had won in a raffle to burn. The store was clean and I actually ran into a few people I knew, since I don’t live in Davis, I was surprised. I found everything I needed and my trip was going well. Since this was my last stop after many errands, my 1 year old son was becoming less and less cooperative the more I wandered down the aisles, so I broke down and gave him an Easter balloon, which I intended to buy. By the time I got the counter for check out and after placing all my groceries on the belt (which is a huge pet peeve of mine!) I proceeded to watch the woman scan my groceries. She asked if I had “paid for the balloon in floral?” I said no (didn’t know that was an option), she said, “OK then I need to scan it”. Now picture me, a Mom, trying to pry a balloon ribbon out of the hands of a 1 year old in need of a nap was not going to have the outcome anyone wanted to witness or be a part of. So, I told her, “it says $3.99 right here, can you just punch it in manually?” she responded with, no I really need to scan it. I said oh ok and attempted, once again, to pry the ribbon from my son’s hands, at the moment I realized the bar scan was on a sticker that was removable from the ribbon, I said “I got it, here it is”, instead of taking the sticker, she walked away to get “another” balloon to scan. When she returned she scanned the new balloon and I looked and her and said, you apparently do not have children, paid and left. I will not shop at that Davis Safeway again; I don’t care if they are giving away free stuff. —mzscott911

2008-04-16 22:49:37   Christ, the Safeway in North Davis is the worst Safeway in America. Every time I go there, they're always out of what I want plus they don't have as much selection. Even though this Safeway is more convenient (for me), I think I'm going to trek across town and do my shopping at the South location.

2008-06-09 19:48:38   I like to get the chinese food, but they put way to much rice and not enough meat. And the sandwiches are good, but only a couple people who work in the deli actually know how to make a sandwich. —Adaleen

2008-06-12 16:19:39   OK, I have to share this story. I went here with my girlfriend to do some shopping. We loaded up on a bunch of food to last us a while. She was still unloading the basket when I looked at our total. It was around 300 something. I figured that it would go down when we ran our Safeway card. It did, but only by about 10 bucks. Our total was around 360. I then asked the cashier if that was right. His response was. "yeah, food's expensive these days(I'm paraphrasing)". In utter shock, we walked out of the store but stopped to have a look at the receipt. Lo and behold, we were charged 187 dollars for a stinkin' bell pepper!! And we didn't even buy any bell peppers!!! We got our money back, but the moral of the story is, don't take the cashier's word for it. —GabeDavis

2008-06-30 18:33:20   Due to a recent court ruling, Safeway will implement a new policy. If your item scans at the wrong price, they will credit you up to $5 or give you the item for free if it is under $5. Signs will be posted when it takes effect. For those who do not want to have their real name spoken by the cashier when using a club card, you can try the phone number (408)555-0153. It is a card made with the address of the Paper Street Soap Company from Fight Club with the name of Tyler Durden. —Jedron

2008-06-30 18:47:51   Safeway employees are constantly told to be nice to customers, for fear of the dreaded Secret Shopper. I worked as a Courtesy Clerk at a Safeway in my hometown, and I still shudder at the memory of it. Suffice to say, decency is a two way street, and many customers seem to forget that. —JoePomidor

I think that that is probably one of the most considerate things I've ever heard considering the Courtesy Clerks who work at Safeway. I think it's too often comes the day that the angry customer who's had a bad day takes out their anger at someone who works there doing absolutely nothing wrong. I think it's also offensive when customers come in and demand respect or are condescending simply because they think people who work at a grocery store are beneath them. Honestly, people just need to get over it. —HD

2008-08-12 16:57:05   The lines in the north Davis Safeway are horrible no matter the time of day. They need to get more cashiers on shift so people can get through a line in under 10 minutes. I normally spend more time in line than I do walking around shopping, and it's pretty lame. —twblalock

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