Recent Changes for "Sammy" - Davis Wiki Changes of the page "Sammy" on Davis Wiki.en-us Sammy 21:48:37djohnson <div id="content" class="wikipage content"> Differences for Sammy<p><strong></strong></p><table> <tr> <td> <span> Deletions are marked with - . </span> </td> <td> <span> Additions are marked with +. </span> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Line 1: </td> <td> Line 1: </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> <span>+ [[Image(sammy2.jpg)]] [[Image(sammy1.jpg)]]<br> + <br> + ||What is the pet's Name?||<br> + ||'''Sammy'''||<br> + ||What kind of animal is it?||<br> + ||''' Beagle/Dachshund '''||<br> + ||Who are the owners?||<br> + ||'''Greg and Donna'''||<br> + ||When was she born?||<br> + ||''' February-ish 2011 (pound puppy - so it's hard to really know) '''||<br> + ||What is the animal like?||<br> + ||''' Shy/submissive with strangers, very playful with her pooch pals '''||<br> + <br> + <br> + Then describe the ["Wiki Animals" animal] here!<br> + <br> + We adopted our sweet Sammy in November 2011 from Yolo County SPCA. Initially quite shy, Sammy now loves playing with dogs her size (usually at Toad Hollow) as well as running through puddles, destroying anything that squeaks, and will gladly go through her entire bag of tricks for a treat (hopefully chopped hotdog/lunchmeat). When she is not doing one of the aforementioned activities, you'll find her sleeping/snoring for 19 hours/day (approx), usually under the ottoman. Her feet also smell like corn chips/popcorn!<br> + <br> + [[Image(sammyball.JPG, thumbnail)]] [[Image(otttoman.JPG, thumbnail)]]</span> </td> </tr> </table> </div> Sammy 21:24:47djohnsonUpload of image <a href="">otttoman.JPG</a>.Sammy 21:19:37djohnsonUpload of image <a href="">sammyball.JPG</a>.Sammy 21:16:26djohnsonUpload of image <a href="">sammy1.jpg</a>.Sammy 21:14:23djohnsonUpload of image <a href="">sammy2.jpg</a>.Sammy 21:11:20djohnsonUpload of image <a href="">sammypetpicture.jpg</a>.