Save DSC


Davis Student Co-op has been Saved! (Thanks for your support, WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!)

Thanks to the willingness, cooperation, and hard work of administrators, Student Housing, and residents/alumni of the Co-op community, the Davis Student Co-op will remain open next school year, and residents/alumni will continue to meet with administration to work out sustainable long-term solutions for maintaining the co-operative living opportunities on campus for the future.

Please take time to thank the following administrators who have worked and continue to meet with the students to keep these houses open for the future students of Davis:

Student Affairs Associate Vice Chancellor Janet Gong
Student Affairs Vice Chancellor Fred Wood
Student Housing Associate Director Ramona Hernandez
Student Housing Coordinator for Group and Apartment Living Faye M Perata

Gong (530) 752-0339
Wood: (530) 752-6866
Hernandez: (530) 752 4314

Co-op Family in front of DSC November 2009.jpg

Again, we thank you for your continued support for the the Student Co-ops on campus!

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