School of Veterinary Medicine



UC Davis has a large and successful School of Veterinary Medicine. If someone doesn't know much about UCD, it's likely that they know it has a world class vet school. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is the largest of the nation's 30 public veterinary institutions and California's only public veterinary school. UC Davis's Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital features both small and large animal clinics. Many of the text books on veterinary medicine are written by UC Davis professors.

The UC Davis Vet School bounces around among the top 3 spots for vet school rankings. In 2011, it was ranked by US News and World Report as [WWW]number 2 after Cornell.

In 2011, the vet school broke ground on a new building, Vet Med 3B, which opened in April 2013 and houses many research laboratories and the One Health Institute. This was the eighth and final addition to the vet school in a $350+ million expansion that began in 2000.

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