Secret Menus at Davis Restaurants


A number of restaurants in Davis serve items that aren't listed on the menu. Impress your friends, family and business clientelle with knowledge this information. Of course, since they have food items behind the counter they want to sell to you, with a bit of creativity (and the help of an employee or owner who can price them), you can invent new items.

If you know of any unlisted items at Davis restaurants, please list them below:


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2007-07-13 19:02:05   What about restaurants that have menus (or parts of menus) that are in languages other than English? (Davis Noodle City is one such restaurant). Anyone willing and able to do some translating? I think that would be useful information for the Davis wiki to provide. —CovertProfessor

2007-07-14 22:40:04   Jamba Juice has an entire secret menu, but I have no idea what the items consist of. Things like "white star" and the like hold no valuable information. —TarZxf

2013-02-07 17:12:39   I have heard that Guad's also has carne asada fries? Can anyone verify this? —HannahToru

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