See No Evil Hear No Evil/2008 Move


future_eggheads.jpgQuick illustration of the new location. Please don't make fun of this picture; it is sensitive...

The See No Evil Hear No Evil eggheads were set to be moved to Mrak roundabout. Rather than what was originally cited by the [WWW]egghead blog, this pair of eggheads sat in storage for some time before moving to the final location.

Another, more thorough [WWW]article describes the move in more detail. The delay in the new home for the eggheads was planned as they awaited the preparation of their new home. Landscaping was done on the Mrak roundabout to emulate the original setting. New 6' grass hills were fashioned (the old ones which were 10' in height). The tops were prepared as a permanent home for the new eggheads.

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