Sex.jpgLingerie and smiles are a great way to start off a sexual encounter

Sex. Most people do it and this is (most likely) how you came to exist in the world. As Davis is a college town, one shouldn't be surprised that the dorms and apartment complexes are as active as the bunny burrows in the Arboretum. Of course, quite a few people enjoy sex beyond their college years, so you might find it elsewhere in town as well. Start by saying hi to someone who interests you.

  1. Sex Organizations/Groups
    1. UC Davis related
      1. The Davis Swingers Club (DSC)
    2. Non UC Davis Related Groups
  2. Sex Toys
  3. Before Sex
  4. After Sex (There Is No Stork)
  5. Sexual Practices and Orientations
  6. Abstinence/Celibacy
    1. Groups and Events
  7. Sex Products

Sex Organizations/Groups

UC Davis related

The Davis Swingers Club (DSC)

Swinging activities can include watching others have sex; having sex with your partner while being watched; kissing, stroking, or having oral sex with a third or fourth person (called soft swinging); or having sex with someone other than your partner.

Although there is no known Davis Swingers Club, Aggie columnist, Michael Giardina referred to this mysterious pseudo-club as, "a group of people who get together regularly for a fun-filled night of safe frolicking. They get tested for STDs every month and have a Trojan party with 20 to 50 people every other Friday" in his column [WWW]Horny Spring Crickets. Perhaps someone will eventually pick up from where the columnist left off.

Non UC Davis Related Groups

Most sexually oriented groups for non-college adults tend to be much more discreet and/or informal.

Sex Toys

sextoys.jpgFor some reason these little doo-dads are considered pretty risque. They're toys for sex... meant for either self pleasure or a fun addition to other bedroom antics with your partner.

Some nearby stores are:

Before Sex

After Sex (There Is No Stork)


The DavisWiki has a lot of helpful information on pregnancy and parenting.

Sexual Practices and Orientations


People choose not to have sex for a wide variety of reasons. [wikipedia]Abstinence can arise from religious prohibitions or practical considerations. [wikipedia]Celibacy refers either to being unmarried or to sexual abstinence. A religious vow of celibacy is a promise not to enter into marriage or engage in sexual intercourse. Some writers use it interchangeably as a synonym for abstinence or [wikipedia]chastity.

Groups and Events

Sex Products

sauce.jpgFound at the Nugget.

Sex Toys

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