Shields Oak Grove


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Putah Creek, Arboretum Dock, Valley-Wise Garden, UC Davis, Mary Wattis Brown Garden, oaks, birds, Acacia Collection, Arboretum Bridges, Conifer Collection, Native American Contemplative Garden, Town Flora, Southwest US/ Mexican Collection, Arboretum Nursery, Putah Creek Lodge, Mediterranean Collection, Desert Collection, Warren G. Roberts Redbud Collection, T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove, Yolo County, Australian Collection, Arboretum Terrace, Arboretum Waterway, East Asian Collection, arboretum, Shields Oak Grove, Lake Spafford, California Foothill Collection, South American Collection, Carolee Shields White Flower Garden, 1964, Herons & Egrets, Arboretum Gazebo, Arboretum Boathouse, Town Wildlife, Peter J. Shields, The Foundation, North Coast Collection.

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