Footware is often thought standard for people. Others rather go barefoot for health, spirituality, expression, or other various reasons. It is not illegal to drive barefoot in California (despite [WWW]urban legends), nor is there any health code requirement that restaurant or business patrons wear shoes ([WWW]Source). Businesses can certainly ask you to leave, but they are also allowed to let you stay. The [WWW]Society for Barefoot Living maintains an extensive site regarding legal and practical questions about going barefoot. Liability is an issue often raised by business owners as justification for shoe requirement policies. If you're interested in law, here is a fairly extensive list of [WWW]Footwear (or lack thereof) Injury Cases in the United States.

Barefoot Friendly Establishments

Places that Require Shoes

Shoeless Activities


I've always wanted to suggest he try some vibram five fingers for when he is forced to conform ["Daubert]"

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