Sigma Alpha Mu


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Sigma Alpha Mu is a widely known fraternity on the University of California Davis campus. Going by the acronym of their name SAM, they are often referred to as the 'Sammies' by the student body. Formerly a Jewish fraternity founded 1909 in New York City College, it has since expanded across the nation as an open fraternity for all men. With now upwards 70 chapters and over 50,000 members, Sigma Alpha Mu is a constantly growing brotherhood of men.

The Gamma Theta chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is approaching forty years in age and has since doubled in size within the past decade. Known for its often large beginning of year parties, it is one of the most active fraternities within the campus. Having recently moved from a previous house, they are still found along Russell Boulevard; otherwise known as Frat Row. Events are often held throughout the quarterly system alongside the start-off Fraternity Rush which starts at the beginning of the quarters.

The Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity is also very well known for its philanthropy events for the research aid for the Alzheimer Association. Hosting several competitions and events alongside several other noted organizations - the 'Sammies' are often seen around campus in a myriad of events. As of 2011 the chapter has started participating in inter-mural sports as well as continuing the tradition of event hosting for the UC Davis population. Membership is still currently open and Rush is encouraged throughout the year at the beginning of each quarter.


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