Sister Cities


The City of Davis has numerous official Sister Cities around the world. Many of them reflect shared interests or environmental situations. Inside of City Hall one can find glass cases highlighting our sister cities. Events and meetings about specific Sister Cities are frequently held at International House. For general information on Sister Cities visit [WWW]

It is interesting to note that when the People's Republic of Davis chose Uman, Qufu and Wuxi as sister cities, they were all located within communist countries.

  1. Sangju, Korea
  2. Inuyama, Japan
  3. Uman, Ukraine
  4. Qufu, China
  5. Wuxi, China
  6. Rutilio Grande, El Salvador
  7. Los Baños, Laguna Philippines
  8. Muñoz, Philippines

Sangju, Korea

Inuyama, Japan

Uman, Ukraine

Qufu, China

Wuxi, China

Rutilio Grande, El Salvador

Los Baños, Laguna Philippines

Muñoz, Philippines

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