Sleeping On Campus


Sleeping on campus is a delicate art. While anyone can sleep at home, it's not always the most convenient option. Note that it is illegal to sleep on campus. If you don't suffer from insomnia make sure you don't get caught. Three Popo cars will surround you and tell you not to get caught again.

During the day

During the night

During the night you'll need to have snuck into a building that doesn't care you're inside (most have janitors that will kick you out).

The Quad

It's a sad reflection on a sick society when something as natural as sleeping, which everyone must do, is considered a criminal offense. What's sad is that people don't notice that there's anything wrong with forfeiting such natural rights. The right to sleep, breath, and occupy space should be on a Global Bill of Human Rights. -SteveDavison

It's a right so long as you're not on someone else's property (University Regents). Get over yourself.

It's illegal to sleep on campus? Oh cra-... I mean how interesting. *Runs Away*

What about sleeping in your car overnight on campus? Is that illegal too? You're not bothering anyone.... I agree, who cares if someone wants to pitch a tent and sleep, who is this law protecting?

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