Slum Lords


Slum Lords are defined by the [WWW]Urban Dictionary as being "people who own property and rent it out to low income people for more than the property is worth and never bother to keep the rentals up to health code standards". This is a serious problem for Davis in part due to the large student population. Davis students residents are prime targets for slum lords because of their lack of time, money, and need to live close to campus all combine to limit their pool of choices and force them to accept conditions that would otherwise be unacceptable. Students also tend to have little experience with how to deal with bad treatment from management and may be willing to simply accept poor conditions.

Students who have had bad experiences might be surprised that not all property managers are blood sucking leeches. Unfortunately, some property management companies in Davis either attempt to swindle their tenants or abuse them through simple inept management.

Alleged Slum Lords in Davis

Specific property managers that, because of constant feedback from Davis residents are almost assuredly Slum Lords.

How to Deal with Slum Lords

Document everything. Keep all paperwork you are given, and if possible, correspond via email so that you have a record. Failing that, keep a record of all phone calls.

Anybody know what legal support is available?


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2005-10-07 16:44:07   Acadian properties doesn't really own the properties it rents. It's more of a slum lord facilitator. They also manage nice properties too. The property owner has a lot of discretion as to what improvements/repairs Acadian is permitted to make. So, I'd not bash Acadian too much: When I lived on Russell (right next to Rite Aid), they were amazingly attentive. —JaimeRaba

For anyone caught with a bad property manager, here is a bit of advice:


2010-06-23 16:49:51   I have had a nightmare experience with Parva Properties aka Kobra Properties aka Abe and/or Kobra and/or Parvaneh Alizadeh. —PeriSiepman

2011-07-06 10:20:34   Sharon Blaha is another slum lord here in Davis. Upon moving out, she charged me for repairs/cleaning that were not even performed. Also charged for painting after the house hadn't been painted in >7 years. She owns a property on Parkside, Norte, and perhaps one other in Davis. She also plays favorites, where she will allow a particular tenant leeway that is not granted to other tenants on the SAME lease. —achassy

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