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Spring 2012: 03-16-2012
Meeting Location (2013-2014)
6 Olson
Meeting Times (2013-2014)
Bi-weekly on Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM
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We are UCD So(소) K-pop aka. The “Cow” K-pop Group to represent our lovely UC Davis.

If you do not speak Korean or is familiar with the term “So”(소), it basically means Cow or Cattle. We all know UC Davis is known for our lovely cows, thus we are the “Cow” K-Pop Group!!

We are a newly formed K-pop fan group, UC Davis first and only K-pop fan group! Come join us on our journey!

Our Mission:
To bring together the K-pop community at Davis and provide a comfortable and friendly environment where those who share an interest in K-pop and Korean pop culture can exchange ideas and socialize.

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