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I wasn't sure if this was a better include for entries or users. Perhaps we can do both? Also, my explanation of how to root out sockpuppets is a little weak. I'm not sure that we should have an official policy of identifying sockpuppets and deleting their comments because there's no definitive way of saying a particular account is a sockpuppet. —ArlenAbraham

Why do we need an include for this? I agree with not having an "official policy of identifying sockpuppets and deleting". The icon rules, though. I think these sort of includes are largely a form of procrastination. —PhilipNeustrom

I pretty much agree. I will intentionally let some benign sockpuppets go, and stomp on others; I don't really care about the mere fact that they are sockpuppets unless they are actually causing confusion or being used in a deceitful manner. The awesomeness of the icon is seconded, however. I think the community can pretty much approach each account and editor on a person by person basis. I was about to suggest that the icon could be used to flag sockpuppet events, but honestly, just dealing with them and addressing them when they occur seems to be a much much more simple activity. —JabberWokky

Ok, so yeah... basically I just felt like drawing a sock puppet with only vague ideas of how it could be used. Some other ideas:

  1. It could be used to flag individual comments

  2. It could be used as a "badge" for users that are suspected to be sock puppets

  3. We get rid of the text and just keep the silly icon when we feel like it


On Wikipedia, you get a barnstar for good edits. On DavisWiki, you get a "barnstar" for being a sockpuppet. -Brent Laabs


Don't edit with socks. It's kinda hard to type.

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