Sonoma County


About one-and-a-half hours drive west of Davis, [sonomacounty]Sonoma County is often overlooked by those from Davis seeking certain forms of adventure. This having been said, it is not the most exciting place on the face of the earth, but there is beauty in its surrounding tranquility. Sonoma County is one of the most incredible places in California and there are endless things you can do there. Many of the students at UC Davis transfered from the Santa Rosa Junior College.

Things to do in SoNoCo:

For more ideas about places to see and things to do, check out [WWW]Sonoma County Points of Interest.

What not to do:

How to get there: Interstate 80 to Highway 12. There are prettier alternate routes but this is the most straight-forward.

Note: if you're going Sebastopol, stop by Screamin Mimi's ice cream parlor: it's the creamiest, sweetest ice cream EVER! Lavender is my personal favorite but all the flavors are good.

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