Speed Limits


Unofficial speed limits

Varying sources report that the unofficial speed limit in Davis is 40mph everywhere. Others report that it is 10mph faster than the posted speed limit. There are even signs in town that will tell you how fast your are going.

For example, the Pole Line overpass is zoned at 25mph, but residents clearly opt for the unofficial 40mph speed limit. Cops have been seen going with the 40mph flow of traffic without pulling anyone over. This is probably because it is so universally recognized that 25mph is too slow for this stretch of road, even the police agree.

Davis speed limits are so slow that some people are known to double them and drive that speed. BrentLaabs has found that the lights on Russell are timed so that you can get through them all at 48mph (he once got from Arthur to G St. at that speed without stopping once).

Testing these limits may result in a ticket, traffic school, or a visit to the Yolo County Superior Court's traffic division.

A list of unofficial speedtraps in the city can be found [WWW]here.

Official speed limits

speedlimits.pngDavis roads colored by speed limit

Highway Speeds

9 over versus 14 over

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