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Spencer Higgins was the unsuccessful Student Focus Candidate for ASUCD President in the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election, losing by nearly 2,000 votes (but getting more than double Rob "Don't Vote for Me" Roy's total). He will be interning for the Bush Administration during the Fall quarter of 2007.

Spencer was an Academic Affairs Commission member, Theta Xi Philanthropy Chair, and an ASUCD intern before being elected to ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2005 ASUCD Election from the Student Focus slate. Higgins was also an intern for Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006. Higgins lost in his Independent Senate bid in the Fall of 2004 in the 6th round.

Spencer [WWW]advised Mitty Chang to form a Yearbook [WWW]Facebook to gain support for the project.

June 2008 City Council

A group of students are trying to "draft" Spencer to run for City Council in 2008. It is currently a closed group. spencergroup.jpg The draft is chaired by Wenche Molenaar for the month of July. The Facebook can be found [WWW]here.

The group was unsuccessful in its attempts to persuade Spencer Higgins to run for City Council, he told them no.

A Haiku About Spencer

The Spencer Higgins
Warrior of light and wind
Show us happiness

-J. Bleckman

Coffee House Controversy

ASUCD Presidential Forum Videos

Winter 2007 Candidate Statement

Fall 2005 Candidate Statement

Campaign Promises and Record as Senator


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"I didn't advise mitty to create a yearbook, i just helped him out with information regarding our previous yearbook. His goal was to bring back a yearbook." -SpencerHiggins

Former intern/assistant to two ASUCD Controllers and four-time LEAD campaign treasurer Paul Harms calculates the cost to be $59,400 ($59,433.06 to be more exact, calculated with a $0.25/hr raise for all CoHo employees and a raise of one pay scale for all 100 ASUCD non-aggie employees on stipend pay, excluding the external secretary, a position likely to be cut. This includes employee benefits of 2.79% and assumes that working hours budgeted at the CoHo remain constant at 124,349 per year from FY2006-2007.) The Coffee House management also independently verified Paul's calculations for the proposed CoHo wage increase, which alone would cost $31,954.58. The detailed calculations, in MS Excel Spreadsheets, are available on request; please contact Paul at prharms@ucdavis.edu.

2007-02-19 10:19:46   There are, of course, two ways they could make their wage/stipend increase proposal cost only $10,000. Unfortunately, both ways are ridiculous. First, the raises could be so minimal and insignificant (to the tune of an extra dollar per week) that, added together, they only cost $10,000. The second and really scary possibility is that they plan to invent $50,000 in income to offset the $60,000 cost of wage increases. Well, actually, they'd have to invent $80,000 in income to do this, since we are guaranteed to lose $30,000 in income in the next budget. Such an invention (what I like to call BUDGET LIES, used extensively by the last Student Focus administration...just look at the FY2004-2005 ASUCD Creative Media budget) would jeopardize the financial health of ASUCD by drawing money out of our reserves to pay for operational expenses and give a minimal benefit to only a few hundred students, certainly not benefiting the 24,000 students ASUCD represents this year. —PaulHarms

Steve, no one was opposing Spencer in trying to create a Business Major. No one was opposing Spencer in increasing roll over pages. No one was opposing Spencer from bringing more concerts. Commissioners, Senators, and Unit members would have welcomed him and the legislation. I would agree that the publicity committee idea, if brought to a commission or Senate would have failed.

i would like to point out that.... I fought for all of those changes and was quickly told "no chance" by the administration on the Business Major and Roll Over Pages then was in fact COMPLETELY OPPOSED from working with Entertainment Council "We only work with LEAD" was the response. completely ridiculous. And a publicity unit is still a great idea, but good luck passing things in a Senate where every idea i brought to the table was instantly opposed by james schwab and therefore the majority of the LEAD Slate.

and Student Focus and I are the ONLY reason aggie pack stayed at the minimal funding it had.... as Darnell proposed it be almost entirely cut... we chose our battles in Budget Hearings because we knew that the LEAD majority would only allow us to argue sooo long until they would just close the budget. We were such a minority that LEAD had unlimited opportuity to make GREAT changes for the Association... and failed miserably.... take a look at COOO (LEAD Baby), it failed miserably, TWICE... and LEAD attempts to cover it with a larger institution (outreach assembly)... smart move.

look, if you want real change...and i mean CHANGE, then vote for Tiny and I. We will actually end this ignorant bickering and make changes that will be seen by the students. —SpencerHiggins

2007-02-21 19:49:27   working with Entertainment Council "We only work with LEAD" was the response—Spencer Higgins

Just for the record, that is completely false. Here's what happened which may have triggered Spencer's statement on EC: Spencer approached me in mid August (?) to host a benefit concert for Cal Aggie Kids camp. He expressed interest in bringing Jurassic 5 and having them at the Mondavi center. Needless to say, it was a bit much for me to take in. Not only had James JUST approach me asking me for help with the ASUCD Voter Registration event, but I had also just become acclamated with my position as the director of the EC (having no previous experience with it in the past). A idea like that was out of the question—especially with the limited funding the EC gets. After I turned down Spencer's idea (not Student Focus, but Spencer), he asked for my assistance in helping him PLAN the event and teach him how to go about putting on a show. I agreed to help him with whatever he needed, but soon after, I never heard from him again. Never once in our conversation did I say "we only work with LEAD" nor did I ever give off that image.

I'm not a big fan of bipartisanships to begin with, but that doesn't mean I go out of my way to favor one over the other. Yes, I will admit that many LEAD candidates have approached me and been helpful with the things I've tried to do, but the same could be said for many of the Student Focus representatives. Like James mentioned above, my adopt-a-unit senator is Alex Frick (Student Focus) and Eric Friedman and Mara Harris have been avid supporters of what I'm trying to do. In closing, I hope any Student Focus or LEAD candidate will understand that my opinions and views do not express that of the Entertainment Council and its constituents. EC prides itself in staying neutral, as any ASUCD unit should. Fasho.

2007-02-21 20:29:52   I don't think Spencer gets enough credit for voting no for the Keak da Sneak voter registration concert, which was a huge failure. —GregWebb

2007-07-24 00:01:09   Porta-potties across the City! Paintball matches in Central Park! —PaulHarms

2007-07-24 00:24:04   This draft Higgins thing is an Ostrowski joke right? —GregWebb

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