Splinter and April

splintersushi.jpg babyapril.jpg
Name Name
Splinter RIP june 2006 to 11/20/2008 April
Species/breed Species/breed
Blue Dumbo Rat Fawn Dumbo Rat
Person Person
Ro Ro
Personality Personality
Splinter loves people, is fun to play with, and always comes back after we let her run around. She's the smarter one of the two, but is also the big wuss and gets pushed around by April. She passed away on November 20th, 2008. The poor girl was a trooper and was always really smart. April is my mischievous one, she loves to be bad, run away, or hide in the couch. I love her anyway. She is extremely food motivated and always wants to do what Splinter is doing or eat what Splinter is eating, even if she has her own piece


Amira took this photo of the rats.

Rats are excellent pets. I got these from the [WWW]CandiRats Rattery in Sacramento. She really does a great job and I'm sure I got healthier rats from her compared to Petco

Splinter loves to lick people, possibly because I used to have her lick jam off my finger when she was good. April loves to copy what Splinter is doing. The love living in The 230

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