Spring Break Social Schedule


Hello people I know. And possibly people I do not. If you are reading this and upset with its use, make a comment, and leave us be. I'll find a better scheduler in the future.

To everyone else...

Spring Break!

Our week of ignoring work is finally here, and all of us deserve a week of rest, social activities, and what ever the hell we want it to be. If we all want to have some gatherings, let us make people aware of them here. Note: We don't need to pack the schedule... but if you have an idea, sketch it out. Edit this wiki page directly to add or edit an event — leave a comment at the bottom for... comments. In addition, check out the Events Board for things going on, that may or may not be spring break related [WWW]Spring break is time of intelligent debauchery.

All Week


Mimosa's from around the world?


Bike ride?!?! (it's supposed to be gorgeous weather and we've got to have at least one during the break!)



Dinner at Baker's Square. It is the last day they will be open (shutting down for ever!) and is Free Pie day.



Hawaiian BBQ at Mike's house: Burgers w/ teriyaki sauce, bacon, and grilled pineapple!



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2009-03-19 13:24:09   mike, both sunday's and friday's events sound amazing! i'm in for both! —RyanJames

2009-03-19 23:40:21   Where will the mimosa's be enjoyed guys? —MichaelAWoods

2009-04-17 19:12:20   Can this page either be linked from somewhere or cleaned up if it was only temporary? —JasonAller

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