Spring Convergence


Campus Center for the Environment (CCE) Event

We’re having a California Student Sustainability Coalition Convergence and we need your help!
[WWW]http://cce.ucdavis.edu/convergence/volunteer-form/ (Registration opens March 20)

Hosted locally by the CSSC at the Campus Center for the Environment, UC Davis, April 29th to May 1st. Join hundreds of students from across CA to build community, share resources, plan action, attend workshops, and celebrate.


Convergences are two day events hosted each Fall and Spring during which students from across California gather to build community, share resources and best practices, plan action, attend workshops, celebrate, and actively collaborate on campus policies, research projects, and curriculum. Over the past 7 years, CSSC’s bi-annual Convergences have grown to play an integral role in the sustainability movement in California, by bringing together thousands of student leaders from over 50 academic institutions.

There might be a few thoughts passing through your head and here’s the answer to some of them:

1) What is a Convergence? A convergence is a large gathering of like-minded individuals who come to learn, share and celebrate sustainability over a weekend.

2) When is this shindig? April 29-May 1

3) Who comes to these things? Students from UCs, CSUs, CCCs, private schools, and some high schoolers who are passionate about sustainability, sharing the skills they have, justice on all levels including environmental and social, learning new things and being part of a greater community.

By attending CSSC Convergences, you are joining our statewide community of campus sustainability leaders. This network has amazing benefits including:

Convergence Highlights

Workshop Topics

SUBMIT A WORKSHOP PROPOSAL! [WWW]http://cce.ucdavis.edu/convergence/workshop-proposal/

The California Student Sustainability Coalition ([WWW]http://www.sustainabilitycoalition.org), our partner in this project hosts events like these twice a year and has a complete description on this page ([WWW]http://www.sustainabilitycoalition.org/projects/statewide-student-convergences). Also, you can email any other questions to Lauren (lkjabusch AT ucdavis DOT edu)

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