Sproul Hall/9th Floor Poetry


In Sproul Hall in the 9th floor western stairwell there is a collection of poetry. Click the images to read them full size.

Sproul_Poetry_1.JPGWithout you today's emotions would be the scarf of yesterday's. — Hippolito

Sproul_Poetry_2.JPGJesus Loves You! All of you! He doesn't care who you are, or what you've done! (the rest not transcribed)

Sproul_Poetry_3.JPGSleep, Sleep tonight, Sleep dear Jason, Sweet sleep tonight, Tomorrow you'll waken, In the evermore you'll wonder what all the crying is for.

Sproul_Poetry_4.JPGI want to go home. me too

Sproul_Poetry_5.JPG(not transcribed)

Sproul_Poetry_6.JPG(not transcribed)

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