Sprouts Day School

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5037 Swingle Drive
next to Pioneer Elementary and Pioneer Park
(530) 756-2613
<sprouts AT pacbell DOT net>
Julie Kirby
June 2008
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cash or check

Sprouts Childcare is a licensed large home daycare located in South Davis. At Sprouts we believe that at young ages children learn through play and interaction. Almost any routine interaction can be turned into a learning experience or opportunity for creative thinking. We also believe that children learn in different ways and at different rates according to each individual child. Sprouts provides a safe and nurturing environment that inspires children to become independent learners, without pressure to meet any developmental milestones.

Sprouts offers a low caregiver to child ratio (with a maximum of 10 children enrolled). It is solely operated by the owner and an assistant to maintain consistency. Sprouts has two yards for outside play and is within walking distance to Pioneer Park. Activities will include free playtime and structured playtime. Indoor and outdoor activities will encourage small and large motor development. We will have story time throughout the day to encourage language and love for books, and a range of creative art activities including art, music, dancing and puppets. All children will be encouraged to participate in structured activities, but no child will be forced or punished for not participating.

Other activities will include age appropriate " pre-school" readiness such as learning the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, animals, social skills and feelings. Children will be given the opportunity to explore and create in an open, nurturing and safe environment to promote good self esteem and confidence. We will provide nutritious food to promote healthy eating and integrate good personal hygiene and manners into daily interaction and activities.

Sprouts operates year round and accepts children ages 12 months - 5 years old. Our hours are Monday through Friday; 8am-4:30pm. (Early drop off or later pick up may be negotiable.) Sprouts offers full-time (8am-4:30pm) openings; Monday through Friday, and part-time 3-5 days per week 8am-1pm. Please call 530-756-2613 for more information. References are available on request.


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2012-12-22 05:57:56   Sprouts has been a wonderfully enriching environment for my child.

Before discovering Sprouts we tried a large group care facility (Hutchinson) and a smaller in-home day care on Haussler Drive.
When going to the previous in-home care our child would cry and scream on the way in.
Not so with Sprouts! Julie and Lou are so warm, caring, and passionate towards the children they care for.
They really went the extra mile to help our child feel at ease there.
Now he looks forward to going every day and many days doesn't want to leave when we pick him up!

Julie's program also helps children make developmental strides in language learning, creativity, basic life skills, and social skills.
They inspired enthusiasm in our child towards toothbrushing, handwashing, and taught him how to communicate gently and playfully with other children without crying, hitting, fighting, biting, etc.
The Sprouts half-day program takes some extra effort for families with two working parents like mine, but seems worthwhile.
Among the group care options and nannies we have experienced in Davis, Julie's program is the best of the bunch.

2013-07-10 19:21:03   We have had a great experience with our daughter at Sprouts. The atmosphere is inviting, safe, and fun. Owner Julie is great with the kids as is her assistant Megan. When we go to Pioneer Park at night our daughter tries to walk back to Sprouts she likes it so much. —JohnDrumm

2014-01-21 10:40:45   Our child attended Sprouts Day School/Child Care for two (2) years and we were extraordinarily happy with the care she received from Julie and her staff. The kids always seem happy, well-rested, well-fed, and engaged in a variety of activities that support balanced cognitive and motor (gross and fine) development as well. We also appreciated Julie's support and wealth of knowledge and experience in tackling issues from potty training to sleep training and toddler discipline. Should we have another child, we can not imagine sending them anywhere else. —JoyNichols

2014-07-20 15:17:57   My wife recently decided to try and send our son to this daycare. In order to hold a place we had to put a deposit down very quickly, unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to research the daycare myself because I work full-time. There were a few red flags for me from the beginning. First this daycare does not carry liability insurance, and the owner of the daycare does not own the house where she runs her business, so if something happens to your child there is not much you can do. Second my wife informed me they take the children to the park next to the house, which is not necessarily a bad thing but I wanted to see the park myself before I judged to harshly. Third, my wife also informed me that when she contacted licensing, this daycare had been sited for hiring an employee before a finger print and backround check had cleared. Again I did not want to judge to harshly since I am sure the owner learned from this and would not repeat such a mistake. So we put down a deposit.

So I took my son to the park and the equipment was just OK, my son slipped on one of the play equipment areas. The park seemed dingy and during our visit there were a lot off people with off leash dogs in the park. There have been a few children bitten by off leash dogs in Davis very recently so this raised my concern. When a dog approached us I picked up my son and asked the dogs owner to please get his dog; he did nothing. Now if a daycare takes about a dozen children to this park, and only has 1-3 people watching the children of different ages, my concern is that they would not be able to handle a situation with an off leash dog.

So with two weeks to go before he was supposed to start, we decided that our son was thriving in the daycare he is currently in and with my concern for his safety in the hands of a business with no insurance, we decided to not change to this daycare. When my wife informed the owner, the response was sorry the deposit was non-refundable, which is stated in the 12 page handbook, and is on a page that has nothing to do with payment terms. The owner stated that she had turned people away. In my experience with daycares they always have a wait list, so I don't imagine that it would be hard to fill my sons spot. Now I do understand the idea of a deposit but since adequate time was given, at least in my opinion, returning the $360 deposit should not be an issue.

But I guess the joke is on us. I have found when it comes to money I think you can get a good sense of the type of people you are dealing with. If the roles were reversed I would gladly return the deposit as I would like to believe most people would. Perhaps they will use it to get liability insurance. So my advise to parents in looking for a daycare, don't just check with licensing, be wary about situations with non-refundable deposits, and get to know the area before you are too rushed to commit. For any parents that read this I hope that you will not repeat such a mistake. —GlennOpp

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