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''2007-07-17 14:09:38'' [[nbsp]] star bucks is that a place where everyone wants to be seen that is it there coffee is no different than Macdonald's or any other place in fact worse i love it when a business makes it that is cool i just think it is way way way way way overrated --["Users/dickjones"]
StarbucksFStreet.jpgThe downtown Starbucks, between Tower Records & The Posh Bagel StarbucksRussellandAnderson.jpgThe University Mall Starbucks, on Russell Blvd. & Anderson Rd. Starbucks113andCovell.jpgThe Starbucks Drive-Thru next to Quiznos in West Davis
Downtown Location Central Davis Location West Davis Location
208 F Street (next to Tower Records) 825 Russell Blvd., Suite 24 (in University Mall) 2038 Lyndell Terrace (Hwy 113 & Covell Blvd.)
Hours Hours Hours
Sun-Thu 5am-10:30pm Mon-Fri 5:30am-11pm Mon-Fri 5:00am-10pm
Fri-Sat 6am-11pm Sat 6am-11pm Sat-Sun 5:30am-10pm
Sun 6am-10pm
In the past it has been open until 2am during finals
Phone Phone Phone
(530)753-6309 (530)753-2686 (530)753-4756

There are eight Starbucks in Davis. There are three full-sized Corporate Starbucks and five Licensed Starbucks.

Full-sized Starbucks (Corporate Stores)

One is in Central Davis, in the University Mall. It's the closest coffee to the Cuarto dorms. This means that if you're a Freshman in those dorms you'll probably head over there a lot. The place is usually really packed, and everyone studies there. Note: Large groups arriving near closing will cause difficulties for many of the employees (most of whom are students), though it is their job to serve, they probably will not be the happiest campers at this hour. Starbucks is a rather popular place, however many people find that Old Teahouse is a better place for chatting and hanging out.

The other is Downtown on F Street. It's got less studying going on, but that's mainly because most of the seats are outside.

The third Starbucks is a Drive-Thru near the Sutter Hospital in West Davis. If you can first manage to find parking, you will find it is usually packed inside on weekends during the day, but if you go in the middle of the week and wait around a bit you can usually get your own table, unless you'd rather enjoy the large patio seating. There's even a Quiznos next door if those Starbucks sandwiches don't satisfy your stomach.

Licensed Starbucks

A Licensed Starbucks is located in South Davis and North Davis Safeway. One could argue that it is not, in fact, a true Starbucks but they would be wrong. It does feature an employee in a genuine Starbucks uniform serving genuine Starbucks beverages. However, as it is a mere supermarket booth kiosk contraption, seating is limited. There is a bar at the window nearby in the South Davis Safeway Starbucks, but I wouldn't call the experience pleasant. This is the Starbucks one might utilize if one finds oneself in the South Davis Safeway with a strong craving for coffee.

The Starbucks workers inside of Safeway are actually Safeway employees trained by Starbucks (and sometimes/always work exclusively at the coffee bar.) However, because they are Safeway employees they receive union benefits such as occasional time off. Then again, baristas at the corporate stores receive decent pay (better than the employees working at the safeway kiosks) and a healthy benefits package, including paid vacation hours accumulated based on hours worked.

Other Licensed Starbucks exist in the ARC, Scrubs Cafe, the Silo and, as of June 2006, in the North Davis Safeway.

Alternative Orders

Starbucks offers an 8 oz., or "short" version of its drinks, for about 30 cents less than the 12 oz. "tall" versions. Sometimes, this is the better deal - for example, you get a more concentrated cappuccino, since you lose 4 oz. of frothy milk. This size is not advertised yet is featured for drinks such as the Kids Hot Chocolate, Espresso Con Panna and Espresso Macchiato.

Vegan options include soy lattes and Frappuccino Juice Blends, as well as the off-menu Blended Strawberry Lemonade.

Starbucks' Criticism

Starbucks' business practices have caused a great deal of ire in a not-so-small segment of the population. Such sentiments are voiced in websites such as [WWW] Starbucked stickers can be found stuck in various places around Davis (photo request). Even some critics, however, disregard [WWW] for a perceived shrill and eccentric tone. Anti-Starbucks sentiments are also held by some involved in the local slow food movement.

For other coffee places in Davis, see Cafes.

Starbucks has drawn the anger of anti-sweatshop activists, who attack Starbucks' use of cheap, maltreated labor in poor Latin American countries.
Starbucks has enforced policies called [WWW]C.A.F.E. (Coffee and Farmer Equity) Practices that delve into the social and economic status of its farming regions to help improve life for the farm employees (in even charitable ways such as sharing costs of building hospitals and hiring on-site doctors for farm workers and their families) as well as maintaining the quality of the coffee produced on these farms.

According to Global Exchange, Starbucks buys over 100 million pounds of coffee each year, yet less than 1% is purchased from coffee farmers who are guaranteed a living wage.


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2006-01-23 05:13:00   The music at the University Mall location is annoyingly loud. I wonder if they do that on purpose to drive people away? —ApolloStumpy *In my opinion music in almost every venue is annoyingly loud. I don't find Starbucks generally to be that bad an offender in this case. If they are trying to drive students away they should stick to straight up classical anyway, that has been shown to chase away teens in many venues. —rocksanddirt

I know it's against-the-grain to say so, but I have always had positive experiences with Starbucks, both in Davis and elsewhere. They have always been gratious hosts; I have never felt unwelcome or pressured to leave, or had to ask for restroom keys, or such. I especially wish to thank the University Mall Starbucks. YMMV. -SteveDavison

"The only bad experience I had is one time when I really needed to go to the bathroom. I went in, and an employee knocked as soon as I went in. Instead of just finishing, I opened the door. She said to get out, then said something snide. Was there a sign in front? Yes. Was the floor wet, and was anyone doing anything? No. Should I have poured my coffee on the bathroom floor in protest? Yes. I didn't. It was probably within their right (and I suppose the employee was more annoying than the chain in this case), but I feel better after telling that story. Thanks."—MisterProfessor

Aren't all laborers in Latin-American countries "maltreated"? In-fact aren't all workers outside the United States maltreated in our eyes? What about our own practices of child labor prior to World War I? Isn't it all relative? Poor working conditions in our eyes may be glorious compared to how foreign powers treat their peoples. And is that really any of our business? Should we convert them to our capitalistic, superior ways? —AndrewBanta

2006-03-28 22:51:21   I order shorts all the time and rarely get funny looks, unless they are new and don't know what a short is. And they always call my drink. That is just silly. —KarenaAslanian

2006-03-30 22:26:08   A barista attacked me at this particular location. Not that anyone could blame him. However, attack may not be as precise a word as one would hope. He hurled a latte at me. Now when I say "hurled" what I mean to say is I picked it up and the lid shattered into oblivion and I was doused in 160 degree chi. Just ask Dude-K, or Mike.AndrewBanta

2006-04-03 02:18:58   The starbucks at the U-Mall has replaced Mishka's as my favorite cafe in Davis, making this a sad sad day in my life. Sorry Mishka's, you'd be fantastic if you also weren't so goddamn frustrating. —JesseSingh

2006-04-03 02:22:38   Starbucks would be many times more enjoyable if they served things on plates and in glass cups instead of bags and paper cups. —BrianAng

2006-04-05 13:06:03   Generally speaking I've had good experiences at both the UMall and Downtown locations. The Downtown Starbucks more commonly has a selection of a fruit and cheese platter that I like, but there's hardly any seating. I like to go early in the morning (like 6 AM) to get an orange juice and read the Times. The only negative experience I've had is sitting next to a couple of patrons; this old woman was being very loud and rude to her husband ... but Starbucks really has no control over these things. —SaulSugarman

2006-04-05 15:19:32   Why does everyone love to hate Starbucks so much? They pay their own workers better than what a lot of small coffee spots do, they're clean, the quality is almost always pretty high, they try to stock things like organic and fair-trade coffees. It seems like people just love to hate the big guy, no matter how good the big guy actually is. I've never had anything but good experiences at the Davis Starbucks locations, and they're also one of the few coffee places in town where my friend in a motorized wheelchair doesn't have to get out of her car (and unload the chair, etc) to get coffee in the mornings (at the drive-through location). —EricKlein

2006-04-09 16:22:30   I've always been treated well, and my orders have always come out fine. I still prefer the CoHo, though, just because I tend to be on campus more often than not. —BrianMcFadden

2006-05-03 20:56:06   I don't know whether to brag or whether to sulk, but I've had one Starbucks every day for the past five years. Even on Christmas, I've found one that's open. God, I'm a consumeristic whore. —MichaelGiardina

2006-08-09 03:21:16   Since I manage a starbucks, I took it upon myself to change the page a bit and make it more truthful since some things were on it that just aren't true or were outdated... —JoeRunnels

2006-11-08 21:08:59   lots of sugar and fat in their frapachinos so i just get tea whenever I go there. —AnnThiNguyen

2006-11-08 21:34:12   I used to work at Starbucks in Sacramento but I got fired when I went to jail. I still go there very often. It reminds me of a more innocent day. —JoshFernandez

2007-02-22 12:45:19   I like Starbucks. Unlike some other coffee stops, you always know what you're going to get. The downtown location is incredibly small, however. They need to take over that bagel place. —BriannaBetancourt

2007-02-22 20:03:40   Of course you know what to expect: bad coffee... The first thing to try when judging any coffee shops espresso drinks is straight espresso... If it's not good, make sure you order something with a LOT of milk to cover the taste. —WesHardaker

2007-03-26 17:14:44   After sleepily leaving the radio station at 6am following my KDVS show, I'd often enjoy lounging in their (u-mall branch) cushioned chairs, make a vain attempt at studying, and drinking a drink of some sort. I was glad to have the place to go to. —JosephBleckman

2007-05-29 17:20:44   I know no one cares but F st (downtown) Starbucks is getting a remodel. It's going to become pretty and will soon be selling breakfast sandwiches. The store is almost 20 years old and is getting amuch needed makeover. —EvandeBie

2007-07-17 14:09:38   star bucks is that a place where everyone wants to be seen that is it there coffee is no different than Macdonald's or any other place in fact worse i love it when a business makes it that is cool i just think it is way way way way way overrated —dickjones

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