Stratford Place

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745 F Street in Downtown near the Davis Food Co-op
Office Hours
(12-4) M-F
Best Property Management
Phone: 530-756-9124

Stratford Place is an old apartment downtown. Cheap but kind of dumpy. Have to buy own microwave for unit. It is managed/owned by Best Property Management.

2BR/1BA, 1BR/1BA, Studio

2BR/1BA $990, 1BR/1BA $890, Studio $790 for Fall 2010

Features & Amenities

AC Heat Pool
No Pets Patio Ceiling Fan
Lots of closets Mgmt does not allow room sharing Laundry Room




Public Transportation - Apartment is located on Unitrans E bus line and Yolobus.

Pedestrian - 1 block from Davis Food Co-op.

Parking - Each unit has 1 parking space. Lots of off street parking.


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2010-11-11 18:05:13 most apartment complexes provide microwaves? If so, then I must have been ripped off 4 times already! —Babhari

2011-02-16 00:49:43   Anybody have any feedback on this place? My partner and I are looking at two-bedrooms for the fall. Comments on layout, management, noise, etc? —MeggoWaffle

2011-02-20 23:28:42   @MeggoWaffle

I lived at Stratford for a year. I loved the location but there were a few drawbacks. It's freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. Our apartment would often be 100 degrees in the summer and the central air did nothing. The landlords don't want to fix stuff so don't hold your breath if you're waiting on them. They can also be a bit abrasive. Despite all this I loved the price and the location. I'd definitely consider moving back if I needed to. —serafina

2011-08-16 13:08:19   I lived at Stratford for a year myself too.

- Management is easy to get a hold of
- Management is very responsive to problems
- Very cheap
- Location is very close to school.
- Actually has central A/C and heating though not very efficient. Takes forever to cool down or heat up anything and quite expensive.
- Free street parking right outside.
- Move in on the 28th of August instead of 1st of September
- Very quiet (though this depends on the tenants)

- Place is old
- Outside is poorly maintained
- Laundry room is dirty as hell
- Move out on the 27th of August instead of 31st of August
- The central A/C and heating sucks as mentioned before

Overall, I liked it here. —SebastianNg

2011-09-05 04:46:27   Does the rent include any utilities or other amenities? —DavisAugs

2013-08-26 14:42:22   This place is cold at winter and hot at summer, especially when you are in second floor. And you can hear the neighbors very clearly at night. The women manager talks like you own her a lot of money and she is very persist in what she wants you to do. There is nothing you can negotiate with her. Her husband is nicer than her. Not recommend living there. —MichelGong

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