Street Name Themes

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Streets in some areas of Davis fall under different naming schemes. Read on to discover some of these themes and information about the history of neighborhood development in the city. You may also be interested in what happens when these streets run into each other at intersections.

Please contribute what you can! We hope to eventually have information about each area, not just a list of street names.

photo request: pictures of Davis and campus street signs

third.jpgTrees line the numbered 3rd Street.

    1. Artists
    2. Bird Species
    3. California Counties
    4. California Native American
    5. Circular
    6. Colleges and Universities
      1. Western Group
      2. Eastern Group
    7. English Alphabet
      1. Letter-only streets
      2. Alphabetical street names
    8. Landmarks, Monuments, Mountains and National Parks
    9. Local People
      1. Farmers and Ranchers
        1. Streets in the City of Davis
        2. Streets On Campus
      2. Non-Farmers and Ranchers
        1. Streets In the City of Davis
        2. Streets on Campus
    10. J.R.R. Tolkien
    11. Maritime Names and Places
    12. Numbers
    13. Rivers
    14. Spanish Names and Places
    15. Trees
      1. Western Group
      2. Eastern Group
      3. Southern Group
      4. Other Tree Streets
    16. U.S. Presidents


Location: North of Covell and east of Pole Line
Description:These streets are in the "Green Meadows" development which is a residential development built in the late 70's. (mostly)

Note that, with streets named after Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo, Davis is one turtle short of a quartet of [wikipedia]heroes in a half shell. This may have happened when Eastman and Laird killed off Donatello for a couple issues. Splinter ended up rejuvenating him later with a slice of pizza.

Bird Species

Location: North Davis
History: These streets are part of the Northstar development.

California Counties

Location: East-West streets in Westwood

California Native American

Location: west of Drummond Avenue between Cowell Boulevard and Lillard Drive.


radial-streets.jpg Location: South of Davis Cemetery off of Pole Line Road
Description: These are streets in Rancho Yolo Senior Citizen Community mobile home park.
(Some of the circular streets, if not all, were replaced by other names though at the end of 2005)


BingBidwellSt.jpg BidwellSt.jpg Bidwell Street and Fremont Court are also circular streets, but they don't have the circular name feature. (As featured in the 1976 Yearbook of Agriculture (left) and a recent photo from Bing Map's "birds eye view" (right))

Colleges and Universities

Western Group

Location: Mostly around Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Eastern Group

Description: These are the famous schools not already used in the above area.
Location: Near Valley Oak Elementary School

English Alphabet

Letter-only streets

Location: North-South streets emanating from the center of Davis.
Description: These streets make up the downtown and surrounding area. They are named after letters in the English alphabet, and go in English alphabetical order, as so:

Alphabetical street names

Location: Several separate series of alphabetical East-West streets north of West Covell Boulevard.
Description: These streets make up much of the residential area north of West Covell between Highway 113 and Pole Line Road. They go in English alphabetical order, as so (series in West-to-East order):

Landmarks, Monuments, Mountains and National Parks

Local People

Location: Various
Description: These streets are named after historically notable local people. Some distinction between Farmers and Ranchers and Non-Farmers and Ranchers may not be accurate.
History: Varies by individual

Farmers and Ranchers

Streets in the City of Davis
Streets On Campus

Non-Farmers and Ranchers

Streets In the City of Davis
Streets on Campus

J.R.R. Tolkien

Location: Village Homes in West Davis
Description: See information on the wiki's Hobbit page.

Maritime Names and Places

Location: West Davis
Description: Apparently, this theme is related to Stonegate Lake, with all of the Nautical words enhancing the "street" cred of the Stonegate Country Club.


Location: Downtown & Old North Davis
History:First through Fifth bounded by A and H are part of the original Core Area; Fifth through Eighth is the "Bowers Addition," or Old North Davis, while Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh were constructed just after World War II. Twelfth and Fourteenth came along not too long after. As Davis grew eastward, the streets were extended first into what some people call "Old East Davis," and then northward as the city grew. East of the tracks, the numbered streets only go from Second to Eighth.


Location: West of Highway 113; bordered by Village Homes, Russell Blvd., and Lake Blvd.
Description: These streets mark the West Manor subdivision of homes built by Stanley Davis Co. in the late 1970s. The streets are named for well-known and not-so-well-known rivers around the globe.

Spanish Names and Places

Location: North of Covell and east of Anderson.
Description: Well Spanish names and places are used on streets all around Davis, but there is an especially dense cluster here.


Western Group

Location: Near Davis Senior High School and East

Eastern Group

Location: East of F Street

Southern Group

Location: to the south and east of Willowcreek Park, north of the Tank House
History: These are on the land that once was the Ricci Farm

and in (or east of) Willowbank:

Other Tree Streets

Both of these have a number of olive trees lining the streets, adding natural beauty to Davis.

U.S. Presidents

Location: Just west of 113, north of Russell.
Description: They mingle a bit with the California County Streets.

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