Student Focus Hold Em


Sick of getting an obscene amount of flyers on your door? Was your flyer to resident ratio more than 3:1? Instead of throwing them away, why not make a drinking game? That's what some residents of Tanglewood did! This is really a "do it yourself" game, so I'm sure there are plenty of variations out there. Other versions such as F.U.C.K. Hold 'Em and L.E.A.D. Hold 'Em may exist as well.



Start with your deck of Student Focus playing cards. Randomly draw from the stack, assign however many drinks to each card as you please, drink that number.

Here is an example deck of cards.

p.jpgSapana and Jenni. cyu.jpgCindy Yu. v.jpgKai-Savaree-Ruess. ak.jpgAri Kalfayan. pd.jpgAmi Vora. xi.jpgKale Jenks.


This game is all in good fun, it is simply an alternative to throwing stuff away and making more garbage. Similar games can be made from L.E.A.D. or F.U.C.K. flyers as well. It is meant as a joke, so please don't take it too seriously.


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2005-02-23 08:50:17   i actually think that's really funny :) i live in tanglewood, so uh, i can hook you up later if you want more. —SapanaShende

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