Student Focus Platform


Fall 2006 Platform - WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!

We'll Provide More Entertainment for You

We'll Improve Existing Services for You

We'll Prive More Information for You

We'll Make Your Money Work Harder for You


Putting Money Back in Your Pocket

Refocusing Outreach to Give You More

Bringing Legitimacy Back to ASUCD

Putting the "S" Back in ASUCD

Fall 2005 Platform Issues

Entertainment at Your Fingertips

So What's Going on Today?

Business Major at UCD

Roll Over Pages

Winter 2005 Platform Issues

Serve With Integrity

Remote Printing Stations

Finals Week Parking Permits

Protect Party Rights

Student Focus maintains that they are "committed to campus safety, lobbying for more affordable student housing in Davis and low student fees."

Winter 2005 Platform Comments

I really like how the Student Focus ticket has made their first platform goal "serve with integrity". A noble goal in respect to past admitted deviance against the standard itself, I agree that the time has come for the active promotion of such good values for those who serve in student government. RobertBaron

Taken from the Remote Printing Stations under platform issues: Upload your papers to a central server on campus from home via the internet — Don't we already have that?! It's called MySpace, it can be found under "tools" on MyUCDavis. Or are they proposing something different? AbbyLawson

The idea for a Finals week parking permit seems appealing, but wouldn't you run into the conflict of actually finding parking? Let's say so many people buy these parking permits that there will be ADDED STRESS of actually finding a parking spot. There is already a parking problem during the normal academic quarter, let alone finals week. So, I don't really see the need for this permit that will "cut down on our Finals-week stress."

Editorials & Articles

First off sapana and jenni have not been involved in any of the bull shit going on with senate....second, judge them based on the issues, so ask them questions rather than judging them on people who they are not associated with. and finally the remote printing stations would be used off of a myspace type site, but the difference is that you would not log into the server, yo would just swipe your card and be done —ArsenArikalfayan

A change in the cast does not mean a different script. The inherent problem is that Student Focus members have "seemed" to operate in a defunct manner; student fees have increased and new expenses have been made against the fiscal responsibility and health of ASUCD, and all under their watch over the past few years. If these candidates are different from the party and its past practices, which I beleive a few of them may be, then they should abandon their Student Focus brandname. This is all reasonable unless the bright yellow t-shirts are more of a cheerleading uniform than a common cause, at which point supporting the party would be irrational (unless you think cheerleading is more important than good governance). —RobertBaron

Does anyone else foresee a legal nightmare if focus implements the party patrol? Couldn't ASUCD be held responsible if there was a fight, alcohol poisoning, etc. ? —ArlenAbraham

2006-02-06 10:58:27   Half of these points require more money directly from ASUCD. Sure, I promised staplers, but I got someone else to pay for them. The one thing I am glad I never did in my campaign was say that I would cut taxes because it cannot be done in ASUCD. We have a budget crisis every year. Where is this money going to come from? "Why pay more" for Tipsy Taxi? Because gas costs money! This is the equivalent of a republican tax cut because the only people that will benefit are a certain demographic on campus comparable to the upper class, I guess. Also, Resolutions are constitutionally stated to be a majority vote. Also, an ASUCD Prosecutor sounds like trouble when we already have the Judicial Branch. I know that most people won't call y'all on it, but from an Independent's perspective I'm disappointed in this platform because I know it cannot effectively be done. I thought higher of the candidates than this. —RobRoy

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