Student Government Administrative Office


SGAO_Office.JPGPaul Harms

Room 348, Third Floor of the Memorial Union, UC Davis Campus
Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm
(530) 752-3632


The Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO) takes care of all paperwork, copying and sorting for ASUCD. You can find all public records regarding past elections, senate office hours, minutes, and legislation here in SGAO.

The SGAO office is also where potential ASUCD Senate candidates pick up their petitions as well as turn them in. Candidates also turn in all their paperwork during the campaign to the SGAO office.

SGAO used to be responsible to the Student Government Advisor and is managed by Office Coordinator Rachel Bingham.
The Office Coordinator now has full control of SGAO. Paul Harms, former Internal Affairs Commission Chair, also works in the office.

They now assist the Student Government Advisor in enforcing Bylaws, especially the Adopt-A-Unit Act authored by Paul Harms.

They also hire the ASUCD Recorders.



Strangely, many of the SGAO employees were on the Elections Committee in 2004/2005.

Past Office Coordinators:

Past Student Government Advisors

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