Student Influence


Especially in tough economic times or policy disagreements, it is important to remember the many opportunities for student influence on and off campus. Although many of these avenues are merely advisory, subject to higher approval or "diluted" by non-student votes or representation, hopefully students will take advantage of these opportunities — however limiting.

UC Davis Student influence

Mechanism Jurisdiction Directness of Influence
UC Regents Tuition/Student Fees AS presidents from all campus are involved in the selection process for the UC Student Regent. Although the Student Regent is not a representative of students but is instead of regent who happens to be a student, this position still provides an avenue to address some concerns
Student Services and Fees Administrative Advisory Committee Student Fees Students—recommended by student leaders—serve on the committee. Students control 9 out of 12 voting seats.
City-UCD Student Liaison Commission City Policies Indirect: Makes recommendations to the City Council on any issue of concern to students and provides a forum for students at the city level. Students—representing various student groups—control 6 of 11 voting seats.
Campus Media Board California Aggie & KDVS Sets annual operating budgets and hires editor-in-chief and general manager.
Campus Unions and Recreation Board Campus Unions, Bookstore, Campus Rec Approves allocation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in net revenue funds for capital improvements and expenditures. Sets bookstore net revenue percentage.
Recreation and Parks Commission City parks, recreational and rental facilities One student member, appointed by the ASUCD President. Non-voting. Position vacant.
Municipal Elections City Council & City Policies An estimated 15,000 students out of a city population of approximately 60,000 are eligible to vote in municipal elections that determine the composition of the city council as well other local issues.
Club Finance Council Funding for student organizations An all student board allocates between $60,000-$70,000 a year to student groups.
ASUCD Lobby Corps State policy Indirect: ASUCD allocates $15,000-$20,000 per year to fund this student run lobbying unit.
ASUCD Senate Allocation of some student fees Allocates $10.7M in student fees via annual budget, of which several hundred thousand dollars is discretionary, including nearly $100,000 in grants, $10,000 in case-by-case senate allocations, and other discretionary accounts.
ASUCD Official Expressions of Student Opinin ASUCD through its external affairs commission and ASUCD Senate can pass resolutions that state the official student position on a variety of issues
Human Relations Commission Discrimination/human relation issues One ex-officio student representative. Appointed by the ASUCD President. Currently vacant.
Climate Action Team City efforts to curtail greenhouse gases One ASUCD-appointed representative.
Residence Hall Advisory Board Student Housing and Dining Indirect: Approve room and board fees and allocation of annual Coca-Cola money (~$50,000)
Academic Senate Academic policies Every academic senate committee has student representatives. Currently appointed by the ASUCD University Affairs Office
City of Davis Commissions City policies Outside of the student-specific positions, any student (who lives within the city limits) may be appointed by the city council to make recommendations on the full breadth of city policies. Over the years a small handful of students have done so.
Protests Any Subject to debate
Gubernatorial Elections Appointment of UC Regents The next governor will appoint at least 6 of the next UC Regents in addition to holding a voting seat him/herself.


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2009-09-29 10:00:19   Is this sort of page the daviswiki community finds useful? or shall i delete it? —StevenLee

2009-09-29 10:09:22   Thanks for your help. yup media board=campus media board. —StevenLee

2009-09-29 11:12:21   60,000 full time residents with 15,000 students heaped on top of that

how many bother to re-register in yolo? I've heard the student vote drum beat before, but I will personally be amazed if someone can motivate them to actually turn out. Such an elusive demographic! —StevenDaubert

2009-09-29 11:24:43   so is it 75,000??? isn't the official city population something around 60,000? I seriously doubt that when the census people come around that they'd exclude students or skip apartments, it'd just be too hard. The exact number of students who live in the city is hard to determine precisely but its in the ballpark of 15,000 which means that students potentially consist of at least 25% of the voting population (have to exclude the under 18 people included in the 60,000 figure). —StevenLee

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