Student Regents


Student Regents serve two year terms on the UC Board of Regents. The first term is non-voting, and the second term is voting. There are only two student regents (one voting and one non-voting ) at any time. The UCSA Board of Directors, the Council of Student Body Presidents, and the Regents’ Special Committee to Select a Student Regent are all involved in the annual selection of the Student Regent. The current Student Regents are:

Previous student regents from UC Davis:

Michael S. Salerno 1977-78 (law)
Hector C. Lozano 1979-80 (senior sociology)
Janice C. Eberly 1985-86 (junior agricultural economics)
Deborah Thorpe 1988-89 (junior chemistry)
Darby Morrisroe 1993-94 (senior political science)
Adam Rosenthal 2005-06 (professional law)

Previous student regents

1. Carol Mock 1975-76 Santa Barbara senior political science
2. Daryn Peeples 1976-77 Berkeley senior English
3. Michael S. Salerno 1977-78 Davis graduate law
4. Renee Turkell 1978-79 Los Angeles senior English
5. Hector C. Lozano 1979-80 Davis senior sociology
6. Leslie K. Lurie 1980-81 Los Angeles junior pol sci/communications
7. David A. Neuman 1981-82 Los Angeles junior communications studies
8. Linda Rae Sabo 1982-83 San Diego senior philosophy
9. Richard Anderson 1983-84 Los Angeles graduate psychology
10. Fred N. Gaines 1984-85 Berkeley graduate law
11. Janice C. Eberly 1985-86 Davis junior agricultural economics
12. David B. Hoffman 1986-87 Los Angeles sophomore political science
13. Jacquelyn Ross 1987-88 Davis senior applied behavioral science
14. Deborah Thorpe 1988-89 Davis junior chemistry
15. Guillermo Rodriquez 1989-90 Berkeley junior sociology/communications
16. Jenny Doh 1990-91 Irvine senior political science
17. Diana Darnell 1991-92 San Francisco graduate anatomy
18. Alex Wong 1992-93 Berkeley graduate law
19. Darby Morrisroe 1993-94 Davis senior political science
20. Terrence Wooten 1994-95 Riverside senior biology
21. Edward Gomez 1995-96 Riverside graduate history
22. Jess Bravin 1996-97 Berkeley graduate law
23. Kathyrn McClymond 1997-98 Santa Barbara graduate religious studies
24. Max R. Espinoza 1998-99 Los Angeles senior pol sci/Chicano studies
25. Michelle K. Pannor 1999-00 Berkeley senior conservation resources
26. Justin W. Fong 2000-01 Los Angeles graduate public policy
27. Tracy M. Davis 2001-02 Los Angeles graduate higher education and org
28. Dexter Ligot-Gordon 2002-03 Berkeley graduate student
29. Matthew Murray 2003-04 Berkeley junior architecture
30. Jodi Anderson 2004-05 UCLA graduate higher education
31. Adam Rosenthal 2005-06 Davis graduate law
32. María Ledesma 2006-07 UCLA graduate higher education
33. Benjamin Allen 2007-08 Berkeley graduate law
34. D’Artagnan Scorza 2008-09 UCLA graduate education studies
35. Jesse Bernal 2009-2010 UCSB graduate education studies
36. Jesse Cheng 2010-May 2011 UC Irvine undergrad
37. Alfredo Mireles Jr. May 2011-2012 UC San Francisco graduate student
38. Jonathan Stein 2012-2013 UC Berkeley master's/law student
39. Cinthia Flores 2013-2014 UC Irvine law student
40. Sadia Saifuddin 2014-2015 (pending) UC Berkeley undergrad

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