Student Sounding Board


The Student Sounding Board (SSB) is an undergraduate group, founded spring 2007 to gather more student input for the Academic Senate. Once established, it will be a way for students to voice their opinions on important issue before the final decisions are made. It is supported by the chair of the Academic Senate and the administration.


Everyday our faculty makes important decisions about our academic career with limited student input. Historically the student voice has been provided to the Academic Senate committees by the one to two student appointed by ASUCD. Consequently the one or two students serving on a committee are limited in the scope of experience and perspective they can provide because of their marginal status on the committee. In addition, many of these seats often go unfilled or become vacant at the start of a new quarter as the appointed student's schedule changes. The faculty wish to hear from students, but there currently is no easily way to easily access student voice.

By joining the newly created student sounding board you are ensuring the Academic Senate access to a reliable and more representative student body that can better represent student perspectives and concerns regarding academic matters.

Applications are being accepted now. Deadline is Friday, May 4th, 2007.

To apply, write to studentsoundingboard at gmail dot com with the following: name, year, major, and why you want to join the Student Sounding Board.

All undergraduate students are welcome. Science and engineering majors are especially encouraged to apply, since they're underrepresented in the Academic Senate. The whole point of the Student Sounding Board is to gather a wider range of opinions from the student body. Join! Join!


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Why re-create the wheel? There are plenty of bodies on campus that represent students. ASUCD, GSA, IFC, Pan-Hellenic, CCC, SRRC, LGBTRC, SAC, Dorm Leadership Councils..... if the Academic Senate wanted to get input they should contact those groups. Creating another group is not going to help. Existing student leaders will not join it. Thus, you will get a group of students disconnected from the major student organizations. If they want a range of student views, recruit students from the above bodies. Also, ASUCD Senators come from extremely diverse backgrounds...politically, culturally, economically, sexually....maybe seeking the input of students that have been elected by students to represent students would be a better alternative. The problem is that every committee is limited in the amount of students that can sit on them. The Academic Senate should exapnd student positions and give ex-officio status to various student leadership positions. I see this as not a sounding board, but a way for the Academic Senate to by-pass the opinions of student-elected officials. In the blurb you even describe their positions on the committees as marginal...well, why not make them non-marginal? If you don't like the rules of the game, don't create a new game.....try to improve the rules.-JimSchwab

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